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Ewph. That was grim to watch.

When Henrik Palmgren came out with the whole "White Genocide" thing over at Red Ice Radio I did wondering how much of handle the Alt Right actually had on things. Not that I blame any of them in Scandinavia right now, after being flooded with "migrants" things have broken in down so badly in Sweden I seriously would NOT want to be a woman living there now.

I would be all over Red Ice if I were in that part of the world, that's was send Sharia Law straight into the countries with the best quality of life for women as our black magic fat controllers have an absolute HATRED of the feminine.

Reality is, they are playing depopulation agenda in all manner of fronts and they want to leave enough hand picked breeds of microchipped slaves to run around after them in their new world.

On the abortion issue, I once had friends who from the Baptist Ministry in NZ and they filled me in on the origins of the Christian Right as not actually being to do with Roe vs Wade case but more to do with segregation. I'm not really up on it in detail but thought it interesting from the perspective of relentless divide/conquer social programming we are under.

Was interesting to hear their perspective on the matter and because they worked with sexual abuse survivors and its resulting mental health issues and effects in society we shared a similar view of things.

That sometimes peoples life circumstances (or health) are so awful that termination is an option to be carefully considered...awful as it sounds I have seen situations where this applies. But the current situation sent to us via Planned Parenthood and the Medical/Vaccine network is clearly one of the sickest things on earth.

So many of my women friends had terminations as it was presented as such an easy out. They weren't given ANY of the facts first and later on suffered terrible depressions because of it. And some had to make a decision on what do after being raped, either way its all extremely sad. 


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