There are new links on to alert people to legislation that appears to be intended to phase out access to copper landline services in at least some parts of NZ.

Submissions are due by Friday February 2.


I think a thirty year moratorium on removal of copper landline based technology is a good goal. (Katherine Smith)


The links are as follows:


An introduction to the problem (with links to the legislation) and call to action and “how to” guide for sending submissions:


A template submission for people who do not want to write one from scratch:


A list of arguments in favour of copper based landlines (and against wireless):


A very brief post on how EMR regulations do not protect public health:


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Thank you in advance for anything you can do to share these such as via your email list etc.

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My submission

Here is my submission - it took 5 mins to put together (personal details removed).  The formatting removed it'self as I posted it here but you get the gist.


Jan 2018


Telecommunications (New Regulatory Framework) Amendment Bill

I oppose any change to NZ’s telecommunications regulations that could mean that people who live in areas where fibre optic infrastructure has been installed would lose access to a safe and reliable copper cable based landline phone line and internet access service.

The copper landline system is a proven and safe technology that is better for people’s health than wireless systems.


Removing the very reliable Copper Network leaves many NZ citizens very vulnerable and especially the electrosensitive.  My family is already at risk as we have already become a EMR refugees thanks to hastily pushed through wireless technology.  We moved to an area with very little EMF coverage so we can have a quality of life that does not leave me crippled.  Once you have removed the copper wires system the health crises will become evident   At this stage, most kiwis are completely unaware of the harm that is being done to their loved ones by Wi-Fi.  Taking away the copper network will leave a large number of NZ citizens and businesses, unable to communicate.  A corded landline phone may be safely used by almost everyone including most individuals who are electrosensitive.

Citizens who are home bound due to illness or disability need to maintain contact with friends and relatives, reducing the social isolation that helps to cause many health issues, including depression.  There is evidence thatradiation from wireless technology affects the blood, the heart, and the autonomic nervous system

Mothers and babies are at a higher risk of developing health risks.  A question we should be asking ourselves is how the removal of the copper network , therefore replaced with Wi-Fi, could impact on our children. A2014 study published in the Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure found that children are more at risk from microwave radiation. Children have more absorbent brain tissue, and thinner skulls, leaving them more susceptible to microwave radiation than adults. The microwave radiation from wireless devices is currently classed as a Class 2B potential carcinogen. Lead and the pesticide DDT are also classified as Class 2B. The time lapse between first exposure and potential tumour development can be decades, and so it is not yet known what effect the prevalence of Wi-Fi in society could be having on children’s brains.


Safe Office environments, hence safe work places, become impossible without the ability to wire in.  This technology was safe and now the Government proposes to remove the only safety net available to those awake to the dangers of WiFi radiation.  By pushing through this removal of the copper network, you are removing the rights of average citizens to have their only choice of safe WIRED communication and home environment.   I would support a 35 year moratorium on the removal of copper landline infrastructure.



NB: If you are really pressed for time there is a template submission that you can download and personalise from this LINK of the Stop Smart Meters NZ website.

From katherine Smith: 

If you are on FB, please consider “liking” and “following” the following pages so that you can get updates on this issue.

Thanks for all the links Rose. All very helpful with only a couple of days to go.


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