VAXXED is showing in NZ despite a concerted effort from media and pro vaccine groups to shut this information down...

I had a message today from one of the team members organising the viewing of Vaxxed. Posters torn down, a venue cancelled, hostile staff in other venues... "this is not an easy project" she said

Please spread the word, share share share on facebook and with your Dunedin friends and family 9th April. 2pm!


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I have taken on the project of organising the screening of VAXXED in Dunedin. I am so appalled by the damage that is being done to thousands of children and thousands of families, and appalled that we have 93% vaccination compliance in Nz that I just felt strongly I had to do something.  I kept trying to think of that saying,(not sure of the wording) that the real evil is when good people do nothing. All the issues on Contrail are really important, but the vaccination schedule is up there with the most serious.  I read yesterday that in Australia, where vaccination is mandatory, that the level of autism is now one in 33 !!!  If the present course is followed by 2032 one in two will be autistic.  What kind of society will that be? - no doctors, nurses, teachers or any other kind of community workers - just one carer to one sick person.  It is an epidemic that must be stopped. All those medicos who are really good and caring people, have been utterly brainwashed by the pharmaceutical companies and refuse to see their part in the destruction of humanity - I can't understand how this can be so, but it is.

They tell us there are lots of studies showing that the vaccines are safe, yet not one vaccine study has been proven by the double blind placebo method - nor by the comparison of vaccinated versus un-vaccinated .The doctors and nurses seem not to read the inserts which list all the ingredients and possible side effects - including death. So many parents are so trusting, especially here in NZ and get very angry with us 'anti-vaxxers' and label us as baby-killers. I could go on at length but most of you know the problems.

Please pass on the information to any people in Otago and Southland that you might know re the screening of Vaxxed this coming Sunday (9 April). So far we have sold about 50 tickets , but we can and want to fit another 50 in. Thanks.

Enormous respect and gratitude to you Jenny. Thank you, it seems that this work is never ending and the battle is hard, misinformation and abuse of the peoples trust at every turn from our governments and media.

I feel that some of the battles of this kind are beginning to come to a head, the smart meters , vaccines, pharmaceuticals, the way our councils and government are run, education, and weather manipulation are all connected. One being exposed will unbalance and high light the others.  

Encouraging words thanks Sarah.  I think you are right.  Things are coming to a head.  The sooner the better.

Your list is concerning enough Sarah. But wait there is more....Dont forget compulsory water fluoridation is on the govts wish list along with control of/profit from water, off grid living, 1080. plus.

I knew you guys would help with that list please add agriculture, bees actually everything. Can anyone think of something that is all good and working just fine?

Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.

 Haile Selassie

Well said , I know how you feel. Perhaps luckily, nothing lasts forever and this age of insanity will end when it can no longer go on...that ending will be hastened by your actions.

Good on you Jenny! 

Thank you Gerry for the full quote. 

And I love this quote from Jon Rappoport:

"On big screens all over the country, you can put up movies depicting people being torn limb from limb, drowning in their own blood, you can put up movies with panting soft-porn money shots, you can put up movies that blow up half the world; BUT YOU CAN'T SHOW A MOVIE THAT QUESTIONS THE EFFECTS OF VACCINES...I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of this bullshit." 

Ditto from me!

In some supermarkets we re-posted posters three times and within a matter of hours they were down again.  Why are 'they' so afraid of a different opinion?  They are so incredibly indoctrinated by Big Pharma via their doctors and nurses.  How can they possibly give informed consent when they refuse the information?

Great work Jenny! Bet the exercise has been an eye opener for you. 

Here is an easy suggestion for me to make, as it may be someone elses time in a busy day. Put up a poster(s) & stand discreetly near to video the perp & show them at the screening to shame them out.

I know of a local group who wants to show the film but so far I think they have had nasty refusals & may not have the fortitude & cunning/thinking outside the square ability.

From your experience, how important was disclosure of intention to hiring a venue?

Does your venue have the screening gear or have you borrowed/hired dvd player/screen etc?

Do you have security/ legal back up to protect from pro vax nutters or disruption from police/venue hirers? Probably a bit late for this but some involved with the fluoride & health issues have set up a trust or non profit group as a legal protection especially so individuals cannot be penalised, fined or asset stripped by vindictive courts/authorities.

Here are some quotes 1) Martin Luther King Jnr "Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance & conscientious stupidity"

2) "Don't confuse me with facts, my mind is made up"

3) "The only people mad at you for speaking the truth, are those living a lie. Keep speaking it." 

4) In the age of information, ignorance is a choice"

2.3.4 authors unknown.

2pm Sunday will be sending success vibes!

Attended VAXXED in Auckland on 2 April. Everyone who cares about humanity especially our tamariki and mokopuna should attend one in their area. In Hamilton our group approached the LIDO who turned us down  too controversial. Two other venues were all in favour until reading email we sent them and the other after article appeared in Sunday Star Times written by Alison Mau who hadn't even seen Vaxxed. The other after reading article on Monday in Waikato Times again without seeing it themselves. We now have a venue confirmed for 13 May. There is one in Ngongataha in Rotorua Friday 7 Apr (tomorrow) at 7pm cost $5. Community Hall. 

All the best for both those sessions. If you hear or are attending tomorrow night's session, please let us know how it goes. Despite the difficulties there are going to be screenings in an increasing number of towns and cities throughout the country, so somehow folks are managing to get a venue.

I was right upfront with the fact that it was a controversial movie,and gave them a handout but initially I don't think the people concerned were aware yet of just how controversial! Most were not fazed to begin with. We are using the university here and apparently the decision to accept us has gone to the top level - i.e. the vice-chancellor herself. Some universities have been attacked lately for cutting back on freedom of speech, and Otago decided to allow the screening despite being against the content of the film. We were a bit stunned with their article on Stuff, as we are supposed to keep the venue secret. However there are many lecture rooms on campus. They provide a technician and security so hopefully all should be well. It is a relief to have their seal of approval and know we're not going to be kicked out at the last minute, as they have in some venues.


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