Two recent deaths of 40+ yr olds - a data expert in Chch Quake recovery & a Whanganui Doctor & activist

Just makes me wonder as you do when people so young pass on with no real known cause for their deaths. As yet. Given the times we live in has to make you think doesn't it? 

Death of respected data expert Julian Carver investigated

Two investigations are under way into the death of a highly respected data expert with Christchurch's earthquake recovery authority.

Father of two Julian Carver, the former chief information officer at CERA, died unexpectedly at a psychiatric hospital in Christchurch on January 2 aged just 44.....

Whanganui doctor's death shocks community

The Whanganui community is reeling after a much-loved doctor died suddenly on New Year's Eve. 

Dr Chris Cresswell, 49, died on Saturday afternoon while out cycling - a sport he was deeply passionate about - family friend Rochelle Bullock said.

He was a staunch objector of the TPP, and was once arrested for jumping on a car driven by Whanganui MP Chester Borrows during a TPP protest.

He was also looking to run as a Green Party MP for the area, ......

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it could be the carrying of cell phone on their person finally caught up, given their occupations and it doesn't take much with all the new fangled tech to pulse someone and givem a 'heart attack'.  44 and 49 is too young to die imo. Then JC was in a pshychiatric ward which sounds alarm bells wot meds did they have him pumped to the eye balls with?

Thanks very much for bringing this subject up D - I certainly would have missed this one.

Isn't this interesting, we know the tech exists and have lost a handful of kiwi 'factivists' friends also... far to far before their time

How many will succumb to their technology before we expose either the tech or the people behind the tech?

Julian Carvers death unexpectedly at a psychiatric hospital in Christchurch is certainly a red flag!

My heart to the families of these good folk and that is said with all sincerity, unlike the condolences rolled out from the CDHB. 

I can understand the stress of the Chch quake recovery guy & the depth of corruption he probably knew about. Whatever the reason he was put away, the so called investigation sounds like the fox guarding the henhouse. Conclusion- nothing to see here, keep shopping.

On the other hand the doc could be complicated. A regular who dunnit scenario.

Was it the pissed off blue tie crims/tppa supporter or even borrows ordering a hit?

Could it be an anti vaccination nutter, an anti water fluoridation nutter, or even an anti 1080 activist?

To cap it all off this much loved doc was a freekin cyclist. Lycra wearing cyclists deserve to die.

Well I think there are many fit young people out there who a) carry cell phones and use them as their normal phone, and b) are either runners or cyclists breathing in a lot of extra chemtrail polluted air, who just drop dead suddenly. My guess is it only takes one heavy dose of barium in the chemtrails to affect a whole lot of otherwise fit marathon runners with heart attacks, asthma, eg. And that's before any deliberate targeting which may be happening too. It's all very sad and criminal and could affect any of us at any time.

not to mention the isotope radiation levels eh Linda

Bet ya got a secret pair of tighties Baz.

These deaths are Very sad for their families and friends.
The data expert and the doctor posed 'challenges to the status quo' so hopefully honest people will go public with any information that will truthfully solve these investigations.

Yes, 40 too young to die & the barium Linda, the emfs RC & more makes for high risks to health that's for sure. Just read about young 10 yr olds having heart attacks at school. Schools are onto it though providing defibrillators though  Ne'er mind finding root causes. Nothing to see here.  

I can't see this as being cell phone related, as neither showed signs of cancer or any physical deterioration. Their sudden deaths suggest, however, obvious links to their particular life-crusades, especially in Carvers case. Yes he was probably under immense mental pressure, and if he really believed in "open data", then he was a danger to those who prefer to cover their backsides.

.....I used to wear Lycra Baza. Still cycle but I don't wear Lycra these days

The case of the doctor reminds me of Rod Donald. He was to demand a seat in cabinet and he died 6 November 2005, the day before his scheduled swearing-in for his fourth term in Parliament. Shortly after midnight on 6 November 2005, the day before his scheduled swearing-in for his fourth term in Parliament, he died suddenly at his Christchurch home after suffering for a few days from Campylobacter jejuni food poisoning from an unknown source. An autopsy initially ruled out a heart attack, but subsequent test-results determined that death resulted from an inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis), which is a very rare consequence of C. jejuni infection.[4] He was 48 years old. His funeral, which took place at the Cathedral of ChristChurch, was attended by over 1,000 people.[5] His casket arrived on board an electric bus and his wake took place at the adjacent Warner's Hotel.[6] The Parliament showed its respect for Donald by suspending a day of business, and a minute of silence was observed in the House of Representatives.[1]

Yep I was a bit suspicious of his 'untimely' death Lee. Didn't seem right. Everywhere there are examples of people who either get a following, or are influential in some way, getting cancer or dying of heart probs or unknown causes, just right when they are writing or filming prolifically. 

another who springs to mind is Helen Kelly the union leader. She was acting on behalf of/ supporting the Pike River families I believe. Say no more. 52 yrs old. 

Evelyn Gilbert comes to mind for an outspoken person who was taken unexpectedly. Judyth Vary Baker who was the girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald at the time of the set up said she used to work for the Govt making cancer more potent for weapon applications and that was in the 60s.


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