THOUSANDS OF FLYING FOXES ARE "BOILED ALIVE" freaking people out as they fall from the sky near Sydney Australia.

From the FreemanTV twitter feed, I understand the original article was from The Sun, UK 8th Jan 2018. Apparently temperatures reached over 40C in Campbelltown New South Wales causing a mass death of fruit bats (flying foxes).

I don't know how to add this as a direct page article but currently I'm so sickened by the sheer volume of geoengineering and weather modification (which 90% of the population refuse to wake up to) that thought it worth noting this link.

WAKE UP WORLD...stop blaming CO2 emissions for climate change. Of course CO2s and pollutants don't help, but start looking at HAARP, strategic aerosol injections (chemtrails) and start researching weather modification technologies. BEFORE ITS TOO LATE AND NATURE STARTS DYING OFF ON MASS.

Weve all been noticing a dramatic decrease in insect life this summer, its getting deadly serious, we know they want to affect the food crops which could create a famine scenario. This could happen VERY FAST if we don't act soon.

Its OUR PLANET...OUR RESPONSIBILITY. Take the power back people.

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i dont think its just the heat ...all the bats feel here and died on the ground when smartmeters/smartgrid came ..and it was relatively cool here so they suffered on the ground stunned for about 15 minutes and then died .we( me and my cats) found them all over the ground for about a week or 2 ,some species of bird also were sitting on the ground stunned during our midnite walk .smartmetera are beoing forced in australia right now ,dont know if in this area specifically but i would be surprised if they werent 

The ocean is cooking too.

The story of the bats is doing the rounds of most MSN outlets, I doubt the Sun is the original source but I'll check.

OK here's the oldest and therefore probably original source story. Image Search History shows this article to be the image source:

(Yes the article is genuine. The Sun has been known to make shit up or pass on hoaxes from others, but this is the real deal).

Thanks Martin yes I was a bit unsure about The Sun being the original source they are not quite the fine purveyor of facts LOL ...poor research on my part I blame my brain shutting down in heat.

Thanks for sharing the story Deanna it must have been heart breaking. No doubt about it earth is turning into an EMF hell for anything natural.

Seriously concerned about the lack of bugs here this summer, which I suspect has to do with the toxic effect of chemtrails combined with how its turning the air into some kind of plasma field for wireless/cells/microwaves and other EMFs.

The long term prospect is horrifying, I'm having to dig deep to cope with the assault on planet earth right now. No wonder people don't want to wake up, the truth requires levels of courage most don't know how to access.

They are not making this easy for anyone with an ounce of sensitivity on purpose, they know our power and they want to take us out. 

Kia Kaha, Kia Maia, Kia Manawanui.

Be strong, be courageous, be willing...(hope I got that one right) .


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