Twitter Comes Unglued as Canadian PM Trudeau's 'Fake Eyebrow' Falls Off (VIDEO)

Twitter has gone bananas as many have started wondering if Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was wearing fake eyebrows during a joint press conference for the G7 summit with French President Emmanuel Macron.

US President Donald Trump’s stance on trade and import tariffs, as well as his Twitter rant targeting the Canadian prime minister has raised eyebrows across the G7 summit… except for Trudeau himself, whose dark eyebrow appeared to slide down his face as he spoke.

See clip(s) here at Sputnik News

and another here 

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lol everytime I hit the video, it disappears.

Fake politicians, fake news, fake skies, fake foods, fake "we do this for your protection", fake promises during election campaigns, fake "health" system, fake "justice" system, fake clean air, fake clean water, fake "clean, green New Zealand", are we really surprised about fake eyebrows...?

Lol fake fake fake.

wonder if he has fake thyroid problem too, to go with his lack of eyebrows

Oh by the way, apparently he does not have an adams apple, therefore he is not even a man - he is a FAKE man!!


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