The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Exposed - Episode 6: Reversing Aging, Increasing Memory & Dosing Tips

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I found Episode 6 disgusting. Looks like we now have a bunch of “Quack Scientists” trying to take over and convince everyone you can’t use Cannabis without their studies, their dosing input, and their strain analysis.

Rick Simpson cured everyone he could find, for years, and never had anything analyzed. Get some decent Cannabis, make the oil (Rick Simpson oil), and get away from these idiots. Smoke some, if you get high on 5 or 6 hits, it’s decent, don’t worry about it. Stop worrying about THC or CBD content. Make oil from the whole plant, you’ll have “ALL” the ingredients you’re supposed to have, that’s the way the Universe intended for you to use it, and it’ll work fine. A living Cannabis plant has no THC. Eat the living plant like a salad for all CBD uses. Dry it and heat it if you want THC in addition to all the other plant ingredients.

On one hand, it’s been a miracle medicine for thousands of years. On the other hand, now you can’t take it until it’s been analyzed and the correct dosing information has been given to you, and they have found the correct strain, just for you. These idiots need to get out of the way. We don’t need their quack Science, Anecdotal reports have worked fine for thousands of years.

Agreed Snafu. Rick Simpson is the best.

Silly me, missed the other episodes darn. Watched Ep one, going to watch six. Inclined to agree though Snafu, if it worked for the Simpson dude, and I've seen others too using it for cancer (YT) then yes why analyse it to death. It's absolutely criminal they shut it down in the first place. People just can't see how controlled it all is & how they've been manipulated. Very sad.


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