Trump ousts Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, replaces him with Mike Pompeo;CBSNEWS

President Trump has removed Rex Tillerson as secretary of state and replaced him with current CIA Director Mike Pompeo, after months of speculation surrounding Tillerson's role in the Trump administration, a fact that Tillerson found out at the same time as the public. 

Mr. Trump announced the news of Tillerson's ouster on Twitter, thanking him for his service. The Washington Post first reported news of Tillerson's firing, shortly before the president's tweet.

As Mr. Trump departed for a California trip Tuesday morning, he told reporters that he and Tillerson "disagree on things," and he singled out the Iran nuclear deal as an issue. 

"Rex and I have been talking about this for a long time. We got along actually quite well, but we disagreed on things," he said. "When you look at the Iran deal -- I think it's terrible. I guess he thought it was OK. I wanted to either break it or do something. And he felt a little bit differently. So we were not really thinking the same way.

News of Tillerson's departure from the State Department came as the secretary arrived in Washington early Tuesday morning after his overseas visit to Africa. There, he reaffirmed the U.S. - Africa relationship in spite of alleged vulgar comments made by the president about immigrations from African nations in January.

When did Rex Tillerson know?

CBS News' Kylie Atwood reported that Tillerson was leaving his Africa trip early to return to Washington to talk with Mr. Trump about developments in North Korea, which he was largely left out of, as the White House announced it would be taking up talks with the regime sometime in May.

Then CBS News "Face the Nation" anchor Margaret Brennan reported that the secretary had not yet spoken with the president and only found out about news of his firing when the public did. Brennan added that in fact, Tillerson had every intention of staying because of the critical progress in national security on North Korea.

State Department Under Secretary Steve Goldstein echoed that sentiment in a statement to CBS News on Tuesday morning, saying, "The Secretary had every intention of staying because of the critical progress made in national security. He will miss his colleagues at the the Department of State and the foreign ministers he has worked with throughout the world."

Goldstein added in his statement that Tillerson is "unaware of the reason" he's been removed but said he is "grateful for the opportunity to serve, and still believes strongly that public service is a noble calling."

When asked on CBS' "Face the Nation" if Tillerson would be leading the diplomatic talks between the U.S. and North Korea, Pompeo said such discussions would take a "team" effort.

"This is a level of discussion, this president is going to drive this effort, this negotiation, but it will take a team to build out the picture, so that we put the president in the best position so that he can achieve that outcome," Pompeo said on Sunday.

Mr. Trump released a statement shortly before leaving for his trip to California saying he was "proud" to nominate Pompeo to replace Tillerson

"His experience in the military, Congress, and as leader of the CIA have prepared him well for his new role and I urge his swift confirmation," said Mr. Trump in a statement. He added, " want to thank Rex Tillerson for his service.  A great deal has been accomplished over the last fourteen months, and I wish him and his family well."

According to the White House, Gina Haspel, the Deputy Director of the CIA, will be nominated to replace Director Pompeo. If confirmed, she would become the CIA's first female director. She was only recently named deputy director.

Pompeo said in a statement of the president's decision, "If confirmed, I look forward to guiding the world's finest diplomatic corps in formulating and executing the President's foreign policy."

He added, "In my time as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, I have worked alongside many remarkable Foreign Service officers and Department of State leaders serving here in the United States and on the very edge of freedom. I know I will learn from them and, as President Trump set out in his State of the Union Address, work hard to ensure that "our nation will forever be safe and strong and proud and mighty and free."

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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Does Trump realize if he is intending to make war on Iran (as seems likely with Rex Tillerson fired & Pompeo installed), then he is also declaring war on China and Russia too - they come as a package. Does Trump really intend to start a hot WW3?

I think this is what Trump was installed for. A picture is forming.

He is the Demolition man.

Bingo.He campaigned against most everything he has done.Ultimate bait & switch.

Hi George my friend - no source link here and lots of gaps in the material?  I can fix this if you supply a source link

Yeah,I posted the xource link=CBSNEWS.I'll fix the gaps.Sorry,got

Trump will make war on Korea while everyone looks the other way - then they will have their 3rd world war. Mark my words.

Trump will make war on Korea while everyone looks the other way - then they will have their 3rd world war. Mark my words.

So why now all the lamestream media attention on a few youths getting sexually assaulted by a 20 yr old at a labour party camp out a month after alledged happenings when we could be focused on How to Avoid War.

Link to article

Its All about timing. It's All theatrics. The show must go on!

America’s insane foreign policy

Personal Liberty

President Donald Trump campaigned on and came into office promising to end American interventionism and saber rattling and to extend a friendly hand to Russia’s Vladimir Putin. For that, the left and the mainstream media (pardon the redundancy) branded him Putin’s puppet, and the war-loving neocon right branded him dangerous and naive.

The Deep State came down on him hard, launching investigations based on nonsensical opposition research. He was, essentially, placed under siege. He also nominated (or was forced to nominate) Deep State, pro-war actors to major positions in his Cabinet.

Whether Trump meant what he was saying pre-inauguration about Putin or was just pontificating his stream-of-consciousness gobbled-gook is open for debate. But whichever is the case, it’s apparent that the old guard neocon wing of the Republican Party has co-opted Trump’s foreign policy. Trump’s new policy regarding Russia and the never-ending Middle East wars is Barack Obama’s policy, which was George W. Bush’s policy before it.

It’s so bad that the multi-generational war criminal Henry Kissinger has made several trips to the White House to meet with Trump.

It was apparent who had the upper hand when Trump acquiesced to the war party (right and left) and responded to the use of chemical weapons in Syria with a Tomahawk missile strike on a Syrian airbase. This attack came even though there was no evidence that the Syrian regime launched the attack, and in fact, there’s evidence that it was the so-called rebels – who are really just a U.S. CIA proxy army – who staged the attack.

The war party has been advocating for war with Russia since Mitt Romney’s disastrous town hall with Barack Obama. Now it appears we’re getting ever so close.

This week, British PM Theresa May accused Russia of using a nerve agent to try and murder former Soviet spy Sergie Skripal, who became a double agent and revealed names of Russian field operatives for cash. May threatened Russia, ordering them to give a “credible” explanation why they killed Skripal or face consequences.

The UK “will conclude that this action amounts to an unlawful use of force by the Russian state against the United Kingdom,” May threatened. What will happen after that, she didn’t say, but you can bet your bottom dollar if it involves military action it will be U.S. blood and treasure that’s expended.

She also refused to provide any evidence that Russia was behind an attack on Skripal, as required by international law.

Now backing up May are Germany’s Angela Merkel, France’s Emmanuel Macron and Trump. The four joined to seek international support to hold Russia accountable. May ordered 23 Russian diplomats out of the country, and Trump – in what the media described as a “separate action” – issued sanctions “on a number of Russian entities for a wide range of behavior, inclu...

Some of us remember that the U.S./UK/French/German cabal lied to us about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Before that they lied to us about Iraqi soldiers taking Kuwaiti babies from incubators and leaving them to die on the floor. They lied to us about Pat Tillman. They lied to us (twice) about Syrian troops using chemical weapons on Syrian civilians. The U.S. Deep State and their agents in the propaganda media have been lying to us for more than a year about “Russia-Trump collusion.” They’re likely lying about the source of the attack on Skripal.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Thursday that the allegations were unacceptable and that British diplomats would be expelled, Russia’s RIA news agency reported.

This all comes as a backdrop to a more aggressive U.S. policy in Syria. The Washington Post reported earlier this week that the U.S. is considering new military action in Syria (a place in which the U.S. has no business and, in fact, is carrying out illegal and unconstitutional acts of war). In response, the Russian military is threatening action against the U.S. if it strikes Syria’s capital of Damascus.

The threat, by Chief of Russia’s General Staff Valery Gerasimov, was reported by Russia media sites such as state news agencies  RIA and Tass, according to CNBC.

The General also said Russia had “reliable information” about militants preparing to falsify a government chemical attack against civilians. In other words, another US-false flag attack, like the one launched in 2013 which nearly caused military conflict between Russia and the US.

Gerasimov predicted that the U.S. would then use this attack to accuse Syrian government troops of using chemical weapons. He added that the U.S. would then plan to launch a missile strike on government districts in Damascus.

The notion of starting a new war with Russia is insanity. U.S. politicians routinely complain that the U.S. military is already overstretched and underfunded after 30-some years of continuous wars in the Middle East.

The U.S. military has been unable to defeat a rag-tag army of cave- and mud hut-dwelling goat herders and poppy farmers in Afghanistan after 17 years, and yet the war party wants to start a war with Russia, a real country with real soldiers and real weapons – including nuclear weapons.

The American government is insane, as is the cheerleading propaganda media, and so is Donald Trump. But the banksters and the military-industrial complex love it.

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Warnings of 'Civilization-Threatening Disaster' as John Bolton Tops List of McMaster Replacements

"If John Bolton is in, well, if you liked the Iraq War, you’re gonna love the Iran and Korean ones."

"I will do everything in my power to stop warmonger John Bolton from becoming national security adviser," Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) wrote on Twitter. (Photo: Jason Reed/Reuters)

John Bolton loved the war in Iraq, constantly pushes for war with Iran, and "really wants to bomb North Korea"—and he could be America's next national security adviser.

"A national security strategy developed by John Bolton will surely and inevitably lead to more war."
—Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.)
Though the White House has pushed back on the reporting, news Thursday night that President Donald Trump is ready to jettison national security adviser H.R. McMaster triggered alarm bells over the prospect that the ultra-hawkish Bolton could soon be welcomed into one of the nation's most powerful positions, which doesn't require Senate confirmation.

According to the Washington Post, Trump is "actively discussing potential replacements" for McMaster, and Bolton—former acting ambassador to the United Nations under President George W. Bush—is believed to be at the top of his list. The New York Times independently confirmed the Post's reporting.

While Trump is apparently quite concerned about Bolton's mustache—which he reportedly considers a "sensitive subject"—the president doesn't find Bolton's constant warmongering on television or in the pages of major newspapers disturbing in the slightest. In fact, he sees it as a huge plus.

"We need you in here, John," Trump reportedly told Bolton during a meeting in the Oval Office last week.

"Reaction to Trump's personnel machinations can sometimes be hyperbolic, but John Bolton being anywhere close to the locus of American military power is truly a civilization-threatening disaster."
—Michael Tracey
Lawmakers and analysts familiar with Bolton's decades-long history of demanding aggressive U.S. military action across the globe reacted with horror at the very real possibility that Bolton could soon occupy a position of tremendous influence over U.S. foreign policy.

"A national security strategy developed by John Bolton will surely and inevitably lead to more war," Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) wrote on Twitter Thursday. "I will do everything in my power to stop warmonger John Bolton from becoming national security adviser."

Other commentators echoed Lee, arguing that Bolton in the White House could result in "a civilization-threatening disaster."


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