Two large “Artificial” Earthquakes In North Korea

Nuclear testing?

The MSM is reporting these two earthquakes as “artificial” and as the result of nuclear testing:

The US Geological Survey said it had recorded a 6.3 magnitude earthquake at noon Sunday local time, near North Korea’s known nuclear test site in the country’s northeast region.
The quake was felt in northern China, with emergency sirens blaring in Yanji, near the North Korean border, according to local media.

North Korea

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Thank You,Martin.

It's good to see how many understand the game that's being played out here.

And this is why I publish so many MSM articles, not so much here perhaps but more so at Uncensored. not to beat the NWO fear drum, but to show how the agenda is being pushed forward, and putting the pieces together.

There are only two "governments" in this world: Democratic Independent union (aka the Blue Team) and Progressive Alliance (the Red Team). Two opposing teams playing on the same field, by the same rules, owned by the same governing body who make the rules but don't follow them.

And they busy right now harvesting data on every aspect of your lives, and use these orchestrated threats to validate this data harvesting.

What is it all for? Power? Control? To use us like cattle?

Thats exactly why we should not go on there and give them that information Martin.

What are they going to do if we turn our backs?

Collude in secret and stop dishing out news maybe?

They are watching us watching them etc etc...

They get information from us (the awake/alternative media), so why should we not do the same? Know thine enemy, learn how to sort fact from fiction and discern the agendas. Or turn away and let them grow stronger in the shadows?

It's all about information and data.

Sorry martin, I probably didn't explain myself very well, I'll have another go...

I didn't mean to not gather information, I meant to not use their services, after all their information gathering relies on you voluntarily supplying it.

I am speaking generally of course, I realise its a bit different if you are getting info for others (like us) BUT, surely there must be a reason behind gathering it?

Now that there is no doubt who created Gulag and FakeB and what they are for, what else do you need to know? 

Why anyone would ever use them again knowing that I will never understand. But then I don't understand why anyone has any money in a bank either, knowing what we know about them.

Its like continuing to waste time on 9/11 when we know enough already; and that is exactly what they want us to do so they can continue to be two steps ahead.


On top of that none of these blatant control mechanisms can exist without our participation. OUR participation is THEIR POWER.

WE can do everything we need without using Gulag or logging in the Fakebook ever again, and THEY can't easily repeat that scam now that we're on to them, so what are we waiting for? Dump it!

Give the business to the many alternatives FAST

The same goes for the so called "Monetary System", if you want a power hungry parasite to control your ability to purchase then continue to use it... otherwise get actual MONEY and their power is gone!

The financial "system" is so vulnerable it could not stand up to even a small monetary revolt.

Then they would have to use outright military means to accomplish EVERY devious scheme they are now using OUR LABOUR to finance, and how do you do that without abundant currency?

I personally am on this path to use the knowledge I gain to the best of my ability against perpetuating THEIR control over me whilst helping anyone who understands to do the same.

Not to repeatedly write about the same decrepit nature of the Human Race without taking THE STEPS I CAN to counteract it, otherwise what is the point?

You have to focus on how the data effects your situation , and how to negate it AND DO IT.

NOT just gather it for the sake of it!

The Con Trail is great in that regard BUT I would much rather be out Diving or Fishing or anything positive instead of in front of a computer and that our dear old Con Club wasn't needed.

In fact unity in refusing to participate is just about the only path that is not co opted. The system can be pushed over so easily once we opt out in significant numbers.

May as well start doing it and not just talking about how bad everything is..

Phew, good to get that out, no offence mate!

Understood Gerry!

Wasn't offended BTW. I live for debate and challenge!

That's them! Couldn't remember their names. Thanks Gerry! Could not imagine it at all back then in those dreamy days of the 70's! LOL, and it was already happening right under our noses! Here today is the result right under our noses and we are still not believing it! One could say its been a perfect game plan.   

My father, a MSM NEWS devotee, says there are currently around 80k odd North Korean workers here (Australia) on visa. I thought NK residents had to tunnel their way out.

Hard to know what to believe isn't it Nym?

I wonder if we can drag up some confirmation on that

...while Rose chomps popcorn on the back row!!

Hot off the press, 19 hours ago at time I post this: "Fewer than 30 North Koreans" in Australia on visas for work or study.

Quite a discrepancy from the 80K odd figure.


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