TIME SENSITIVE: The threat to NZ’s copper  landline phone system - and what you can do about it

From the New Zealand Natural Journal of Medicine news letter:

TIME SENSITIVEThe threat to NZ’s copper  landline phone system and what you can do about it 
In January 2018, Stop Smart Meters NZ was alerted to a threat to the copper landline network that allows NZers to have a safe corded phone (the type that does NOT increase your risk of developing a brain tumour) and a safe, hardwired internet connection
(Please note that there is evidence the Spark does not wants all of its customers to have a safe hard wired internet connection - even in areas where there is fibre. Please see this link for details: http://www.stopsmartmeters.org.nz/latest-news/spark-plans-force-customers-copper-wireless-internet/ 
Many of our readers and supporters of Stop Smart Meters NZ responded to 
a call for submissions on the Telecommunications (New Regulatory Framework) Amendment Bill with only a few days to go prior to the closing date for submissions.  A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to do this.
Unfortunately submissions opposing the piecemeal destruction of the copper landli....

The bill has now passed its second reading in Parliament. 
There is now a dedicated website on the landline phone issue and its own Facebook page.
The news page is:http://www.saveourlandlines.nz/category/news/
There is a petition on the landline phone issue that I hope that you will sign and support and ask family and friends to do likewise.
If you could also write to MPs that would be appreciated.  There is an open letter to MPs that you can access at the link below. (The link also include a link where you can access MPs’ contact details) 



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