Two large “Artificial” Earthquakes In North Korea

Nuclear testing?

The MSM is reporting these two earthquakes as “artificial” and as the result of nuclear testing:

The US Geological Survey said it had recorded a 6.3 magnitude earthquake at noon Sunday local time, near North Korea’s known nuclear test site in the country’s northeast region.
The quake was felt in northern China, with emergency sirens blaring in Yanji, near the North Korean border, according to local media.

North Korea

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Very interesting!

Thanks Sarah

How come so quick to blame it on a missile test when they have been completely silent about the amount of earthquakes that are caused from their own nuclear testing, from seismic testing, from fracking, from HAARP, from CERN....on and on it goes. NEVER a word in the MSM about any of that! It was recorded near a test sight, so what? Was there actually a test to trigger it? So why go blaming it on some one person now?  Because it is part of the plan ....  they need to take North Korea down as the next step in the war waging across this world. The US forces have surrounded China now. then there is Russia last of all....And then there will be a New World Order run by a handful of lunatics. Funny the cartoons we watched as kids with some little evil guy running around saying 'I will rule the world hahaha!'. We never dreamt that could ever be possible.  And its also pretty hypocritical when the US has thousands of times the nuclear arsenal of anyone else. I sure don't trust THEM with those weapons, can we make them stop having weapons too please and holding the world at gun point! They will destroy the world just so they can own it all. Lunatics! And I don't mean the president of little North Korea, there are way smarter and richer lunatics running THIS show.

NO NUKES is the only answer for the entire Planet,NO NUKES !!!!!

Exactly!!! AND No more uranium mining, it has no good end to its use!!!! That's what I have been saying for years. but being on a local level living near a uranium mine [200 km away but still too close!] the whole attitude fed to the people by those making the money is that we won't have any jobs if mining and fracking doesn't go ahead.  And since the jobs pay pretty well everyone has become used to a great living standard and got into debt over their heads so have no choice but to keep mining.  All uranium ends as nuclear weapons or uranium waste. So sad.

Laila,Oh My! It's a vicious cycle,dangle the cheese and we All take it! Raising family,paying a mortgage all the necessities of Life in the 21 century. Screw the Petro-Dollar,new Technology could help the entire Planet instead it is being used to inflict pain and suffering,whatever it takes to maintain the Status Quo.

Well said Laila!

Grimly Fiendish was my fav cartoon bad guy followed by Dr. DOOM.

Never could have imagined it would come true...

As far as I can see guys, it's all theatre. Could be a genuine nuke, could be a "HAARP" job. Doesn't matter. North Korea is the big bogeyman in the latest stage of the inception of the New World Order. Note how the US, China, and Russia are all now pointing the finger in the same direction regardless of their little squabbles.

Any of these superpowers has the capability to disable Kim Jong's firecrackers the moment they are detected leaving the launch pad. So logic tells you they are allowing him to fire these missiles high enough and far enough to be a credible threat. The result is a galvanising effect. A global union against an unstable, secular nation with nukes. Project Blue Beam.

North Korea is "alien" without being extraterrestrial. It's the perceived threat that matters.

Pure theatre guys.

Hear hear Martin!


Well said. I'm still with Janie though. Kim-boy still has enough say in this to choose not to be a dick to his own people. Though what do I know...they all look pretty happy singing and dancing on those videos that Kim-boy kindly sends us. Perhaps it really is ALL theatre as you say Martin. Maybe North Korea is filled with clones of crisis actors and Kim-boy was artificially grown in a test-tube from the right nut of his grand father. Kinda like one of those episodes of Westworld, but a lot weirder.

Fuck the Government, Change the System

The above cartoon could just as validly  show Trump holding on to the bomb instead of Kim.  

Rather than being made in a test tube it would be much truer to say that Kim was forged  by US hegemony which  has been plaguing the world ever since World War 2.

It is normal for people on this site to show healthy  scepticism in regard to the propaganda that passes for news in western mainstream media. You need to get up to speed as quickly as possible or go back to Breitbart where you would be much more at home.

Excellent post!


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