Friends, I received R2L cell phone protection microprocessor I purchased, along with an additional one they sent me free of charge when I told them I had a popular YouTube channel and wanted to test it.

After giving myself a bit of cramped feeling in my head by testing my cell phone with both the R2L units placed onto the back of the phone, and attempting to measure any subtle differences before and after with my microwave meter, I could not tell a difference. I saw no difference in the measurements.

However, this is not a report of failure on the part of the R2L device. I will not invalidate the technology of the R2L. I actually did not expect to see much of a difference using a microwave meter with these 'subtle' devices on my phone, because that was way too high of an expectation. I only thought it might be possible because the company told me one could use a meter and see the change. I sincerely doubted this although I was hopeful.

I do not doubt the company is telling the truth in regards to their product providing some level of radiation reduction. I still think it is a very valid product as these kinds of products go.

However, in my dedication to protecting innocent human beings, I will be ruthlessly honest. I would say it like this: Even if their device does indeed reduce radiation from the cell phone by the stated 70%, that simply gives a person about 70% more time before they develop the potential health issues that can arise from the use of a toxic wireless device. Their device cannot fully mitigate the effects of microwave radiation or I would see it clearly on the measurements of the microwave meter.

I never suggested the R2L to all of you as being "the answer." I suggested it simply to assist those who use cell phones, so they can at least have a protection device that may help "delay" potential health consequences. I made this suggestion for the R2L only because I know very few will give up their cell phones.

I will also be true to my heart and tell you...with how toxic cell phones are and because of the human biological consequences from even very low levels of microwave radiation exposure, an alleged 70% reduction, although impressive sounding, is really quite negligible! As it still leaves 30% of the radiation to efficiently break the genes off the DNA (genotoxic)!

Yes, I will put these two devices on my cell phone. Yes, I believe the company has a decent product 'compared' to most other devices on the market that make all kinds of fantasy-oriented claims about neutralizing radiation. Yes, I would have preferred to see an actual reduction in the measurements showing on my microwave meter. And yes, I would still highly suggest this product to anyone choosing to use a cell phone on a daily basis, with the hopes that the company's claims of 70% reduction are true based on their SAR (specific absorption rate) testing.

What I don't agree with are the words on their product flyer they sent with the R2L: "Now you don't have to leave your cell phone at home, turn it off or hold it an inch from your head in order to significantly reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation."

How do I say this eloquently, professionally and like a gentleman? This is 100%, complete and total friggin bullshit!!! I could not live with myself if I resorted to making claims like that knowing what clinical studies have proven about the biological effects of even low exposure levels of microwave radiation.

In summary, I do like the product. I am sure it is reducing at least 'some' amount of radiation. I cannot personally verify how much of a reduction it is. And for those who like to live dangerously, gambling with their health and their cell phone use, and hoping the Benevolent Universal Mother is protecting them from the consequences of using a microwave radio, I would most certainly the use of this product as a 'relative' form of 'hopeful remediation.'

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wonder if theyd work on smartmeters 


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