KEEP IN MIND THIS IS CONFIRMED BECAUSE THE SOURCE CODE WAS ARCHIVED HERE and I captured this from what was rendered by that code. I will not go back on this unless Rudy makes a public announcement to the contrary.

UPDATE: Someone sent a message saying it was not his official account. -SORRY- THAT IS NOT WHAT GOOGLE SAYS, and Google still had this even though the account is now wiped: UPDATE: THE ACCOUNT THEY ARE NOW SAYING IS HIS OFFICIAL ACCOUNT HAS ANOTHER ACCOUNT LINKED TO IT THAT PROVES THE CLAIMED REAL ACCOUNT IS FAKE. You can't have 70,000 plus followers on one account, and have a directly linked and referenced account from that account look like this: bustedrudyfake OOPS, forgot to buy followers for that one.

That just proves this is real, as Google claimed:

Ultimately it is up to people to believe what they will I guess, and if I am in error with this anyone could easily understand why. I don't think this is an error though.

The top portion is the letter he posted this morning, referring to the tweets he posted the night before, which are in the bottom portion. Look at the continuity of all of this, - it has everything .

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Could someone have hacked into Giuliani's account and posted this? Certainly Anon. or lulsec could do this easily enough.

Just being cautious.

Maybe it's real, maybe a clever con.

Rudy Giuliani Follows His Heart Straight to Donald Trump | Vanity Fair

Rudy Julie-Annie.

Great George! Rudy looks great!Comic relief,much needed.


This is creepy. If its real its creepy, if its a hack its creepy too.

I have zero doubt that Pizzagate is real whether the Giuliani tweets are real or not.The staged shooting event was the psy-op.

The essential information must have a basis in verifiable fact. That's how disinfo works.

That one sentence Martin! Says so much.


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