Two recent deaths of 40+ yr olds - a data expert in Chch Quake recovery & a Whanganui Doctor & activist

Just makes me wonder as you do when people so young pass on with no real known cause for their deaths. As yet. Given the times we live in has to make you think doesn't it? 

Death of respected data expert Julian Carver investigated

Two investigations are under way into the death of a highly respected data expert with Christchurch's earthquake recovery authority.

Father of two Julian Carver, the former chief information officer at CERA, died unexpectedly at a psychiatric hospital in Christchurch on January 2 aged just 44.....

Whanganui doctor's death shocks community

The Whanganui community is reeling after a much-loved doctor died suddenly on New Year's Eve. 

Dr Chris Cresswell, 49, died on Saturday afternoon while out cycling - a sport he was deeply passionate about - family friend Rochelle Bullock said.

He was a staunch objector of the TPP, and was once arrested for jumping on a car driven by Whanganui MP Chester Borrows during a TPP protest.

He was also looking to run as a Green Party MP for the area, ......

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Absolutely what I was thinking Lee - and thank you for remebering her here



Had crossed my mind too Rose, & Lee. 

On Julian Carver, intresting to see no news reports until 7 days later and in the story;

Before his death he was working on contract for the State Services Commission on corruption and integrity issues.

Yes and remember Rod Donald led the 'buy NZ made' campaign which the globalists must have hated!

Not sure if this is in the same bag, Born on Canterbury, Oil Reserves maybe,,, 

Also stumbled on this, again I hope it is relevant,

When I moved to NZ, my now x in-laws use to receive a underground mag from a University, this was in the mid 80's, it mentioned Mr Kirk untimely passing on and about seriously huge amounts of Oil.

Yep, thanks for those links Paul. He likely was. 

Whitlam and Kirk 

Gough Whitlam and Norman Kirk begin a series of moves absolutely against the Mafia Trilateralists. Whitlam refuses to waive restrictions on overseas borrowings to finance Alwest Aluminium Consortium of Rupert Murdoch, BHP and R.J. Reynolds. Whitlam had also ended Vietnam War support, blocked uranium mining and wanted more control over US secret spy bases - e.g. Pine Gap

Kirk had introduced a new, tough Anti-Monopoly Bill and had tried to redistribute income from big companies to the labour force through price regulation and a wages policy. 

Kirk had also rejected plans to build a second aluminium smelter near Dunedin and was preparing the Petroleum Amendment Bill to give more control over New Zealand oil resources. 

Kirk had found out that Hunt Petroleum, drilling in the Great South Basin, had discovered a huge resource of oil comparable in size to the North Sea or Alaskan North Slope. Gas reserves alone now estimated at 30 times bigger than Kapuni and oil reserves of at least 20 billion barrels - enough for New Zealand to be self-sufficient for years. Oil companies completely hushed up these facts. To have announced a vast new oil source would probably mean a decline in world oil prices, which would not have allowed OPEC and Onassis plans for the Arabs to eventuate. N.Z. could be exploited at a later date, particularly since the North Sea operations were about to come on stream - Kirk was the last to hold out. 

September, 1974:

According to CIA sources, Kirk was killed by the Trilateralists using Sodium Morphate. Rowling’s first act as NZ Prime Minister was to withdraw Kirk’sAnti-Monopoly Bill and the Petroleum Amendment Bill

Later, Rowling was to be rewarded with ambassadorship to Washington. Incidentally, the Shah of Iran was murdered the same way as Kirk on his arrival in the US. 

Interesting too Paul that in the '80s they were onto it somewhere (re the uni mag).

Nuther thing that targets heart is 1080 tho obviously not in these scenarios.

Thank You Danielle, for the info re Mr Kirk an Mr Whitlam they certainly had some conviction standing up to the various groups you mentioned earlier.  Yeap back in 1985 just arrived and living in Tauranga, straight from Londonium, to this Owesome and Still mostly Untouched Beautiful Place...  This magazine I think may have come from ChCh Uni and at the time I had no idea what I was reading or what it was about however, it did stick for some reason, nice that, now a little while down the track some more info, surrounding a commodity in ChCh / Sth Island, that other types of offshore people have become very interested in NZ, again it seems.    

'STill mostly untouched' hmmm, I keep thinking as others say similar, the rest of hte world must be very very polluted because to my mind we are far from untouched. And yep, they are interested alright & flocking here by recent accounts in the lamestream. The predatory loans are what did it for us. But then that's the plan, smash every country's sovereignty ready for the new fascist new world order control. 

NZ Untouched?  The is part of the clean green meme Paul. 

Here's one fro you - the US rivers are full of radioactivity yet NZ's Manawatu River is THE MOST POLLUTED IN THE WORLD.  NZ is a total illusion, along with those pretty geo sunsets and completely wi-fried coastline/beaches

Page one is missing here? 

Nuther person thought of with untimely cancer is Joan Veon who was deep in UN stuff wrote Charles the Sustainable Prince & UN Global Straightjacket. Died in 2010. 


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