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This Just Happened In The UK, Moments Before EQ Hits 2018 You are watching the Impossible Channel which is censored on nearly every forum. We managed to post him on the forum discussion section but he wont load on the video file - thanks Google Tube!

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Hasn't James figured ANYTHING out in the more than a year I've been aware of his videos? "Ominous," "mysterious" . . . YOU ARE SEEING SCALAR TECH AT WORK, JAMES. In times of weather warfare, James, we are not going to receive an "official explanation." THINKING. STUDYING. COMPARING PATTERNS.

6/10/2018 -- Earthquake activity rising around MULTIPLE volcanoes at once + Hawaii volcanoes update New Zealand

From 4th July we won't need YouTube anymore, as Real Video, run by Mike Adams at Natural News is starting :)


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