UNVACCINATED children will be banned from all childcare centres and preschools in Australia-playing the 'child death' card

PM Malcolm Turnbull pushes for childcare ban for unvaccinated children

Malcolm Turnbull meets with Toni McCaffery, who lost her daughter Dana in 2009 to whooping cough.Malcolm Turnbull meets with Toni McCaffery, who lost her daughter Dana in 2009 to whooping cough.

UNVACCINATED children will be banned from all childcare centres and preschools in Australia under a hard line proposal spearheaded by the federal government.

The immunisation rates of all preschools and daycare centres will be made publicly available to parents, and a loophole allowing formal objections will also be closed as part of the Turnbull government’s plan to boost vaccination rates.

In a powerful endorsement of The Sunday Telegraph’s four-year No Jab, No Play campaign, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has written to state and territory leaders demanding all jurisdictions introduce nationally consistent laws to protect Australian children, and has vowed to take the policy to the next Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting.


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I went through this with my children. For a while, I had a vaccine schedule created and signed off on by a nameless doctor friend. 

A friends daughter recently declined vax for their new baby elana, and the nurse called at their house three times pressing them to vaccinate. Young parents. They eventually got the courage to assert themselves, phoned up & said they would not be vaccinating.

But they signed the birth certificate? I was aware of a family that had their children taken from them by CYFS (allegations of indecent behaviour from one of the children that turned out to be a boy worldly and wise beyond his years where he could garner attention from shocking adults) however they had to return one of the children straight away as no birth certificate was ever signed for that child, nor a reason why they did return just that child which was highlighted by their lawyer!

My heart sinks every time I read this sort of stuff.

Australia is a Common Law Land... all one needs to do is sue this MAN Malcolm Turnbull not in his title or official capacity... just as a man... for causing HARM to your property...

Read up on the purpose of your "government" in your foundational documents aka constitution bill of rights etc.

Learn how to hold court in common law - how to have your proceeding go on the same exact time as their proceeding vs YOU the CORPORATION... just agree with everything they say in their kangaroo legal land... it does not apply and is unlawful... if they persist - go after each and every one of them as a man woman who stands to harm or takes your property without just compensation 

choose to participate in their society if a benefit to you.

Stand for what is right...

Do not attempt to understand their Legalese - as it is like Chinese Sudanese and many other languages - there is no requirement for you to be learned in their language nor to hire one of their traitors... study up on the common law - this is a great channel to start.


search for the word IDIOT and the case in UK where Karl saved the punjabis from sure prison and walked away free birds

vitality and blessings to all who read this and care for humaniy - we cannot let this tryanny stand.

I feel for Dana but vaccination is not what we are told in my experience.

When my children were young I did not have them vaccinated for whopping cough. They did catch it and so did I. Of course I took them to see the doctor as we all did in those days.

The doctor was delighted that they were not vaccinated; he took samples from them both that later tested positive. He was delighted because no samples from the rest of the VACCINATED children presenting with whooping cough were testing positive and that our samples PROVED there was a major whooping cough outbreak and that the other children were seriously sick even though they were supposedly made immune from their vaccinations and protected  .

Proof that vaccinations don't even work the way they're purported.

The $mirk on their faces tells the lying truth. No parent of a dead child would be sitting there smiling.

IMO it's all BS. If vaccines actually worked, an unvaccinated child is NO DANGER to a vaccinated child, if you stop and think about it. That vaccinated child is supposed to be protected from the disease. The only beneficiary from vaccinations IMO is the pharmaceutical companies who manufacture the vaccines, and of course the bought and paid for politicians who are pushing them. IMO this is corruption at its worst!!

The man in the pic looks like he's sending a secret signal to his illuminati friends.

He is, VL, that's the Prime Minister of Australia. He's a Goldman Sachs Bankster lol

yep Nym and a multi millionaire with a wife chair of a big pharma co, fingers in novartis & glaxosmithklein pies. pretty obvious eh.


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