Urgent! Make This Viral: NWO Planned Genocide Unfolding in Puerto Rico Shared by Police [video]

From: StareshipEarth

Well, Carmen Yulin Cruz  and the Governor must be happy because the “genocide” Cruz mentioned is unfolding. For goddsake someone do something for these people. By design, they have no food, no water, people are dying. Hospitals are overwhelmed. They are an island in crisis.

Everything Mayor Cruz and the governor do are PR for the cameras so the US lamestream media has lies to broadcast.

Listen to this video. The whole thing. English translation is included. If you speak Spanish, you will understand.

Now it is pouring rain there again and another possible storm brewing. How can this torture be allowed?  ~ BP

Please pray Puerto Rico remedy soonest possible and inform others. Thank you.

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Already posted Doreen ;)

OMG this is awful. And US Govt help? in light of all the other disasters seems they are the instigators?? Will share.


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