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Tonight our special guest is researcher, author & public speaker Elana Freeland. Elana is the author of Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth & her follow up to that will be out in early 2018 called UNDER AN IONISED SKY: From Chemtrails To the Space Fence Lockdown.

Flying alongside myself and john tonight is our good friend anthony patch. Anthony has become one of the most in demand speakers on the subject of CERN & quantum computing. He too is an auther of a number of books including 2048 diamonds in the rough, Covert Cotastraphe, Revising Reality & the man behind ENTANGLED e-magazine. You can find his work at

Elana Freeland shares her latest research & insights from her upcoming book “UNDER AN IONISED SKY: FROM CHEMTRAILS TO THE SPACE FENCE”. We get into a conversation that will make a definite case for the elites literally terraforming our planet around us.

Learn all about the “Space Fence”…
All the latest on Morgellons…
We touch on the black magic of CERN….
And so much more from two of the leading researchers in their fields.

Pen & paper ready, theres so much crammed into one hour you will want to take notes!


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Notes from Elanas presentation

Your DNA is an antenna

Morgellons sucking iron from our blood - supplements are hazardous so find iron in high magnesium filled vegetables/ organic food sources (the body will make the iron if magnesium is present).  Morgellons (in all of us) also distorts the blood-cells into strange shapes.

Animal products will double your intake

For more oxygen:  Brisk walk

Be aware of rain and snow: The first hour of precipitation will be loaded with nanoparticles so stay out of it.


No Vaccines

Recalibration is done on the 'Space Fence'

AND MORE!  Tune in - you don't want to miss this

The nanobots can be triggered with frequency from wifi

This system is surveillance to the highest degree INCLUDING our DNA

Appreciate the notes Rose/Elana. Will definitely watch and take notes.

Excellent, just finished listening.Informative and easy to understand, despite the sobering content ...the hour didn't seem like an hour to me.( Time flies when I am genuinely interested in the topic of either an audio or video )

Definitely not to be missed!


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