Trump is trying to bully the Fed. That would be the easiest way to get rid of him, according to previous presidents' fate following their attempts at central bank reform.

Is this where he splats on the insurmountable wall? 

Read more in an article by my favorite economist, Ellen Brown

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Hi Cat, are you aware that the Federal Reserve has never been audited? 

There is a really good documentary series called "The history of money" by Mike Maloney, he explains how the Federal Reserve came about and how it does not serve the people but rather the banks.

As for Trump splatting on the insurmountable wall, I honestly do not understand why anyone would celebrate such a thing happening. Do you realise that he did not have to lay his life on the line and risk his family and his businesses? He had a very comfortable life before running for president. Why would he do that? Could it be that he had intimate knowledge of the corruption and criminality within the US govt and genuinely wanted more prosperity for every American? Could it be that he genuinely wanted to bring an end to the terrible child trafficking which has so many children (thousands upon thousands every year) being sexually abused and many murdered for their organs or sacrificed in rituals? 

It is my view that Trump together with a large number of patriots, are trying to reclaim the US and return it to the people in the process of which many are putting their lives on the line and some have already died. I have total admiration for anyone involved and pray for divine protection and guidance for them all!!

Hi Annemieke, In my view Trump is a scam artist who has bankrupted many businesses, not paid thousands of contractors, is funding huge defense increases on the US credit card... and just this week he said he's lowering vehicle emission standards for safety reasons. As he put is, with lower gas mileage, people will drive less so they're less likely to get into an accident! Can you believe that??? You can read about it here:

Trump is the spokesperson of big oil, the military, and other corporations trying to con us, dear Contrail friends.

And, unbelievable as it is, Trump single handedly brought back asbestos! Expect lead in your paint just now. Blatant depopulation.


Trump is not the bad guy, perfect he may not be, as the other comment here, he didn't have to get involved in the mess that is america, but chose to.  please listen to sarah westall latest pod cast on you tube to find out all about the FED

" #Qanon, Dollar Collapse, Trump Ending the Fed "  this will explain what happened there and why it is so bad for the people, it is a private company!

Trump is a distraction:A cavorting showman to divert the media while the real NWO agent gets quietly busy. 

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Well said Martin.Trump is a distraction,as noted by Noam Chomsky as well as yourself(great minds think alike).

The only politician in recent history,that really attacked the Fed was Ron Paul and he was rapidly marginalinized.He tried for years to just get the Fed audited,to no avail.JFK also vigorously opposed the Fed and planned to end it.JFK also wanted to expose the shadow government and inspect Israel's nuclear program.But then he was shot by a lone gunman.

Yeah I remember Ron Paul's big push and the MSM assassination on his campaign. Now he's a guy who would have made for an interesting president!

Hi Mike,

The Fed is the source of nearly every misery on this earth, but Trump is not going to save the world from it. He sees the world as a billionaire capitalist. If he goes up against other zionist zillionaires banksters, it's to satisfy their natural predatory urge to bully each other around for perceived economic gains. What the world forgets to see is the big picture: the media likes us to argue for one guy or against the next, but the whole system is a sadistic farce. I actually posted this discussion sarcastically.

It was hard for me to believe that you were falling for that charade.The latest dog&pony show is that Trump is feuding with the Koch brothers.Bullshit on parade.Trump nominated their guy for the SCOTUS.

I think the hate Trump BS personally.  The US just woke up to the FACT that they have been puppeted by maniacs and looney tunes and what, Trump is the fall guy?  Like Bush or Clinton or Obama were any better.

The US needs to stop crying about Trump and find something more proactive to do with their time!  Bitch and moan about your leader all you like, you continue to manifest the hatred with your words.

Politics is meant to keep you distracted remember? DOG AND PONY SHOW!

Aww look at that, Martin said the same thing but politely.


Sorry Cat - now back to your blog 

Hi Rose! 


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