Date:08 February 2017

Under the Wildlife Act, DOC is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of crimes against native wildlife, including illegal hunting of protected species.

The four new powers are:

• The ability to take action to prevent an offense about to occur or in progress.

• Temporarily stop persons suspected of an offense to allow investigation.

• Seize a broader range of evidence such as laptops, cameras and mobile phones.

• Require date of birth and proof of identification details from suspected offenders.

This bill is a specific and important revision of the old Act and extends new powers to DOC’s full-time rangers which will ensure they have the additional tools they need to protect our precious native wildlife and biodiversity from very real threats to their survival.”

In addition, the bill grants a power to arrest for serious offending against absolutely protected wildlife, such as that involving illegal hunting, killing, or export to DOC’s specially trained team of highly qualified and warranted enforcement officers, and to a select group of qualified officers from other Crown agencies working with DOC on joint-agency operations (including the Police, Customs, Fisheries, and the Defence Force).

 I am posting this article to point primarily towards the double standard that is presented in the Bill. The Department of conservation is killing thousands of native species with 1080 yet is in the process of establishing a law that makes it illegal for the citizens to harm some wildlife, this has to be hypocrisy at a high level, it may become law but it does not make it moral.

I think discerning people should see the tip of the sword in this bill. Similar bills are being passed in Australia , Spain and the USA.

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The double speak . Yes Bill. Hansard is worth a look, The Animal welfare Bill, three readings. There they declare the animals of NZ to be recognized as sentient beings, our track record of animal cruelty to be of the utmost of importance internationally, every party is represented with wordy speech on sending a message to the rest of the world on how those who will do cruelty to animals will do the same to their families and others!

A clear message?

So hypocritical. Thanks, Bill and Sarah.

Waiting for the noxious weed bill were you will be fined for having weeds in your garden.This bill has been suggested by an Otago professor as a way of making NZ weed free.


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