Here is your proof!

THE SOUTHERN OCEAN CLOUDS, RADIATION, AEROSOL TRANSPORT EXPERIMENTAL STUDY (SOCRATES) Southern ocean clouds,radiation, aerosol transport experimental study.

To be carried out 2017-18. Watch out Down Under, big geoengineering experiment upon us starting now. Scientists from OZ, US and NZ, ships from US etc. RAF co operating etc. Planes,boats, radar etc.etc.

Quite a read.. try and get your head around this.

The source is Washington Uni - a big experiment to be carried out in our part of the world. 

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Freedom of information Act - everyone needs to hound them NOW.

It is taking a while to read and digest, but yes Rose.

v. R/V Tangaroa As part of activities funded within the New Zealand Deep South National Science Challenge, ceilometer, pyranometer, Doppler radar, soundings, CCN and INP measurements, and possible UAS observations of aerosols and clouds and long‐duration controlled balloon launches from the R/V Tangaroa in the sea ice edge region of the Ross Sea are planned to coincide with the time of SOCRATES.  

Thanks Rose & Fiona. Going to read now. I saw balloons mentioned with the rocket launch pad in Mahia.

Thanks Rose and Fiona.   The Russians are coming as well, so it seems : https://deusnexus.wordpress.com/2017/02/18/next-visitor-antarctica/

As a component of SOCRATES, we are requesting the use of the NSF/NCAR G‐V aircraft for 1 month between Jan. and March 2018 to sample a North ‐ South curtain from Tasmania/New Zealand to ~ 62 ̊S.

Page 3 http://www.atmos.washington.edu/socrates/socrates_edov9.pdf

Yes folks alarming to say the least. The Nasa plane that measures atmosphere worldwide could also be involved. I am going to print this out and study it. Am no scientist, but will ask questions. In one part I read about aerosol release from ships. I think they have already been doing this here and there - especially around equator.
I wonder if David Keith is involved with University of Washington? Will.do some digging.
As you say - nowhere to run. We the people will have to raise concerns with our dear governments. Grrrrr.....

Would it look like this Fiona ??? Sydney 18.2.2017?

Glad you kept that screenshot Sarah.

  • This is Sydney yesterday. You may be thinking of the one off Tasmania a little while ago. The lightning was pink in the photos!


  • Sydney's west was one of the hardest hit, and Canada Bay SES Unit Deputy Controller Bill Hoyles said it was the worst storm he had seen in 17 years on the job.

Sky/chemtrails, space trails, ship trails...  all these methods are being deployed around us. Most folk are looking for a plane trial.  We are well beyond that. Geoengineering is the whole spectrum and anyone living on the coast has the opportunity to observe all of it.  Chembombs come from the sea, we observed them regularly east coast from Blehheim, NZ.

Starting Jan 2017. $600 odd K. See NZ's funding a bit. And signed off by Uni of Canty. Does all explain a wee bit doesn't it? Difficult reading tho.


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