Two large “Artificial” Earthquakes In North Korea

Nuclear testing?

The MSM is reporting these two earthquakes as “artificial” and as the result of nuclear testing:

The US Geological Survey said it had recorded a 6.3 magnitude earthquake at noon Sunday local time, near North Korea’s known nuclear test site in the country’s northeast region.
The quake was felt in northern China, with emergency sirens blaring in Yanji, near the North Korean border, according to local media.

North Korea

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Kim is going to create a huge implosion and suck himself and many of his countrymen into the abyss. He will stop himself,give him time,not much time left for the foolish little man.

  A very juvenile response.  The situation in Korea has been brought about by the US meddling in other people's business ever since world war ll. 

A very juvenile Leader of a very impoverished population with Weapon's of Mass Destruction, a lack of respect for Any Country,Person or Thing! Juvenile,that's a good word for it and I stand guilty! The Brit's/US has,since before its inception,been interefering in other people's business i.e.Native America,Southeastern Islands. I live in Hawaii and do not support any political party or system of governing. I do however accept responsibility for the condition we find the Earth and its inhabitants in at this point in time,we are All One and we are All here and now.

When it comes to juveniles with weapons of mass destruction Trump would be hard to beat and of course the US has already used these weapons on civilians. 

So why  pick on Kim who is only defending NK from the global bully boy, namely your very own country.  

Don't forget that in the years 1950-53 the US carpet bombed NK killing several millions of civilians and so it's hardly any wonder that the North Koreans don't like you.

Better sticking to the environment than dabbling in politics.

Before you start your ever so rude attitude with me Buddy, my Family during the Great Removal were Choctaw's,the first tribe to be removed in the dead of Winter. Do you know how many of us died? Get informed before you start shit you cannot back up! You can go to Oklahoma to see the dirt track of land my family lived and died on. My Great-grandmother was born there my Grand mother was born there and my Mother was born there also. Thankfully my Grandparents moved to Louisiana after my Mother's birth and fortunately I was born there. The U.S. My country,WHAT !

Not rude just realistic. Being of native extraction you might more easily understand that Kim is simply  the result of US foreign policy since world war 11 which has been and still is all about global hegemony. Jumping on the mainstream Kim bashing bandwagon will not solve matters in any way whatsoever. 

I will repeat myself.Kim is a selfish leader that cares 0 about his Countrymen. He feeds his Nuclear Program and that is what the Starving Population works for. Kim never saw a day of the Korean War.He was a spoiled and favored from his first breath. I do not believe any country should be destroyed but on the other hand I put Kim right up there with the very cruelest of Dictator's to his Population and His own Family.
Kim has a starving and suffering population of people due to his selfish nature. Those are the people that will suffer and die under his irresponsible leadership.

Kim's country has been under US/UN  sanctions for almost 70 years and you blame Kim!  Give me a break. 

Settle down children ~ the Contrail isn't a FB platform where we yell and throw toys out of the cot.


I do sometimes get a little overheated when mainstream thinking spills over into the more realistic websites like the Contrail.

9/02/2017 -- Large earthquake strikes near Yellowstone -- North Korea Nuke Test WHILE LIVE ON STREAM

At 46.17mins


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