Vorticular Madness Of The Dark Magicians

Vorticular Madness Of The Dark Magicians
The Intel Hub Richard Sauder December 26, 2011

In my recent book, Hidden in Plain Sight: Beyond the X-Files, I reproduce in full and discuss a couple of Project Paperclip memoranda (circa 1947) that I discovered in the historical archives of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, in Washington, DC. Of course, the Top Secret Project Paperclip operation brought large numbers of “ex”-NAZI scientists, engineers and technicians to the USA in the years after WW II, where they were salted into a wide variety of military, civil government and espionage agencies, corporations and other organizations.

The Project Paperclip memos caught my attention for a number of reasons. First of all, because they were requesting such prominent names as W.O. Schumann, Walter Dornberger and Eugen Saenger to be made available for Project Paperclip, the first being the preeminent authority in the world on extremely high powered electrical fields, and the last two perhaps the two biggest names in rocket science in the world at that time. The memos also explicitly asked for Xaver Dorsch and three other men to help with the U.S. Military’s Underground Plant Program. Xaver Dorsch was head of the Todt Organization during the last years of WW II and was in charge of Hitler’s frantic program of major underground base construction during the closing stages of WW II.

This greatly interested me because my earlier research had documented that in 1987, Lloyd A. Duscha, the then-Deputy Director of Engineering and Construction for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, gave a talk at an engineering conference entitled “Underground Facilities for Defense – Experience and Lessons.” In the first part of his talk he stated that:

“After World War II, political and economic factors changed the underground construction picture and caused a renewed interest to ‘think underground.’ As a result of this interest, the Corps of Engineers became involved in the design and construction of some very complex and interesting military projects.”

Of course, a big part of the “renewed interest to ‘think underground’” was due to the discovery in 1945 of the elaborate underground facilities the NAZIs had constructed during WW II. No doubt, one of the “political … factors (that) changed the underground construction picture” was also Project Paperclip, though it went unmentioned by name by Lloyd Duscha in 1987. A little further on he said:

“Although the conference program indicates the topic to be ‘Underground Facilities for Defense – Experience and Lessons,’ I must deviate a little because several of the most interesting facilities that have been designed and constructed by the Corps are classified.”

Subsequently Mr. Duscha went into a discussion of the Corps’ involvement in the 1960s in the construction of the large and elaborate NORAD base buried deep beneath Cheyenne Mountain, in Colorado. And then he said:

“As stated earlier, there are other projects of similar scope, which I cannot identify…”

I would add, parenthetically that I believe these multiple “interesting facilities” that are “classified”, which he “cannot identify” are likely to be either a) undersea, b) involve sensitive projects involving UFO technology and/or joint alien/human operating bases, and/or c) be located on the Moon and/or Mars and/or other planets and planetoids elsewhere.

Returning the discussion to Project Paperclip again, the request for the NAZI personnel in the Project Paperclip memos that I reference was made under the authority of the American military’s USAFE-A2 Command, which is a military alpha-numeric designation still in use in the present day, having to do with the U.S. Air Force’s European compartmentalized and sensitive intelligence operations.

Please see: http://www.af.mil/shared/media/epubs/AFI14-105_USAFESUP1.pdf

By logical inference, the USAFE-A2 Command is the arena of many Top Secret and classified operations and programs, and has been for more than half a century. Among its many responsibilities are: International Transfers of Technology, Goods, Services and Munitions, Disclosure of Classified Military Information to Foreign Governments and International Organizations, Visits and Assignments of Foreign Nationals, and Disclosure of Military Information to Foreign Governments and International Organizations. 

Interestingly, the USAFE-A2Command includes OSS (Operations Support Squadron) units. The espionage acronym OSS is reminiscent of the WW-II era OSS espionage agency of the USA, the Office of Strategic Services. Does a remnant of the WW-II era OSS live on within the bowels of the USAFE-A2 Command, shielded within its secretive structure from public scrutiny? Who knows?

Of course, foreign can mean a number of things, including: nonnative, alien, originating outside of, or having to do with a place outside of or beyond the territory of a given district or country. Germans are, therefore, foreign to the USA. Martians or beings from the Pleiades are also foreign to the USA. And so forth.

One of the two Project Paperclip memoranda is signed by H.M. McCoy, Colonel, Air Corps, Deputy Commanding General, Intelligence (T-2), while the other is signed by Geo. F. Schulgen, Brigadier General, U.S.A., Chief, Air Intelligence Requirements Div., Office of Ass’t Chief of Air Staff-2.

This is intriguing because Colonel H.M. McCoy is a well known figure in post-WW II U.S. military UFO investigations. In the immediate post-WW II period he worked out of Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio, where he interfaced with both the Project Paperclip operation, and directed the U.S. Air Force’s major UFO investigation Project SIGN, which subsequently morphed into Project Grudge in 1949, with McCoy remaining as director.

Please see:http://majesticdocuments.com/official.investigations.projectsign.php

Brigadier General Schulgen also worked out of Wright Patterson, and had involvement with both Project Paperclip and the U.S. Air Force’s UFO investigations. Schulgen both received and wrote high level Top Secret memos on the UFO issue in 1947.


Remember that the recovered UFO wreckage from the so-called Roswell crash in New Mexico in 1947 has been reported by many to have been transported to Wright Patterson AFB.

Enter the NAZI Bell and Its Tangled History

I mention all of this because I recently read Joseph Farrell’s fascinating book, The SS Brotherhood of the Bell, in which he avers that the NAZIs made almost science fiction-like technological breakthroughs during WW II, having to do with exotic, high-energy mercury plasmas, and the engineering of the vacuum or aether, call it what you will, with implications for UFO-like antigravity technology, new generations of scalar weaponry, time travel and more, based on a nonlinear conception of physics, a vorticular physics of the internal rotational stress of space itself. Farrell makes an intriguing case that R&D work on this technology centered on construction of a device known as The Bell (die Glocke). This project has also been earlier discussed in the books, The Hunt For Zero Point, by British aerospace writer, Nick Cook, and The Truth About The Wunderwaffe, by Polish military journalist, Igor Witkowski. The evidence indicates that the Bell R&D project was under the command of a Top Secret SS cell called FEP. This FEP-SS Cell, oddly enough, was under the direction of a Kriegsmarine Admiral Rhein (I will come back to this unexplained naval connection later), which clearly intimates some degree of involvement of the German war-time Navy in the Bell project. However, the actual work on the “Bell” project itself was apparently directed by an SS General Emil Mazuw, about whom very little is known, albeit that he was one of the highest ranking NAZI officers in the Third Reich.

Another important figure, SS General Hans Kammler, also is reported to have had a high-level connection to the Bell project. Kammler was no ordinary SS officer. He was in charge of concentration camp design and construction during the war. He was also tasked with the construction of production facilities for secret weapons programs, and with moving V-2 and V-1 missile production underground to the Mittelwerk facility in the southern Harz mountains near Nordhausen in the last year of the war. During the war Kammler was in charge of special construction projects for Albert Speer, special buildings for Hermann Goering, and for most of the last year of the war was in charge of the V-2 project, taking it over from SS General Walter Dornberger. This is the same V-2 program for which Wernher von Braun was the principle rocket scientist and engineer. At war’s end SS General Hans Kammler seems to have vanished into thin air, along with the Bell itself. There is speculation that the both of them were perhaps secretly flown away to the USA and/or South America, or even another, unknown destination.

Part of Farrell’s thesis is that near the end of WW II and in the following years, a powerful NAZI faction established an extremely secretive, extremely well funded, international organizational network to continue the exotic, high-tech R&D centered on the scalar, anti-gravity and time engineering breakthroughs they had made during WW II. The work is hypothesized to have continued after WW II, in part with the connivance of Operation Paperclip in the USA, but also elsewhere in various other countries of the world, including Russia, Egypt and Argentina, and presumably others, operating from within the military-industrial-espionage complex of the USA and other countries. Within the USA, this sprawling network had a number of nodal points, notably in Virginia, Texas, New Mexico, Florida and Alabama.

The Project Paperclip Memos

I definitely consider that the two Project Paperclip memoranda that I discovered in the NASA historical archives in Washington, DC are completely consonant with Farrell’s thesis. I don’t have the slightest doubt that Project paperclip was part and parcel of the post-WW II continuation of the NAZI agenda under official USA government and military auspices.

Winfried Otto Schumann, best known today for discovering the Schumann magnetic resonances in the ionosphere, was one of the preeminent high voltage, high current electrophysical scientists and engineers in the world in the first half of the 20th century. W.O. Schumann’s name is on both of the Project Paperclip memos in question. Interestingly, W.O. Schumann was granted a U.S. Patent on 29 September 1942, at the height of WW II, Patent No. 2,297, 256 – - entitled “Tube Control.” The patent application was filed in April of 1939 in Germany. The title of the patent says that the patent is “Vested in the Alien Property Custodian.” (Hmm. One does wonder precisely what technology the “Alien Property Custodian” of the USA government has collected over the years.) To be sure, from the standpoint of Joseph Farrell’s research on the SS Nazi “Bell,” Schumann’s “Tube Control” patent pointedly has to do with vacuum-arc electrical discharges within a mercury plasma contained within a tube.

Joseph Farrell reports that mercury plasma and very high energy electrical fields are both said to be integral to the operation of the NAZI Bell. And Project Paperclip was “ordering” W.O. Schumann as of 16 June 1947, just three weeks before the famous Roswell UFO crash in New Mexico. What a coincidence, eh? I wonder if the recovered Roswell crash wreckage was also “Vested in the Alien Property Custodian,” like W.O. Schumann’s “vacuum-arc mercury plasma Tube Control” patent?

Walter Dornberger, Werrnher von Braun’s commanding officer at Peenemuende, and head of the V-2 missile program until Hans Kammler took it over in the last year of the war, is also listed in this memo. Dornberger was brought to the USA and went to work for Bell Helicopter, in New York State. That seems a strange destination for a ballistic missile expert. However, Bell Helicopter was for a period of time a leading company in the R&D effort for the U.S. Air Force’s planned manned space program, the Dyna-Soar boost-glide rocket plane, during the 1950s and early 1960s. Most people do not know, or do not remember, that in that period there were two, parallel manned space programs under development, one at NASA, the Mercury and Gemini programs, the other at the Air Force, the Dyna-Soar program. Even fewer people know that Neil Armstrong, purportedly the first man to walk on the Moon, was in astronaut training in the U.S. Air Force’s Dyna-Soar manned space program, before he left that program and became a NASA astronaut.

As regards Dornberger’s odd placement at Bell Helicopter, was he placed there to get him out of the public eye, away from von Braun and the other Paperclip personnel, perhaps in order to run a compartmentalized program safely removed from the publicity glare of the manned space program and the USA’s miliary agencies’ ballistic missile programs?

Jospeh Farrell mentions the central role played by the Allgemeine Electricitäts Gesellschaft (A.E.G.) in the R&D of the Bell.

Two specialists with an AEG affiliation are requested by the Paperclip memos:

Dr. Orthenhuber, with an expertise in homing systems, and also
Professor Bladenbeck, with an expertise in guided missiles and infrared homing.

Others requested are:

Dr. Wolfgang Braun, with expertise in radar tracking devices, and
Dr. W. Pfister, with expertise in navigation and theoretical electronics
Dr. Ing. Max Knoll, specialist in cathode ray tubes and electron optics
Dr. Kurt Franz, theorist in high frequency technique
Dr. W. Wessel, specialist in theoretical physics and electrostatics of ion fields
Hans Bomke, specialist in theoretical physics and high frequency techniques
Prof. O. Scherzer, specialist in electron optics

For a more detailed discussion of why scientists and engineers with these qualifications and areas of expertise were of such interest to Project Paperclip please refer to Joseph Farrell’s, The SS Brotherhood of the Bell. Suffice it to say that high energy ionized gases (plasmas), high frequency pulsing of electrical currents and fields, electrostatics, particle physics, radar theory and so forth, have direct application to so-called UFO technologies, and so-called scalar technologies. I’m talking about things like antigravity, electrogravitics, manipulation of the local foundation of the time-space continuum, and perhaps also time travel, or engineering of the time stream. It is clear to me at this point that there are important aspects of Project Paperclip that have still not been publicly divulged, even with the passage of several decades of time. Frankly, what we are looking at is a kind of Black Magic, an effort to technologically force the source-code of the Universe and subjugate the Creation to a duplicitous, technocratic, militaristic dominion.

Most of the “Bell” project took place in Lower Silesia. Notably, much of the most important work took place underground, beneath Fürstenstein castle. My research strongly suggests that the exotic technology R&D of the NAZIs continued in underground bases in the USA and probably also in other regions of the world. The Project Paperclip memos that I found in the NASA historical archives all but admit as much.


President Truman, the 33rd President of the United States of America (and a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Free Mason– you’ll be seeing more of the number “33″ and Scottish Rite Free Masonry in this article), established the CIA with the National Security Act of 1947, effectively wedding the Third Reich’s sprawling NAZI spy apparatus, the Gehlen Organization, with the remnants of the American OSS. The practical result was that the CIA, from its creation, was a hybrid NAZI- American agency and provided intimate “ex”-NAZI access to the very highest and most secretive levels of the American power structure – government, military, intelligence agencies, industry, the halls of academe, you name it.

To my knowledge, the CIA has at least three principle bases of operation in Virginia, one at its world famous, Langley headquarters in northern Virginia; another at its extremely secretive underground base at the U.S. Army’s Warrenton Training Stations in northern Virginia, about which almost nothing is known; and another at its Camp Peary training and operations base in southeastern Virginia, often popularly referred to as “The Farm.”.

Camp Peary is right across from Colonial Williamsburg along I-64, the interstate highway that runs from Richmond to Newport News. Camp Peary has an interesting history. During WW II it was initially a Seabee training base, and then was made into a POW base for “special” German prisoners of war that had to be held under very secretive conditions. Several years after the war, Camp Peary became a high security CIA base and remains so today. On maps, Camp Peary is identified as a U.S. Navy Reservation, but it is, in fact, a CIA base. As an aside, Camp David, the Presidential retreat adjacent to Catoctin State Park in the mountains of Maryland, is also a U.S. Navy Reservation, built by the Seabees and guarded by the U.S. Marine Corps. During WW II the area that is now Camp David was a training base for the OSS. Camp David today has a massive underground base that sprawls for miles beneath the mountains and countryside of rural Maryland. I have talked to people that have been down in the tunnels, and one of them told me that the Camp David subterranean maze is so vast and intricate that he doubts that any one individual has the complete layout of the place in his or her mind.

Interestingly, only a few miles away from Camp Peary in Tidewater Virginia, at nearby Fort Eustis, the U.S. Army’s Transportation Museum possesses A.V. Roe Aircraft Limited’s Avro Car, a prototype flying saucer that was under R&D during the 1950s by the Canadian and USA militaries. The official story is that it did not work well, and so the flying saucer project was scuttled due to the disappointing results. Personally, I believe this effort may have been a cover operation for far more secretive and successful R&D work on UFOs that has been kept out of the public eye for decades.

The Avro Car flying saucer was profiled in LOOK Magazine‘s 14 June 1955 issue, which asked: “Is This the Real Flying Saucer?” One of the things I found interesting about it, was that the article included an illustration of a large, underground, flying saucer base, buried beneath a mountainous terrain covered by a coniferous forest, in what looked to be a western region of the USA. I will come back to this a little later.

As I said the CIA is a hybrid organization from its inception, born in 1947 of the union of the NAZI Gehlen Organization spy agency and the USA’s OSS (Office of Strategic Services).

I have already mentioned the CIA’s well known Langley headquarters in northern Virginia, but there is another Langley in Virginia — Langley Air Force Base just to the north of Hampton, Virginia – only a short drive from Camp Peary. This matters to this account, because NASA astronauts trained at Langley AFB in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the very period when NAZI involvement at NASA was at its height. Can it be coincidence that scarcely 10 years after the creation of the CIA – a hybrid, half NAZI organization from the very start, and the establishment of the CIA’s main training base at Camp Peary, Virginia that NASA’s main astronaut training facility was just a short drive away? Just to the north of Langley AFB, on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, on the Delmarva Peninsula is another NASA facility on Wallop’s Island, the NASA Wallop’s Flight Facility, where many rockets and missiles have been launched over a period of decades. So both northern Virginia and southeastern Virginia have been hubs of espionage and high-tech R&D for post-WW II “ex”-NAZI elements, principally via NASA and the CIA.

Finally, just across the interstate highway from the CIA’s main training base at Camp Peary, is Colonial Williamsburg, the 18th century town restored to its British colonial vintage condition with Rockefeller family money. Perambulating the area you would think yourself transported back almost two and a half centuries to an earlier era. As you look around you see men and women in colonial dress, you might see and hear a British or Continental Army fife and drum corps in period dress parading down the street, or horse drawn carriages, 18th century muskets and cannon, a windmill, or colonial government and royal administrative buildings. You would almost think yourself caught in a sort of time warp, or maybe a sort of time machine.

Are you? Is this what a functioning time machine looks like? Yes? No?

Would you know a time machine if you were looking at it? Yes? No?

Is Colonial Williamsburg perhaps an elaborate set-up or charade to permit discreet passage to and from the 18th century on the East Coast of North America? How deep does the rabbit hole go?

New Mexico

Of course New Mexico is famous for the so-called Roswell UFO crash and recovery in 1947. (The fact that there was likely more than one UFO crash and retrieval in New Mexico in mid-summer 1947, and that none of the UFO crashes and recoveries actually happened in Roswell itself is not my concern here.)

What does interest me is that in the summer of 1947 there was a large contingent of NAZI scientists and engineers working at the nearby White Sands Army Missile Range in south-central New Mexico. I doubt very much that that was a coincidence. I do suspect some sort of NAZI connection to or involvement with the events surrounding the so-called “Roswell Crash” in 1947, whether before, during or after the fact, and even, who knows? – potentially in all three phases.

Also nearby, is the so-called underground Manzano Base, just southeast of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Construction of this underground base began – you should be able to guess by now – in June 1947, the same year the CIA was established, the same year of the Project Paperclip memos which are the focus of this blog post, and the same year of the so-called “Roswell UFO crash” and retrieval. I doubt that it is a coincidence that all of these things happened in the same year.

Recall that the Project Paperclip memos that I cite (and reproduce in full in my book, Hidden in Plain Sight) specifically call for Xaver Dorsch and three other NAZI technicians to assist with the USAF’s “Underground Plant Program.” The Manzano Base was one of the USA military’s first, major deep underground bases. Begun shortly adter WW II. The other was at what is now Fort Hood, near Killeen, Texas (more about that a little later). The fact that this base was begun at precisely the same time (1947) that Project Paperclip requested Xaver Dorsch (1947) is surely no accident. He was perhaps the premier expert in the world at that time on major, underground base construction, having been explicitly tasked with that duty by Adolph Hitler in the closing months of WW II. I suspect he may very well have also been secretly brought to New Mexico under Project Paperclip to assist with the Manzano Base construction. Remember that we have the 1947 memorandum asking for him, he was in American military detention after the war, the Manzano Base was begun in mid-1947, and scores of other Paperclip NAZis were working in New Mexico at that time. The circumstantial evidence therefore points in that direction.

I have discussed the Manzano Base in my books and you can find information about it in them. There is also more information at this link.

Note that in addition to being an underground nuclear weapons storage and assembly factory, the base was also a Presidential underground shelter during the Eisenhower administration. I have reason to believe there is a great deal more to this facility than that, however. One of my high-level sources has told me that the Manzano Base is truly vast. This is from a source not given to hyperbole or exaggeration.

I was also contacted by a woman some years back who told me that her father made a death bed confession to his family that he had helped build an underground city in New Mexico when she was a child. He had frequently gone away from the family on work related business for prolonged periods of time in the post-WW II period, and never explained to the family the reason for his his long absences. But as he lay dying he opened up and the story poured out. He described an elaborate, almost sci-fi sort of underground city with advanced features that most buildings don’t have even today, such as light switches embedded in the walls that you merely waved your hand at to turn on or off.

I have spoken to others who have been inside this facility, including one man who helped with the construction in the 1940s and 1950s. He was a life-long hard rock miner for the USA government. He told me that when he and his crew went into the mountain to begin their shifts they were always blindfolded. When they were shifted underground from one part of the mountain to another, they were always blindfolded. In other words, not even the men who excavated the tunnels and chambers of the Manzano Base knew the lay-out of the underground base they had built.

One of the stories I heard more than once is that the Manzano Base also includes an subterranean air base for jet fighters that can be scrambled from an underground runway and launched right from the side of the mountain through a camouflaged opening. While I cannot say if this is true or not, what is true is that there has been documented UFO activity in and around the Manzano Base in past years.

I definitely think that the Manzano Base must be considered a prime candidate to be the underground UFO base depicted in the 1955 LOOK Magazine UFO article, because it is located in western, mountainous terrain, covered by a coniferous forest that closely resembles the illustration that accompanies the LOOK article.

There are also underground facilities beneath White Sands Missile Range, where the Operation Paperclip NAZIs worked. My research indicates this includes at a minimum underground laser R&D facilities, and extensive, deep underground tunnels.

I lived in New Mexico for several years and I encountered many people during my time there who have seen a wide variety of UFOs and flying saucers. I also had some very clear UFO sightings of my own while living in New Mexico. It is very easy for me to believe that some, a lot, or maybe just about all of the UFO activity in New Mexcio is related to the underground bases and tunnels that lie beneath that state.

I want to say something more about the NAZI presence in New Mexico before I go on. It is well established that Wernher von Braun and his team of 118 scientists, engineers and technicians worked at White Sands Missile Range in the post-WW II period. They were put to work assembling and test firing V-2 rockets that had been brought over from Germany at war’s end. The interesting thing is that there was one and only one V-2 launch complex at White Sands, launch pad No. 33. Of course, this is an echo of the heavy importance of the number 33 in the esoteric lore of Free Masonry. This, again, is not a coincidence. There was deep Masonic involvement with the early days of NASA, and its predecessor agency, NACA. Much of this connection ran through the House of the Temple, the 33rd degree Scottish Rite Masonic Temple on 16th Street, in Washington, DC, about a mile north of the White House. The Project Paperclip NAZIs like Wernher von Braun and Kurt Debus fired V-2s at Launch Complex No. 33 at White Sands after WW II, and later in the 1950s and 1960s they worked at the highest levels of a space program with strong 33rd degree Scottish Rite Masonic ties. I don’t think this is a coincidence.

In case you are of the opinion that the New Mexico connection to UFOs is ancient history, perhaps you would like to reconsider your ill-advised bias and read the following: Haunted Roswell: Huge, Cloaking Aerial Disc Encounter by NM State P...


The Texas connection to this whole, mysterious, decades-long affair is strong and convoluted. First of all, the NAZI Paperclip scientists, engineers and technicians who were first brought to the USA in 1945 with Wernher von Braun were brought to Fort Bliss, in west Texas, north of El Paso, where they were housed as they worked at White Sands Missile Range in south-central New Mexico, where they continued working with V-2 rocket technology for the American military, in the late 1940s.

Other NAZIs also came to Texas. Hubertus Strughold, the so-called father of space medicine, went to Randolph Air Force Base, near San Antonio. Dr Walter Paul Emil Schreiber was also brought to Randolph Air Force Base, but then was soon sent by the USA military to Argentina, when his presence in Texas became publicly known. (I mention a little more about Argentina below. Argentina was also a focus of NAZI activity in the post-WW II era.)

The NAZI connection to Texas is interesting for a number of reasons, not least of which is the decades-long tie of the Bush family political dynasty to Texas, in both the political and corporate realms. The business and banking ties of Prescott Bush (father and grandfather, respectively, of George Herbert Walker Bush and George W. Bush) to the NAZI regime, both before and during WW II, are a matter of record.

As it happens, there has been a sizable, ethnic German population concentrated in the Texas Hill Country for almost two centuries, beginning with a wave of German immigration in the 1840s. I do not at all mean to say that as a group that ethnic, Texas Germans are NAZIs – quite to the contrary!

I raise the point, because I cannot fail to mention Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, a native German speaker, who was born in 1885 in Fredericksburg, Texas, the county seat of Gillespie County, Texas. Fredericksburg is in the very heart of the then heavily German-speaking Texas Hill Country. Of course, Nimitz was Commander of American forces in the Pacific Theater during WW II. Interestingly, he went to privately visit German Admiral Dönitz, the commander of the Kriegsmarine during WW II, after Dönitz’s release from prison in 1956. (More about Dönitz below.) Did Nimitz just extend pleasantries and condolences to his imprisoned NAZI counterpart, or did they have weightier matters to discuss? Perhaps even pertaining to the subject of this article? Remember that Nimitz was a native German speaker and by virtue of his rank and position would have been privy to the very highest levels of war-time intelligence. He was uniquely qualified to debrief Dönitz, in a way that virtually no one else on the American side would have been. It also must be mentioned that Nimitz was appointed the Chief of Naval Operations after WW II, and it was in this capacity that less than a year after the conclusion of hostilities in WW II he issued the orders for the well-known Antarctic Operation High Jump. Operation High Jump has been the subject of much speculation in both UFOlogy and NAZI conspiracy circles concerning the possible presence of a remnant, post-WW II, high-tech NAZI redoubt in the Antarctic region, perhaps incorporating a flying saucer base. I personally do not know if this is the case or not. Who really knows? A great deal of what happened just before, during, and just after the conclusion of military hostilities in WW II remains very murky, to this day.

With respect to Admiral Dönitz, remember that he commanded the German Kriegsmarine during the last two years of WW II, and that in the closing days of the war, Adolph Hitler appointed Dönitz to be Reichspräsident. Admiral Dönitz was, thus, de facto and de jure head of state of the Third Reich for the last week of its existence, in the first week of May 1945. Recall that, according to Joseph Farrell, the Bell program was conducted at a very secretive level by powerful elements of the SS, but was in reality also a securely compartmentalized Navy (Kriegsmarine) program. Farrell also points out the importance that mercury seems to have played in the Bell technology. As it happens, in the closing stages of the war, no less than three German U-Boats were dispatched to Japan bearing cargoes of mercury: U-864 with more than 60 tons of mercury in steel flasks, as well as jet engines, parts and technical drawings, U-234 with 562 kg of uranium oxide (interestingly, U-234 is also the notation for one of the isotopes of uranium), also mercury and optical glass in its keel, and U-859 with 31 tons of mercury. All of these German submarines were either surrendered or sunk in the last months and days of the war, so their cargoes are known.

Were other German submarines loaded with mercury or other exotic cargoes also underway at or near war’s end, but perhaps completed their missions without being captured or sunk, and thus both their cargoes and destinations remain unknown? In that regard, it is noteworthy that German Submarines U-530 and U-977 both surrendered in Mar del Plata, Argentina, months after the formal cessation of military hostilities with the Third Reich. Did either of these submarines deliver a special cargo or special passengers to Argentina or another destination in the region, or is it simply that their commanding officers wished to surrender in Argentina. Who knows? But this is not the first or only time that Argentina has come to public mention as a destination for NAZIs fleeing Europe after WW II.

Given his close Texas Hill Country connections, and the continuing post-WW II immigration of Germans to the Texas Hill Country, including unknown numbers of SS officers, who knows what Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz may have known or been told? Who knows whom else he might have known, whether in an unofficial or official capacity? People like Nimitz and Dönitz were not ordinary men; the positions they held were not ordinary posts; the things they did were not the sorts of things that ordinary people do; and a lot of distinctly non-ordinary events occurred during, and just after WW II. Both Nimitz and Dönitz would both have been privy to an awful lot of Top Secret information during the war and at war’s end. So what did Dönitz and Nimtz talk about? Did Nimitz fly all the way to Germany just to say, “Es tut mir leid”? (“I’m sorry.”) I am inclined to think that their conversation probably involved more than a handshake and the exchange of social pleasantries.

Joseph Farrell also spends a lot of time on the assassination of President John Kennedy, which conspicuously occurred in Texas, and the probable involvement of a shadowy NAZI faction in the background machinations behind the hit, ultimately with the objective of keeping secret the revolutionary new technologies that they had discovered and developed, and which they feared Kennedy’s policies of increased openness in the American space program would expose. To be sure, when you ask, at a pragmatic political level, cui bono? with respect to the JFK murder, the obvious answer, first and foremost, is that Lyndon Baines Johnson benefited by succeeding to the Presidency of the USA before the day was done.

Coincidentally, Lyndon Johnson also happens to be a native son of Gillespie County, having lived in Stonewall, Texas about 10 miles east of Fredericksburg, Texas, where Chester Nimitz was born and grew up. Johnson was a U.S. Congressman during WW II representing a Texas Hill Country district. He was also a Naval Reserve officer who played a high profile role upgrading the U.S. war effort in the Southwest Pacific Theater, serving as a prominent liaison between President Roosevelt, Undersecretary of the Navy James Forrestal, General Douglas MacArthur, the U.S. Senate and others. Obviously, Lyndon Baines Johnson and Chester Nimitz certainly knew each other personally, and certainly would have interacted face to face on multiple occasions, both having been born and grown up in the same, rural Texas county, both having been prominently involved at the highest levels in U.S. Navy operations in the WW II Pacific Theater, and both having played a prominent role in the public life of the nation.

Because of his lifelong Texas Hill Country ties, Lyndon Johnson is also likely to have known of, and quite possibly to have directly known ex-NAZI SS officers resident in his Congressional district. I worked and lived in that region of Texas for more than ten years. I got to know some of the Texas German old timers, and the inside scuttlebutt that I heard was that the last, known SS officer in the Texas Hill Country died in, or about, the year 1999. So if there really was NAZI SS involvement behind the scenes in the JFK hit, and if there really were “ex”-NAZI SS officers quietly living in the Texas Hill Country in the decades after WW II (as I have been told there were), then whom did Lyndon Johnson know, and when did he know them and what, if anything, did they talk about?

Remember that when Johnson became President he moved NASA’s mission control center from Cape Canaveral, Florida to Houston, Texas. Remember also, that in those days there was very heavy ex-NAZI leadership of NASA, at the very highest levels. Wernher von Braun, Kurt Debus (whom Farrell reveals to have had personal involvement in the SS Bell project), Arthur Rudolph and others were in charge.

I mention this in part, because one of the stories that has come my way over the years, as I have pursued my secret underground and underwater bases research, is that there is purportedly an actual NAZI undersea base in the Gulf of Mexico, replete with large Swastika banners on the walls, just offshore from the Houston- Galveston area. I received this story second-hand, and while I cannot prove that it is true, I am willing to consider that it may be, especially in light of the documented NAZI ties to Texas that my research has uncovered. Moreover my research has indicated that the Gulf of Mexico is one of the bodies of water in the world where secret undersea facilities do exist.

An added consideration is the strong historical ties of the Bush family to both the NAZI Party and the Third Reich, and also to the Houston area, and to the powerful petroleum industry in Texas. The offshore petroleum industry in the Houston area certainly has the money, technology and trained personnel to construct undersea facilities. I believe that that has happened. As for the Bush family’s NAZI ties, recall that Prescott Bush, father of George Herbert Walker Bush and grandfather of George W. Bush, both of whom became President of the USA, was a Wall Street banker before and during WW II with NAZI business ties Please see: How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power for his involvement in helping to facilitate the industrial foundation of the Third Reich’s war effort, and the profitability of his efforts for the Bush family’s subsequent financial fortune.

Note that Prescott Bush, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush were all three inducted into the super-secretive Skull and Bones Society at Yale University, which originated in the 1800s as a branch of a never-publicly-named German secret society. I duly note that the skull and bones insignia was prominently used by the NAZI SS during the Third Reich, and also by certain units in the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe.

Before leaving Texas I have to add that there was another major underground base built in the post-WW II period, in this case at Fort Hood, near Killeen, Texas, at the same time that the Manzano Base in New Mexico was being built. I have been told that the underground base is near the Robert Gray Army Airfield, which is on the Fort Hood military reservation. I communicated with a man who was stationed there during the Vietnam War. He informed me that his underground duty station was located at a point two miles inside an access tunnel. I asked him what happened inside the underground base and he said that what happened there could be interpreted as having to do with a type of “Gray” operation. Given the context of our communication I understood that he meant that the USA military was carrying out a project at the Killeen underground base having to do with the so-called “Little Grey” aliens in some wise, or with their technology.


I earlier mentioned Ohio, in connection to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, which played a huge role in the Pentagon’s UFO related research and programs, not only with regard to the Roswell affair, but in other respects, as well, some of which I have mentioned elsewhere in this discussion. Indeed, I have talked with one of the physicists (not a publicly known man) involved with the U.S. Air Force’s Project Blue Book program who flatly told me that when he worked at Wright-Patterson that the US Air Force was secretly flying two UFOs of their own manufacture right out of Wright-Patterson AFB. He said that they would open the hangar doors in the dead of night and fly them right out of the hangars at full bore. According to him, one was a large circular vehicle and the other somewhat resembled a 1950s-era automobile.

I accept that the USA military has had UFO technology for decades. The Pentagon is just lying about that, like it lies about so many other things.

One of the reasons I accept that is because Ohio is also the home state of T. Townsend Brown, a 20th century, genius-level scientist, engineer and inventor who discovered and carried out extensive R&D work on electrogravitic and antigravitic technologies, with direct application to UFO technology. He worked for a variety of military and aerospace agencies and organizations, on research in this vein. At one time he worked for Dr. Vannevar Bush, whom many have linked to the Top Secret MJ-12 UFO organization. His early work demonstrated that an x-ray vacuum tube containing ionized particles would exert a force when connected to a high voltage source. The force was not attributable to the x-rays that were generated. This is strongly reminiscent of what the NAZI SS was said to have done with their “Bell” technology, which involved a sealed cylinder containing ionized mercury that was subjected to very high voltages. This force came to be called the Biefeld-Brown effect. I am sure that the NAZI scientists and engineers would have been aware of T. Townsend Brown’s earlier work in the 1920s. During the 1950s Brown concentrated on electrogravitic and antigravity research. In the mid-1950s he was working in France for Projet Montgolfier which unabashedly had to do with levitating circular, flying-saucer shaped metallic objects. See some representative photos here. Brown reportedly made significant breakthroughs during his period of flying saucer propulsion research in France.

I accept that this is true without reservation or qualification whatsoever. During my own extensive literature search through the post-WW II military and engineering technical documentation I noticed that during the 1950s there was a flurry of research associated with electrogravitics and antigravity and then by 1960 or so, the references in the technical literature dwindled away. I believe this is because important breakthrough were made in antigravity and electrogravitics and the R&D effort was taken Top Secret into the hermetically compartmentalized world of black budget operations. I have no doubt that T. Townsend Brown was part of this secret R&D program, that must have included the NAZIs, too.

Interestingly, it is the case that Zanesville, Ohio, the hometown of T. Townsend Brown, also popped up in my research as the proposed site for a deep underground military excavation back in the early 1960s. Given Ohio’s close connection to the UFO phenomenon through Wright-Patterson AFB, and through the life work of T. Townsend Brown, it would not surprise me in the slightest if an underground base was constructed far below Zanesville, Ohio that is somehow related to or connected to UFOs or UFO research.

New Hampshire

Jospeh Farrell also mentions the peculiar UFO abduction case of Barney and Betty Hill, because it explicitly raises the issue of NAZI involvement with secret UFO activity in the post-WW II period. The book, The Interrupted Journey, by John Fuller, describes in detail the September 1961 abduction of Barney and Betty Hill by beings in a glowing, cigar-shaped craft in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. In my first book, Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide?, the White Mountains of New Hampshire were one of the locations which my research had revealed the USA military looked at in the early 1960s, and regarded as favorable for deep underground construction. I believe that deep underground facilities have, indeed, been built in New England, including in the White Mountains.

I point this out, because under hypnotic regression Barney Hill describes the commander of the group that abducted him and took him aboard the UFO as being a NAZI, specifically a NAZI in a black uniform. This is interesting because the Waffen SS officers did wear black uniforms. It is indisputable fact that Project Paperclip did bring large numbers of NAZIs to the USA, including a lot of SS officers, so I am open to the possibility that the commander of the group that reportedly abducted Barney Hill may really have been a NAZI officer. As I recall, Barney also reported that one of the other abductors was an Irish man, but could he have been slightly mistaken? Maybe the other man was not actually Irish, but Scottish? Perhaps a Scottish Rite Free Mason? The curious thing is that by this point I really do not think I am joking, because at that precise historical juncture in the USA there were influential NAZIs and 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemasons working closely together at a very high level on the American manned space program. One of Joseph Farrell’s premises is that this close cooperation between high-level NAZI operatives and Free Masons may have extended into the hermetically compartmentalized world of Black Operations, specifically as regards UFOs and unconventional UFO-like technologies. I am in close accord with Joseph Farrell on that point. I would go further and hypothesize that this cooperation could also extend to working with one or more off-planet species or groups, conceivably non-human beings, or even human beings from other planets. And, yes, I have heard, seen, read and been told enough that I now accept that there are multiple planets, conceivably myriad planets in this galaxy, with resident human populations that very strongly resemble Earth humans.

The truth is that not all prominent UFOlogists are good researchers, so for whatever reason, certain aspects of Barney Hill’s story have not been given the serious treatment and investigation that they deserve. I believe this has been a grave oversight. To his credit, Joseph Farrell is one of the few researchers and writers to have recognized the importance of the NAZI aspect of Barney Hill’s experience.


Not to forget Alabama, in particular the U.S. Army’s Redstone Arsenal at Huntsville. After leaving Fort Bliss, Texas and the U.S. Army’s White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, Wernher von Braun and his team were sent to the Redstone Arsenal to continue working.

Early on in my research back in the early 1990s I had run across 1950s-era plans by the U.S. Army to build a large underground rocket base beneath Green Mountain, near Huntsville, Alabama. At the time I was puzzled by that, but now more pieces are falling into place. Wernher von Braun and his team were at Redstone Arsenal in that period. This was also the period where the USA military was really ramping up its post-WW II program of major, underground base construction, and the U.S. Army no doubt wanted Wernher von Braun and his team to have the same facility to work with that they had in Germany, during the Third Reich. Recall that the last year of the war, V-1 and V-2 rocket production had been moved underground into the Mittelwerk production facility in the southern Harz Mountains. The Pentagon was simply mimicking the Third Reich’s playbook. Hitler had had an underground rocket factory, and the American generals wanted the same thing. I don’t know if Xaver Dorsch was still being debriefed by, or consulting with or for the U.S. Army at that time, but the Pentagon would certainly have gotten detailed information from him about the NAZIs’ extensive underground military and industrial production facilities.

There were also military plans to build an underground base beneath Kennesaw Mountain, in northern Georgia. Given the documented U.S. military interest in building underground bases in the southern Appalachian region, I assume that that has been done. If there are bases beneath Green and Kennesaw Mountains, they are clandestine.

Egyptian Project Paperclip

Many people are not aware that there was also an Egyptian analog to the American Project Paperclip. Hundreds of ex-NAZI scientists, engineers and technicians worked for years in Heliopolis, not far from Cairo. For a time Eugen Sänger was in charge of the research in Egypt. Recall that the services of Eugen Sänger were also explicitly requested by Operation Paperclip in 1947. Sänger was the father of the technology that ultimately led to the NASA space shuttle program. Walter Dornberger brought technical plans and schematics for this prototype technology with him when he came to the USA under Project Paperclip. I discuss this in my book, Kundalini Tales. Otto Skorzeny, the high-level SS operative who was seemingly everywhere, doing everything during WW II, was at least as active after the war, in organizing the international activities of “ex”-NAZI officers after the war. Skorzeny also was involved with the Egyptian “Paperclip” project, albeit in an unexpected way. Amazingly Skorzeny, the high-level “ex”-NAZI SS officer, was actually hired by the Mossad (Israeli Intelligence) in 1963 to finger ex-NAZIs working in Egypt. You can’t make this stuff up!

But the Egyptian connection is interesting. As a House of the Temple docent patiently explained to me one sweltering summer day in 1997, Scottish Rite Freemasonry traces its roots back to the masons who created the ancient monolithic architecture in Egypt. This is a salient point, because 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry had a close connection to the NASA space program (and its NACA forerunner) in the 1950s and 1960s. The House of the Temple, the headquarters for the Southern Jurisdiction of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the USA, just north of the White House on 16th Street, in Washington, DC, had an especially close tie to the early NASA manned space program. In other words, in the formative years of NASA, high level Free Masons and high level NAZIs worked very closely together, and the connection ran through one of the most powerful Masonic lodges in the world, that considers that its historical antecedents trace back to ancient Egypt. At the same period, other NAZIs were at work in Egypt, on another technological R&D program. Coincidence? I suspect not.

Consider that the numbers 33, 33 and 1/3 and 333 are much beloved by high-level Free Masons. I don’t know why, but they are. They positively revere these numbers.

I mention this, because the Egyptian Project Paperclip was based at “Sakr” Factory 333 in Heliopolis, just outside of Cairo. The meaning of the Arabic word, sakr, is “falcon” or “eagle.” One is reminded of the Apollo 11 lunar module, “The Eagle,” and Neil Armstrong’s famous words upon setting down on the Moon’s surface: “The Eagle has landed.” One is equally reminded of the NAZI eagle prominently perched over the Swastika on NAZI banners, medals, insignias, statues, and so forth. The modern Egyptian national flag also prominently displays an eagle. Coincidences? Perhaps not.

For more on the large NAZI presence in Egypt after WW II please see:
Postwar Arab links to the ODESSA network

To my knowledge, the NAZis are not still there at Sakr Factory 333 in Heliopolis today. (Though who knows?) Today, there is a Sakr Factory For Development Industries in Heliopolis, still producing missiles and other ordnance for the Egyptian military, and its mailing address is, you guessed it: P.O. Box 33.

The 33rd degree Masonic connection also arises at one point in Farrell’s discussion, as he cites a memo that appears to allude to 33rd degree Masonic funding for highly Top Secret, MJ-12 related UFO research as it relates to a sprawling, international post-WW II exotic technology R&D program.

At one time there was a fair amount of information about the “Egyptian” Operation Paperclip at Heliopolis available online, but some of that appears to have vanished from the Internet in the past few years, or at any rate to be harder to track down than formerly was the case.

Before leaving Egypt I cannot fail to mention Dr. Farouk El-Baz. El-Baz is a native Egyptian, with a genius-level IQ. His PhD is in geology, but he has PhD level expertise in a variety of fields including remote sensing and photography, and more. He is a brilliant polymath with a formidable intellect. Let me explain his connection to all of this.

First let’s look at a brief chronology of his career.

Born 1938.
1958 BS in geology and chemistry from Ain Shams University in Cairo
1958-1960 taught geology at Assiut University in Egypt
1961 MS in geology from Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy
1962-1963 research at MIT in Boston
1964 PhD in geology from Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy
1964-1965 taught geology at University of Heidelberg, Germany
1966 worked as petroleum geologist for Pan American-UAR company in Gulf of Suez, Egypt
1967 was put in charge of the surface lunar component of NASA’s Apollo space program

Got that? He was just 29 years old, a newly minted PhD in geology, who had briefly been an adjunct professor, like a lot of young academics, and had spent a year working as a petroleum geologist.

From there he went directly to the very top of the NASA power structure, working at the highest and most sensitive level of the most important American scientific and engineering undertaking since the Manhattan Project. A 29 year-old Egyptian geologist, leapfrogged over myriad senior American engineers and scientists to be a) Supervisor of Lunar Science Planning, b) Secretary of the Landing Site Selection Committee, c) Principal Investigator of Visual Observations and Photography and d) Chairman of the Astronaut Training Group.

Remember that this was at the height of the Cold War. And a 29 year-old Egyptian was brought in to run the lunar manned space program. He was in charge of everything that happened on the Moon – landing site selection, lunar photography, astronaut training, lunar science planning.

I have spoken with one of the other men on the Apollo landing site selection committee and he remarked to me with disgust that the landing site selections were not made on the basis of scientific criteria, but were governed by “political considerations”. I pressed him a bit, but he wouldn’t elaborate on that cryptic statement. Given what I know now those “political considerations” could well have been NAZI or 33rd degree Free Mason “considerations”, or even publicly unknown, perhaps esoteric, Egyptian “considerations”.

So who is Farouk El-Baz? (I mean in the essential sense.) I don’t presume to know with specificity, but he is very well connected at the highest levels in Egypt and obviously in the USA, as well. In 1978 he was appointed science adviser to the late-President of Egypt, Anwar Sadat. For many years, he has also been a close friend and associate of Zahi Hawass, until this year the long-time Director of the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt, with oversight over all of the ancient monuments such as the Sphinx, the Pyramids, Luxor, etc. Farouk El-Baz’s brother, Osama El-Baz was also a senior advisor to Hosni Mubarak, the recently deposed, former dictator of Egypt. So he and his family are very well connected politically. Since his NASA days, Farouk El-Baz has held a variety of high level, prestigious, scientific and engineering positions. He currently is Research Professor and Director of the Center for Remote Sensing at Boston University.

But to come to the point, why was he suddenly brought into the very highest level of NASA in 1967? Remember that in that era NASA was being run at the highest levels by a NAZI SS faction and also had a strong tie to 33rd degree Scottish Rite Free Masonry, which traces its roots back to ancient Egypt.

The obvious conclusion is that Farouk El-Baz was groomed as a young man to be the point man between the 33rd degree Masons, the NAZIs and the hidden political power structure behind the Apollo program (whatever that may have been). El-Baz must have been uniquely privy to esoteric Egyptian information or lore that both the NAZIs and the 33rd degree Masons accepted as crucial to the success of the Apollo program. How else to explain his highly improbable, meteoric rise to such great scientific power, prestige and influence at the young age of 29 years?

The German connection is there in his two years at Heidelberg University in 1964-1965. Remember that the period 1960-1966 was also the time of the Egyptian Project Paperclip, when hundreds of NAZI engineers and scientists were brought to Egypt by Gamal Nasser, to run his rocket and missile program at Heliopolis. It is an absolute certainty that these German scientists and engineers personally knew their Project Paperclip counterparts in the USA. This was only 15 to 20 years after WW II and a great many of them would have worked together during the Third Reich, at places like Peenemuende.

I doubt that it is a coincidence that the last director of Sakr Factory 333, in the period of 1965-1966 or so, was Eugen Saenger, the father of the technology that ultimately resulted in NASA’s space shuttle program. Saenger started working on this concept all the way back in the 1930s and 1940s, during the Third Reich. In Saenger’s scheme the manned orbital unit was called Horus. Of course, Horus is one of the best known Gods of ancient Egypt. I don’t know how all of this fits together, but it can’t be coincidental that Eugen Saenger turned up in Egypt the year before Farouk El-Baz was sent from Egypt to the USA to collaborate with Saenger’s “ex”-NAZI colleagues on NASA’s Apollo program.

The obvious Masonic connection is there in the numerical designation of Factory 333 as the R&D site of Nasser’s “ex”-NAZI-led missile and rocket program. To this day, the successor factory has a P.O. Box 33, a conspicuous 33rd degree Masonic calling card.


There is no question that there is a highly secretive, furtive, stealthy, immensely well-funded, exotically high-tech, parallel society that has a vampiric or parasitic relationship to the broader society in which most contemporary Earth humans live. This parallel society has constructed numerous underground and undersea bases and tunnel complexes, both in the USA and elsewhere around the world. It has also developed non-conventional electrogravitic and antigravity technologies. It has an extensive footprint off the planet, as well as underground and undersea here on Earth. It has likely established bases and/or colonies on the Moon and Mars, and perhaps farther afield than that. It probably has a working relationship with one or more extraterrestrial species or civilizations. It is sucking money and raw resources out of the global economy like nobody’s business.

The NAZIs are involved, high-level Masonic factions are involved, major corporations and military agencies are involved, the big banks and financial institutions are involved, espionage agencies such as the CIA and NSA are involved, and for all I know secretive factions of certain Mormon and Roman Catholic organizations are involved, too. This is just a partial list of some of the likely players in this scenario. Clearly this network extends beyond the USA, indeed it supersedes the official policy and power apparatus of the USA government and military agencies, or of any other government or military institutions. The typical American president or senator is likely to know comparatively little (maybe even nothing) about these matters. In fact, I probably know more about these things than the vast majority of politicians do, not because of any unique quality or ability I have, but simply because I have inquired into the topic.

I take seriously the idea that these exotic electrogravitic and antigravity technologies also have an effect on the time stream, i.e., that they can be used to engineer or render plastic the flow of time, or the experience of time.

As far as I can see, there is a grand, multi-dimensdional chess game underway, with multiple competing factions contending amongst themselves across a vast stretch of space and time, leaping back and forth, not only spatially, in a geographic sense, but also temporally, skipping back and forth through time, tweaking the sequence of events, endeavoring to guide the whole grand time-space pageant on their preferred trajectory.

I think everything is in play, not just the control and destiny of this planet, or of this solar system, but conceivably of the whole galaxy, and beyond. This is a high stakes match for keeps, a power play for all the marbles.

In that regard, the year 2012 looks to be shaping up as an especially crucial year in this tangled equation. The wild card is the collective or planetary consciousness of the great mass of humanity.

How many people are there who are awake, or awakening? And exactly how awake and aware are they? What will humanity do as greater and greater numbers of people awaken? How does that affect the flow of the game?

Does that potentially create a checkmate, and a resetting of the multi-dimensional chess board? Perhaps the abrupt abandonment en masse of the chess match entirely, in favor of a wholly different approach to life and time-space?

To wit: we, the great mass of contemporary humanity on planet Earth, have been, and are now still being massively lied to. What are we going to do about that?

Visit Richard Sauder’s blog HERE



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Operation Paperclip Nazi Scientist First Director of NASA

Nazi Scientists in US Military, Nazi  Scientist First Director of NASA. Now you know the rest of the story.

Uploaded by SprayOClockNews on Jan 14, 2012

http://KillerSpray.com AND http://nospray.info AND http://noshot.info all on homepage at KillerSpray.com, I wonder how Albert Pike's 3 world wars is integrated into this?

Nazi Engineers, Secret U.S. Military Bases, and Elevators To The Subterranean and Submarine Depths (Part 1)
The Intel Hub By Dr. Richard Sauder With Commentary By Shepard Ambellas & Alex Thomas April 10, 2012


(The following is Part 1 of an exclusive underground base series brought to you by The Intel Hub with excerpts from the book Hidden in Plain Sight: Beyond the X-Files, written by acclaimed underground base researcher and author, Dr. Richard Sauder.)

In the preliminary stages of my research in the early 1990s, I had no informed idea of how deep below the surface underground bases could reach. By chance I had gone to hear a public talk by a man I did not know, on a topic that had nothing whatsoever to do with underground bases.

However, during the talk he unexpectedly made an offhand comment that caused me to think that he knew something about secret underground facilities. A few days later, I telephoned him and asked if I could come by his office to speak with him.

He consented to give me a little of his time, so I went by and asked him some questions, including about a specific location where I believed there was a secret underground base. He verified that there was a base there and told me that it was one mile deep.

At the time, that seemed improbably deep to me. I now understand, however, that it is well within the state of the art of the underground excavation and construction industries to build facilities one mile deep. In fact, facilities can be even deeper than that.

Other information that has since been given to me has raised the question of facilities possibly as deep as 12 to 14 miles. Frankly, I do not know what the technological limits are in the super-secret, black budget realm of compartmentalized programs.

But I can make some fairly well educated deductions based on what I have been told and information gleaned from the open engineering and industrial literature.

At a minimum, my investigation suggests that depths up to three miles are feasible, and that conclusion is based on a careful reading of the open scientific, mining and civil engineering literature.

At one time I considered greater depths than that as unattainable, but no longer. While I don’t know the limitations of the technology in the clandestine realm, based on everything I have heard over the years it must surpass the limits found in the open technical literature.

It could be that with classified improvements in material science and mining engineering that bases can be sited many miles beneath the surface of the land or the seafloor. Frankly, I now surmise that we are dealing with a science-fiction-like reality that has been held back from public knowledge.

In that regard, it is clear to me that there are power structures on this planet that closely interface with, and yet remain separate from, the official power establishment of any nation as publicly presented in the mainstream news media.

The sum total of all the many years of reading and research I have done, coupled with the myriad conversations I have had with an extremely eclectic selection of individuals, even raises the question as to whether some control structures and agencies for this planet may possibly extend off-planet.

But even if that is not the case, we are certainly dealing at the least with trillions of dollars of off-the-books money, very advance technology, an incredible infrastructure of secrecy, thousands and thousands of people who are in the know but say little or nothing about what they know, all of which revolves around projects of tremendous scope and complexity, carried out over a long period of time, and about which there is almost zero public knowledge.

Alex Thomas: “The trillions of dollars off the books, advanced technology, and the infrastructure of secrecy have all been brought about by numerous globalist organizations such as the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group as well as many other even more secretive groups that are not even known by name. Those involved with underground bases may literally know that they will be immediately killed if they speak out about what they know.”

I don’t know how many secret underground bases there are, but they surely do exist, there is no question of that.

In 1987, Lloyd A. Duscha, the then-Deputy Director of Engineering and Construction for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, gave a talk at an engineering conference entitled “Underground Facilities for Defense – Experience and Lessons.” In the first paragraph of his talk he stated that:

After World War II, political and economic factors changed the underground construction picture and caused a renewed interest to “think underground.” As a result of this interest, the Corps of Engineers became involved in the design and construction of some very complex and interesting military projects. [1]

A little further on he said:

Although the conference program indicates the topic to be “Underground Facilities for Defense – Experience and Lessons,” I must deviate a little because several of the most interesting facilities that have been designed and constructed by the Corps are classified. [2]

Subsequently Mr. Duscha went into a discussion of the Corps’ involvement in the 1960s in the construction of the large and elaborate NORAD base buried deep beneath Cheyenne Mountain, in Colorado. And then he said:

As stated earlier, there are other projects of similar scope, which I cannot identify, but which included multiple chambers up to 50 feet wide and 100 feet high using the same excavation procedures mentioned for the NORAD facility. [3]

You will not find a franker public admission of the existence of secret, underground bases than that.

It carries all the more weight coming from Lloyd Duscha, given his high position in the military-industrial complex.

Shepard: “I myself have conducted an interview with the owner of a major private underground base & shelter construction firm. What he told Bob Tuskin and myself off air during a commercial break was absolutely mind-blowing.

He literally admitted that most of his clientele is Illuminati affiliated, including politicians, movie stars, and more. He maintained that client confidentiality was a factor, claiming that half of the business is reinforced homes. Leaving the other 50% up to speculation.

The company has even built 3 massive arks for a doomsday scenario just like you see in the movie 2012. This was covered by CNN.”

The Project Paperclip, Nazi Connection

It is not accidental that Lloyd Duscha mentioned the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ increased interest in underground bases and construction in the post-World War II period.

In the closing stages of WW II, the U.S. military overran the Third Reich and confiscated a treasure trove of Nazi technology, engineering facilities and research laboratories.

The American military also apprehended and detained large numbers of Nazi scientists, engineers and technicians, many of whom were brought to the United States under the auspices of the infamous “Project Paperclip” and integrated into American industry, research institutes and into the military and other official agencies.

The cases of such Project Paperclip notables as Wernher von Braun, and other “ex”-Nazis who were put to work building rockets and missiles for the military and NASA, are well known.

The American political and military establishments were very impressed with Nazi V-2 and buzz bomb missile technology, and brought Von Braun and his team to the USA at war’s end to continue and advance the research and design they had done under Hitler’s Third Reich.

The development of the manned space program, satellite technology, deep space probes, intercontinental nuclear missiles and cruise missiles are all fruits of their work.

But Project Paperclip had another aspect which has received almost no publicity. And that aspect had to do with the underground facilities that the American military discovered when they entered the remnants of the Third Reich in the concluding stages of open military hostilities between the Allied and Axis powers in the European theater.

I have two declassified Project Paperclip memoranda in my files that specifically request four men with expertise in underground construction, one of whom is Xaver Dorsch.

Project Paperclip File Xaver Dorsch File

The other men are not known to me, but Xaver Dorsch is. He was the director of the so-called Todt Organization in the closing phase of WW II.


The Todt Organization was originally headed by Fritz Todt, whence the name. Fritz Todt was the designer and creator of the well-known German autobahn system of highways.

The Todt organization served a somewhat analogous function in the Third Reich to that of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or the U.S. Navy Seabees in the present American military system.

In other words, it was a civil engineering agency that supported the operations of the German military, though, unlike the case of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or the U.S. Navy Seabees in the American system, the Todt Organization was not a formal part of the German military structure.

However, it did play a crucial role in the Nazi war effort and constructed many facilities for use by the German military and industry. Some of the underground structures that it built were impressively large and sophisticated.

In 1942 Fritz Todt was killed in an airplane crash and by war’s end control of the agency had effectively passed to Xaver Dorsch. In the closing stages of the war, Hitler specifically tasked Dorsch with developing a series of huge, underground, industrial manufacturing facilities.

Allied bombing raids were shredding German manufacturing and the Nazi command wanted to shift production underground, out of reach of American and British bombs. The collapse of the Third Reich ultimately put an end to those plans.

I remain persuaded, however, that a great deal of what the Allies found when they went into Germany remains classified to the present day, and that includes the full extent of the underground facilities built by the Todt Organization.

Xaver Dorsch was taken prisoner by the American military on 7 May 1945. I have two moderately lengthy documents that he wrote for the Americans, evidently as part of his debriefing by them.4 One was produced in 1946, the other in 1949-1950.

The documents deal with the administrative structure and operational activities of the Todt Organization during the war. I strongly suspect that Dorsch supplied a great deal more information to his American captors during that period that has yet publicly to see the light of day.

Xaver Dorsch may even have worked directly for the American military on the construction of secret, underground bases in the USA, just as he had done for the Nazis during the Third Reich.

It is a fact that he was in American military captivity and was requested specifically by Project Paperclip.

During the course of my research I spoke with an expert who is personally familiar with some of the Nazi underground constructions in Europe and his observation to me was that they were very well made facilities.

One of the best accounts of such facilities that I have found in the open literature is the anecdotal history related by Colonel Robert S. Allen that details what General Patton’s army discovered when it entered Germany in the closing stage of World War II.

Col. Allen revealed that Patton’s forces found four large underground bases in the vicinity of the grim Nazi concentration camp near Ohrdruf, Germany; other underground facilities were reported in nearby towns. Col. Allen provided the following description:

The underground installations were amazing. They were literally subterranean towns. There were four in and around Ohrdruf…. None were natural caverns or mines. All were man-made military installations. The horror camp had provided the labor. An interesting feature of the construction was the absence of any spoil. It had been carefully scattered in hills miles away.

Over 50 feet underground, the installations consisted of two and three stories, several miles in length and extending like the spokes of a wheel. The entire hull structure was of massive, reinforced concrete. Purpose of the installations was to house the High Command after it was bombed out of Berlin. The Ohrdruf installations were to have been used by the Signal Communications Section.

One, near the horror camp, was a huge telephone exchange equipped with the latest and finest apparatus. Signal Corps experts estimated their cost at $10,000,000.

This place also had paneled and carpeted offices, scores of large work and store rooms, tiled bathrooms with both tubs and showers, flush toilets, electrically equipped kitchens, decorated dining rooms and mess halls, giant refrigerators, extensive sleeping quarters, recreation rooms, separate bars for officers and enlisted personnel, a moving-picture theater, and air-conditioning and sewage systems. Begun in 1944, the installations had been completed but never occupied. [5]

The Regenwurmlager in Poland

Another spectacular example of Nazi underground engineering prowess was the subterranean Regenwurmlager complex that still sprawls for many miles deep beneath the countryside of western Poland. Several years ago Paul Stonehill wrote an eye-opening article about this site, replete with color photos, in FATE magazine. [6]

The Regenwurmlager was an obvious Nazi analog on the eastern German border region to the well-known Maginot Line that the French had built in their eastern border region, in that it also, like the Maginot Line, was comprised of many miles of underground tunnels and electric train lines connecting bunkers, fortifications and other critical military facilities.

Amazingly, the full extent of the huge complex is not known, even today. It is not known if either the Poles or the Russians have ever fully explored the many miles of tunnels and underground emplacements.

According to Stonehill, the facility has many secret or hidden entrances, and an underground subway system with an electric train on rails that ran through a tunnel approximately 100 to 165 feet below the surface.

On the surface, there were numerous military fortifications and bunkers crammed with weaponry, connected by secret passages to a sprawling labyrinth of tunnels below ground, said to be 30 miles or more in length.

Stonehill reports that Adolf Hitler is alleged to have visited the Regenwurmlager in 1937, riding in on the underground subway train. [7]

It happens that the Regenwurmlager complex of military bunkers and underground tunnels and subway trains was located in territory that was overrun by Soviet troops in the closing stages of World War II, so the American military may never have examined the facility.

However, I consider it very likely that Xaver Dorsch would have had personal knowledge of this facility, and it is quite likely that he extensively briefed his American captors on the large Regenwurmlager system of underground tunnels and bunkers.

This book cannot provide an exhaustive treatment of Nazi underground facilities, but the examples provided suffice to demonstrate that 65 to 75 years ago, Nazi engineers already had a sophisticated capability to construct elaborate, large facilities underground.

The American military understood this clearly at war’s end, and urgently wanted to bring Nazi experts to the USA to build underground facilities here also.

By the time you finish this book, you should understand that this mission was accomplished.

While we still do not know the full scope of what the Nazis did underground decades ago, we also still do not know the full extent of what the American military, and other agencies and corporations, have built underground right here in the USA, and elsewhere in the world.

What can be said with certainty is that an extensive program of secret underground construction began in earnest in the years following WW II and that program continues in effect to this day.

In part 2 of this exclusive series we will be discussing known locations of underground bases as well as areas believed to house the bigger, more secretive ones. At the conclusion of this 5 part series we will be conducting a major roundtable discussion on the the topic. Please spread this article and the entire series to your friends and family!


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L.A. to N.Y. in Half an Hour: 10,000 Plus M.P.H. Tunnel Train Used for Underground Bases?
The Intel Hub By Shepard Ambellas April 12, 2012

Note: This article is an add-on to our ongoing series, in conjunction with Dr. Richard Sauder, on the existence of a vast network of underground bases throughout the country.

Read part 1 of the series: “Nazi Engineers, Secret U.S. Military Bases, and Elevators To The Subterranean and Submarine Depths.”

The Vary High Speed Transit System (VHST) was a Rand Corporation concept (documentation introduced to The Intel Hub by Avalon) that was presented to the military industrial complex in the 1970′s.

The concept was way ahead of it’s time, exactly what the secret sinister government needed to connect their vast expansions of underground bases throughout the United States and in various regions worldwide

This could offer an explanation for some of the recent strange sounds and booms across the country.

The late (and presumably murdered) Phil Schneider spoke about what he called an Electro Magneto Leviton Train System that traveled in speed in excess of Mach 2.

The VHST and its proposed routes (vast advanced tunnel systems) at the time of it’s conception in the early 1970′s, fit and follow other underground base researchers findings as well as some of my own.

An interesting aspect within the Rand Corp. document is the fact that the tunnels are way to expansive to pump all of the air out at once to create the frictionless environment needed travel at speeds in excess of 10,000+ MPH.

The air has to be evacuated from the tunnel system in segments with large crucially timed mechanized door systems as the train passes through each vapor locked section.

Electrical and mechanical noises would ensue from such operation of massive airlock doors throughout the tunnel system once the underground bases or VHST were fully operational.

During this process strange air like sounds, hums, and mechanized sounds would persist especially if the tunnels were at a depth of 400 – 800 feet (semi shallow in underground base terms). Energy is also returned into the system as the trains decelerate.

The recent Clintonville booms might also be explained as underground sonic booms.

As the trains reach the speed of sound a sonic boom would be heard and felt, multiple booms could persist in one area as the train reaches the speed of sound at the same point in the tunnel system every trip.

The following article entitled ‘L.A. to N.Y. in Half an Hour? 10,000 – M.P.H. Tunnel Train Plan Developed’, was first published in the year 1972 by the LA Times;

L.A. to N.Y. in Half an Hour? 10,000 – M.P.H. Tunnel Train Plan Developed
LA Times  June 11, 1972

A Rand corporation physicist has devised a rapid transit system to get you from Los Angeles to NY in half an hour for a $50 fair. He said existing technology made such a system feasible and so does a cost analysis. The essence of the idea is to dig a tunnel more or less along the present routes of U.S. highways 66 and thirty. The tunnel would contain several large tubes for East West travel of trains that float on magnetic fields, moving at top speeds of 10,000 mph. Passengers would faced forwarded during acceleration, backward during deceleration.

According to R. M. Salter Jr. head of the physical sciences department at Rand, the idea of high-speed train travel using electromagnetic suspension was first put forward in 1905 and actually patented in 1912. The trains he suggested now would be single cars rather than actual trains, and would be big enough to carry both passengers and freight, including large containers and automobiles.

The cars, or gondolas, would leave the New York and Los Angeles terminals at one minute or even 30 second intervals. On the main line their would be intermediate stops at Amarillo and Chicago. Feeder lines would meet the main lines at both locations.

Their would also be subsidiary lines coming into the two main terminals from such cities as San Francisco, Boston and Washington. The main idea of VHST, or Very High Speed Transit, developed originally in thinking about the satellite program and hyper sonic aircraft speeds.” Salter said in an interview at Rand.

“The underground tubes were for suggested as alternatives, perhaps not quite seriously, but it was soon apparent that the idea of a tunnel containing such tubes had a lot of real advantages.” he said.

In the first place, he explained there is the extremely important matter of the use and conservation of immense amounts of energy needed to move the vehicles at such great speed. “An airplane that travels faster than sound uses up a large part of its available energy supply just in climbing to an altitude where the speeds for which it is designed are possible.” Salter said. “That’s true of rockets to. Much of their energy is spent and lost forever and getting above the atmosphere.”

This would not be true for the VHST gondolas traveling on their electromagnetic rail beds, according to Salter. The tubes would be emptied of air, almost to the point of vacuum, so the trains would not need much power to overcome air resistance. They would not even have to be streamlined. In addition to an electromagnetic roadbeds, the opposing electromagnetic loops of wires in the floors of the gondolas would be super cooled with liquid Helium to further eliminate electrical resistance.

Just as important, the gondolas would, like old-fashioned trolley cars, generate power as they break to a stop. “Since the trains would be leaving New York and Los Angeles simultaneously every minute, the power generated by cars breaking coming into the terminal would be transferred to the power lines propelling the cars going the other way.”

“For example, there will be halfway points between each stop. Trains would use power and getting to that halfway point, and generate power going the other half of the way to the stop. Each would use power generated by trains going in the other direction.” That is the way trolley cars have operated for eighty years – taking power from the overhead lines while accelerating or running along at a steady speed, and putting power back into the lines while breaking or coasting.

The big drawback to the Salter scheme is the cost of tunneling across the nation. He admitted that it would be expensive but it does not daunt him. “After the tunneling was finished, everything else would be practically free.” He said. Even at the low fair he proposes, the enormous debt created by the tunneling would be amortized within a reasonable period if the number of passengers and the amount of freight came up to Salter’s expectations.

He figures the tunnel’s would carry seven or 8 million tons of freight a day and that passengers would take to traveling back and forth between the Eastern West Coast has readily as they now fly between San Francisco and Los Angeles. “The technology of this is much easier than was developed for the space program.”Salter said. And tunnels, he added, need not be so expensive to dig is people think.

The most expensive thing about surface routes is the acquiring right-of-way and removing buildings that stand on the chosen route. The tunnel would not incur this expense. The tunnel, besides carrying tubes for passenger and freight gondolas, would carry many of the utilities now strung across the countryside on high wires. Salter said these underground power “lines” could be super-cooled with helium, like the electromagnetic loops in the floors of the gondolas. He said this would so reduce resistance that power could be transferred from one end of the country to the other without appreciable loss.

At the present time long distance transportation of power is difficult because of the amount of energy wasted. He said laser beams could be carried in the tunnel for the instantaneous transmission of messages. Even the mail could go cross-country in pneumatic tubes carried in the tunnel. All this would save money and speed amortization, thus cutting the overall cost of tunneling. Salter said approximately 8000 miles of tunnel were dug in America and Western Europe in the 1960s.

That includes mine shafts. But he said existing tunneling technology could be vastly improved. Salter said many tunnels are dug nowadays almost as they would have been in the dark ages. Drilling holes in tunnel faces, and using machines with rotary bits are methods of tunneling that can be improved, according to him. He said the tunnel could be worked on from a great many “faces,” for instance. Salter suggested, too, that electronic beams or even water be used to drill holes for blasting. The high-powered electrons would drill blasting holes almost instantaneously.

Projections of future airplane and automobile travels in the United States, and the future train and truck transfer of freight, show that Salter’s tunnel idea is not a science fiction fantasy.

There will be more room in the tunnels for all the necessary transport than there will be over any feasible number of Airways and freeways and tracks. Salter’s suggestion, according to the experts who have had a look at it, is an eminently practical one for handling all the necessary traffic cleanly and without clogging up the air and surface pathways. But it will such a system ever be developed? Salter himself is not optimistic.

“Perhaps” is how he puts it. “I am not nearly so optimistic about the political aspects of the problem as I am about our technical capability of doing the job.” He said. “History shows that some obviously feasible and practical projects, such as the tunnel proposed over and over again for connecting England and France under the English channel, can be put off for centuries because of political pressure.

On the other hand, societies with relatively primitive technology can perform such engineering feats as the erection of impairments.” Is the VHS T too far out? Salter suggested that to get the right perspective we should look back 100 years.

By comparing transportation a century ago and transportation today, one gets a better feel for just how practical VHST is. It appears to be a logical next step, and much more practical than its alternatives of filling the highways and Airways with more and more individually guided vehicles. “This alone is a compelling reason for the high-speed system.” Salter said. T

here are others, according to him. “We can’t afford any longer to continue indefinitely to pollute the skies with heat, chemicals, not to mention noise, or to carve up the land with pavement.” He said. “We also need to get the trucks and many of the cars off the highway to make the roads available to drivers who drive the family car for fun and convenience.”

As the former official host of The Intel Hub Radio Show, I have to admit I have interviewed some interesting people. However, one interview stands out in particular to me.

The interview was with the owner of a private underground base construction company with military ties. During the interview it was stated that for some reason the people in the know are indeed gearing up at a rapid rate for some event that is to occur in the not so distant future.

What might this event be?

Why are the bases activating?

This technology is 100% real and fully functional in the present day.


Where Are All the Deep Underground Military Bases? (Part 2)
By Dr. Richard Sauder With Commentary By Shepard Ambellas & Alex Thomas  April 17, 2012

(This is Part 2 of an ongoing and exclusive underground base series with excerpts from the book Hidden in Plain Sight provided to theintelhub.com by the publisher, including commentary by Shepard Ambellas and Alex Thomas.)

Read part 1,“Nazi Engineers, Secret U.S. Military Bases, and Elevators To The Subterranean and Submarine Depths.”

In the continental USA there are numerous underground bases. I will briefly list just some of the bases that my research has uncovered over the last 17 years. There are assuredly many more than those listed here.


Camp David, the Presidential retreat, is immediately adjacent to Catoctin Mountain Park. On the surface there are some cabins and lodges, and conference rooms for Presidential use. But most of this facility runs like a labyrinthine anthill under Catoctin Mountain, just west of Thurmont, Maryland, along Rte. 15 between Frederick, Maryland and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

The facility is operated and maintained by the U.S. Navy Seabees. The U.S. Marines provide military security. I have spoken to an individual who used to work there on a classified maintenance contract.

My source informed me that the underground portions of Camp David are so extensive and elaborate, and there are so many miles of secret tunnels, that it is doubtful that any one person would have a complete map of the facility in his or her mind.

In other words, we hear or read the words, Camp David, in the mainstream news media, but understand virtually nothing of what really happens there, or what the full nature of the installation really is.

Commentary from Alex Thomas: The fact that they have moved the G8 meetings to Camp David indicates that G8 nations may be actually doing their most important meetings within the underground base near Camp David.

Fort Meade, near Laurel, Maryland, midway between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland. My research, from a variety of sources, indicates that there is a huge underground maze beneath Fort Meade.

Fort Meade is operated by the U.S. Army, but the National Security Agency (NSA) has its largest, publicly known operations center there. The NSA has literally acres upon acres of super computers underground at Fort Meade, stacked level upon level, going down and down and down, like a gargantuan subterranean stack of hi-tech digital pancakes.

The NSA is notorious for the ECHELON spying program and other unconstitutional spying activities. It is something like a high-tech KGB or Stasi surveillance agency, spying on the American population’s electronic and digital communications.

FEMA alternate underground command center, off of Riggs Road, not far from Olney, Maryland, to the north of Washington, D.C. When I visited the place back in the 1990s, only a few shabby, almost dilapidated looking buildings were visible through the security fence.

A few vent pipes poked above the ground here and there. There were a few largish antennae and radio masts visible. The casual onlooker would probably just drive right by, unaware that the real activity was taking place below ground.

I spoke with one man who had been in the facility and he described a multi-level base crammed full of sophisticated electronic gear. He had been to level seven underground, but did not know if the base extended deeper than that, or whether it was connected via deep tunnels with other underground bases in the region.

Site R, also known as Raven Rock or the Underground Pentagon, is about 6 miles north-northeast of the Camp David facility, not far from the Maryland-Pennsylvania state line. This enormous facility is the alternate underground command center for the Pentagon.

In recent years Dick Cheney reportedly spent a lot of time underground at Site R. I have heard that Site R and Camp David are connected by underground tunnels, and I am inclined to believe the rumors are true.

Site R is now under the command of Fort Detrick, in Frederick, Maryland, to the northwest of Washington, D.C.. Fort Detrick is the U.S. Army’s infamous biological warfare research facility.


Mount Weather, near Bluemont, Virginia on Rte. 601, is the major underground command center for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA has a 400 acre complex on the surface of the mountain. The underground base is very large, and actually qualifies as a high-tech, subterranean town. This base dates to the 1950s.

The Pentagon, in northern Virginia, the national military command center, across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C.. The Pentagon was built directly on the site of Robert E. Lee’s former plantation.

I have been told that there are multiple underground levels beneath the Pentagon. I don’t know how deep the complex goes, but elsewhere in this book I discuss plans dating to the 1960s to build a very deep base at the 3,500 foot level. I consider it likely that something like this has been done.

U.S. Army Warrenton Training Stations A and B, in the near vicinity of Warrenton, Virginia are ostensibly U.S. Army facilities. But in reality, my research showed that there is a CIA presence there. As for what sorts of operations take place there – who knows? I visited these places in June of 1992 and found Station A on Rte. 802; Station B is on Bear Wallow Road.

There are also Stations C and D elsewhere in the region, which I did not visit. In the course of my research, I called up Col. Fletcher Prouty, the well-known author of the book, The Secret Team.

For many years, at the height of the Cold War, Prouty was a liaison officer for the Air Force, helping the CIA with its clandestine activities worldwide. I surmised that if anyone ought to know something about what was going on at Warrenton it should be Fletcher Prouty.

So I put the question to him point blank, and asked him what the CIA was doing underground at a U.S. Army training installation in Warrenton, Virginia. To begin with, he confirmed that the CIA was indeed present in Warrenton, and was using the U.S. Army as a cover.

I asked him what was going on underground. He responded, “Well, you have to understand that that gets into the realm of Special Operations and that’s classified.” And that was all that I could pry out of him. I suspect the entire locale is tunneled out underground.

The palpable Alice in Wonderland aura exuded by the Warrenton U.S. “Army” Training Stations continues to linger in my memory, even with the passage of 17 years.

■ Before leaving Virginia, I also want to say something about another low profile CIA facility. Camp Peary is located just a few miles from Colonial Williamsburg. It is sometimes referred to as “The Farm” in popular parlance.

Though it is hard to find out much about the base, enough is known to say with confidence that Camp Peary is the CIA’s main training and operations base in the USA. As with the Warrenton Training Stations, the CIA uses a thin U.S. military cover at Camp Peary; in this case, maps indicate that Camp Peary is a U.S. Navy Reservation.

I am a native Virginian, from the Tidewater region, and spent my early childhood in a community just 20 miles away from Camp Peary. In the 1970s I attended the College Of William & Mary, in Colonial Williamsburg. Camp Peary lies just to the east of the town of Williamsburg, on the northern side of Interstate Highway 64. I have driven past the place numerous times over the years and it has always seemed darkly brooding to me.

Camp Peary lies on the York River; immediately to the southeast lies the U.S. Navy’s Cheatham Annex, a major weapons supply depot for the U.S. Navy’s Atlantic Fleet, part of the Yorktown Naval Weapons Station. This interests me, because many years ago I spoke with a woman whose father worked at the Cheatham Annex/Yorktown Naval Weapons Station complex in the years after World War II.

He was a construction worker, and at that time, about 60 years ago, the U.S. Navy was building a facility deep below the water line. The whole site lies only a few feet above sea level, so the water table is very close to the surface. The Navy used high powered water pumps to instantly pump out the brackish ground water that was rushing in, to keep the excavation from filling with water.

My acquaintance told me that her father said they used a fast setting concrete. She did not know the purpose of the facility. The instructive part of the story is that even then, 60 years ago, military engineers had the capability to construct facilities below the water line, using high powered pumps and quick setting concrete.

Moreover, the Navy’s Cheatham Annex lies immediately adjacent to the CIA’s secretive Camp Peary base, nominally administered by the U.S. Navy. Considering the Navy’s construction activities 60 years ago, and recalling that the Camp David Presidential retreat in Maryland is also administered by the U.S. Navy and lies above a major underground base hidden beneath it, I conclude that there is a high probability that the Camp Peary/Cheatham Annex area along the York River is underlain by an underground complex, too.

Washington, D.C.

The White House has a very large, deeply buried facility underneath it. One of my close friends was taken down into this facility during the Lyndon B. Johnson administration in the 1960s. She entered an elevator in the White House and was escorted straight down.

She believes that the elevator went down 17 levels. When the door opened underground she was escorted down a corridor that appeared to disappear to the vanishing point in the distance. Other doors and corridors opened off of that corridor. That was what Washington, D.C. was really like underground almost half a century ago.

■ My research indicates that Washington, D.C. has a veritable labyrinth of tunnels beneath it. Some of the tunnels are publicly known, such as the Metro tunnels and the underground train tunnels that members of Congress use to travel from their office buildings to the Capitol building.

As I discuss elsewhere in this book, I have been told and read stories of other tunnels that are more secret. In light of the available evidence, I incline to the view that these stories contain an appreciable degree of truth.


Medina Annex, at Lackland Air Force Base, in San Antonio. This facility lies in southwest San Antonio, on the south side of Rte. 90, immediately west of the junction of Interstate 410 and Rte. 90. This is one of the original Q Areas built by the Pentagon back in the late 1940s and 1950s for the storage and assembly of nuclear weapons.

Local lore has it that the underground portion is very large. I have been told that the underground base is very deep and cold, for whatever reason. The National Security Agency (NSA) also has a major presence at the Medina Annex with thousands of personnel. I have on occasion driven by the Medina Annex on Rte. 90 and the base has a very dark, ominous presence.

Camp Bullis, in northwest San Antonio, Texas, not too far from Interstate Highway 10. This is an Army training base, immediately adjacent to neighboring Camp Stewart, another Army base that keeps a much lower profile. I have been told that the Camp Bullis/Camp Stewart reservation is the site of an underground base.

Fort Hood, near Killeen, Texas, 70 miles north of Austin. This was also the site of one of the original Q Areas. I have been told that the area of Fort Hood, and the former Killeen and Gray Air Force Bases, are the site of a secret underground complex. I communicated with one ex-Fort Hood soldier whose duty area was at a checkpoint two miles inside a tunnel leading to an underground area, near the former Gray Air Force Base.


Offutt Air Force Base has had a major underground facility for decades. During the Cold War it was the underground command center for the Strategic Air Command. George Bush flew there for protection on Air Force One during the 9/11 attacks.

New Mexico

■ Since the late 1940s there has been a major underground base at Kirtland Air Force Base. The base is beneath a foothill of the Manzano Mountains. It was originally constructed as a super-secure nuclear weapons assembly and storage facility for the military.

Today the base is used by other agencies. The Air Force has built another, state of the art, facility for nuclear weapons storage at another location at Kirtland AFB. The Department of Energy’s Sandia National Laboratory is immediately adjacent to Kirtland Air Force Base, on the southeast border of Albuquerque.

I talked with one of the men who helped to build the Manzano base in the years after World War II. He spent his entire career as a hard rock miner for federal agencies, working on underground projects all over the western USA. While excavating the Manzano base, security was extreme.

The miners were blindfolded when they were transported to and from their work site. When they were taken from the area where they were working to another part of the facility they were always blindfolded. The practical result of this procedure was that not even the miners who built the underground base knew its layout.

All they ever saw was the immediate chamber or tunnel section they were currently working on. It was a strictly compartmentalized project in every sense of the word. I suspect that this facility has been expanded over the years.

Los Alamos is one of the U.S. Department of Energy’s national research laboratories, to the west of the state capitol of Santa Fe. I have been informed that the underground work space beneath Los Alamos is even greater in extent than the sprawling surface facility, reaching as much as one mile deep in its farthest reaches.

Two of the main missions of Los Alamos are nuclear and genetic research. Presumably classified projects related to these fields are among the secret activities carried out underground.

White Sands Missile Range, in south-central New Mexico, is the largest military base in the USA. It was the site of the first test explosion of an atomic bomb in 1945. White Sands was the launch site for test firing of captured Nazi V-2 rockets after the military defeat of the Third Reich.

Today it is still an operational military missile range, and also serves as an alternate space shuttle landing site for NASA. Underground facilities beneath White Sands are reportedly devoted to cutting edge research in lasers and conscious super-computing. The sum of my research strongly indicates a major underground component at White Sands. Nothing would surprise me where White Sands is concerned. Nothing whatsoever.


■ The notorious Area 51 of UFO fame and the Tonopah Test Range/Nevada Test Site/S-4/Nellis Air Force Base reservations in southern Nevada are all in relatively close proximity to each other.

My research and sources point to major, massive underground facilities in this region. A great deal of ultra-sensitive military R&D takes place here. Much popular lore has arisen around the theme of captured UFOs held in secret by the American military at Area 51.

In my estimation, these stories are probably true. Ryan Wood and other researchers have accumulated a great deal of evidence over the years that indicates that American military agencies are lying and that they do have captured UFOs. Area 51 is reportedly one of the places where this sort of technology is sequestered and studied. It is my informed guess that White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico is another site for the study and R&D of exotic technologies.


Cheyenne Mountain, near Colorado Springs, was the major underground command center for NORAD during the Cold War. It is a very deep, highly secure base.

While Cheyenne Mountain is still in use, most of NORAD’s daily operations have now been switched to Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado. This underground base has been featured in many motion pictures and television programs.

The Denver Federal Center, on the western edge of the Denver metropolitan area is the location of a FEMA underground command center. Many people are concerned about the Denver airport as being the site of an alleged underground base, but for my money the Denver Federal Center installation is more important.


Naval Support Activity Mid-South is a huge U.S. Navy base, in Millington, Tennessee just 21 miles north of Memphis. It is an enormous facility, covering thousands of acres. I have been told that there is a deep underground facility beneath this base.

Remember that the U.S. Navy operates and maintains Camp David, which is also the site of a major underground facility.


China Lake is a massive U.S. Navy R&D reservation in eastern California that has long been rumored to be the site of a major underground base.

While I can offer no direct proof, short of taking a live video crew underground to take a look around, the bulk of my research comes down on the side of a massive complex beneath the China Lake Naval Weapons Center, along Rte. 395, in the general vicinity of the town of Ridgecrest.

■ Reported massive, very deep underground installations are said to run out of Nevada and into eastern California. So much of the region is controlled by Federal departments and agencies, whether the Pentagon, Department of Interior, Department of Agriculture, Department of Energy, or unknown agencies, as in the case of Area 51, that that entire area of the country is essentially one large Federal Government Multi-Agency Reservation.

Numerous military bases sprawl across the landscape, and then there are National Forests, National Monuments, and other lands under Federal control. This provides the Feds with the opportunity to move almost any necessary personnel and equipment around without attracting undue attention.

Commentary from Shepard Ambellas: The  very idea of underground bases has fascinated me ever since I was a kid. In fact, I lived near an area in which I believe a deep underground/undersea base is located.

My general consensus is not based off speculation, rather it is backed by major observation and collaborating encounters of others in the area.

Many close friends and local people in the area including myself had experienced strange phenomenon.

On several occasions I, and others I know, witnessed (what I believe to be) possible secret government “Black Craft” technology (as mentioned by the late Phil Schneider during presentations he gave exposing the New World Order’s covert activities before he was allegedly murdered), such as the TR-3B triangle craft.

At this time I will not go into detail of an extremely close encounter myself and others had with a massive craft, but I will divulge the location.

Naval Submarine Base Bangor, Washington State in my opinion serves as a massive underground/undersea hub for black bag projects.

An excerpt from global security.org reads;

In June 2004, SUBASE Bangor merged with Naval Station Bremerton. The new command was named Naval Base Kitsap.

The U.S. Naval Submarine Base (SUBASE), Bangor is located on the east shore of Hood Canal. The pier facilities of the base are located along two nmi of waterfront. The primary berthing facilities at SUBASE Bangor consist of four separate pier complexes: “KB” Docks, Delta Pier, Marginal Pier, and Explosive’s Handling Wharf. Trident submarines berth at Marginal Pier South and at Delta Pier North and South. They also use the Explosives Handling Wharf and the drydock on Delta Pier. According to harbor authorities, submarines are rarely nested, and when they do, are nested only for a day or two. Pier decks have a nominal height of 20 ft above mean lower low water. Alongside water depths vary from 45 ft at Marginal Wharves North and South, to 60 to 115 ft at the Delta Piers.

The primary berthing facilities at SUBASE Bangor consist of four separate pier complexes: “KB” Docks, Delta Pier, Marginal Pier, and Explosive’s Handling Wharf. Trident submarines berth at Marginal Pier South and at Delta Pier North and South. They also use the Explosives Handling Wharf and the drydock on Delta Pier. According to harbor authorities, submarines are rarely nested, and when they do, are nested only for a day or two. Pier decks have a nominal height of 20 ft above mean lower low water. Alongside water depths vary from 45 ft at Marginal Wharves North and South, to 60 to 115 ft at the Delta Piers.

No anchorages exist at SUBASE Bangor. Mooring buoys for barges are available near the KB docks. SUBASE Bangor has a complement of three 2,000 hp YTB tugboats and a twin-screw 1,600 hp commercial tug. Local authorities state that pilots are used for all submarine arrivals at Bangor. Pilots can be picked up at any point in the area from Foul Weather bluff at the entrance to Hood Canal southward to off Bangor, as requested. If a submarine commanding officer has passed through the Hood Canal Bridge once, a pilot is optional on departures. If tug assistance is required, pilotage is mandatory

Southwesterly winds directly impact Bangor’s dock facilities due to the orientation of Hood Canal. Winds are amplified as they are funneled northeastward through the canal by the orientation of the canal with respect to the adjacent topography. Operations at the Explosives Handling Wharf, Delta Drydock, and the Magnetic Silencing Facility will cease if wind velocities reach 25 kt. Wind alone is not a problem for moored submarines, but it does cause waves to wash over their hulls.

The KB Docks are used by small craft from the Naval Undersea Weapons Engineering Station (NUWES) at Keyport. Bangor harbor pilots state that lines are doubled and dead-man lines and buoys are used to prevent excessive motion of moored vessels during periods of strong southwesterly winds. Most vessels are moored on the inboard side of the piers, but YTT’s (torpedo recovery boats – 135-140 ft long/1,600 tons) moor to the outside of the piers and are exposed to whatever conditions exist in Hood Canal.

The only identified hazard at SUBASE Bangor is a strong southwesterly wind funneling through Hood Canal. Because of their low hull profile, wind does not pose a direct hazard to submarines. It can, however, impact the ability of tugs to work alongside submarines. It would also affect the operations of small craft and YTT’s from NUWES Keyport utilizing the KB Dock complex. Anytime winds approach 50 kt, the Hood Canal Bridge is closed to auto traffic and kept in an open position to reduce wind stress on the bridge structure. The floating bridge was partially destroyed by winds/waves on February 13, 1979 during an extremely strong wind storm.

The southwest berth of Delta Pier and the KB docks experience four to six ft swell during periods of strong (up to 60 kt) winds. As long as access hatches on submarine hulls are closed, the waves do not pose a direct problem to submarines. However, if tugs are alongside a submarine, wave motion may cause the tugs to pitch up and down with potential damage to the submarine hull. To preclude such damage, normal tug operations are suspended in strong wind situations.


This list should give you a brief idea of what is under our feet. I am sure that there are many more facilities than those I have just discussed above.

Please take due notice that many of these installations are gargantuan. An expert source once described to me an excavated underground space he was familiar with that was inside a mountain: it was approximately 1,000 feet high, 600 feet wide and 1,000 feet long.

He wanted to give me an idea of the state of the art in hard rock, underground excavation. I was impressed, as I suspect you would be too.

We are faced with a global system that is so secretive and so wildly out of control that the vast majority of us have no earthly clue as to what is going on, on this, the planet that we inhabit.

The Elevator to the Sub-basement

During the course of my research I have spoken to several people who allege to have been escorted down into secret or highly secure underground facilities. A long, deep elevator ride is a common feature of their accounts.

Right about here, I imagine you are thinking to yourself: “How deep do the elevators go?”

The short answer is that the documentation in the open literature suggests that the answer would be anywhere from hundreds to thousands of feet, based on the capabilities of high-rise elevators built by companies such as Otis and ThyssenKrupp.

The testimony of the people I have spoken with comports well with that information. I have also run across softer, undocumented information from time to time that suggests that some facilities go even deeper, several or even many miles deep.

I have little interest in doing an exhaustive survey of the elevator literature, but let me provide you just a few brief ideas of the state of the art in that industry.

Keep in mind that an elevator system that is installed in an interior elevator well and goes to the top of a high building could just as easily be installed in a vertical shaft that goes straight down underground. Multiple elevators could be staggered on multiple levels to go down and down, as deeply as you desire. The same technology can be used in either case, whether you are going up, or down.

Otis Elevator Co. announced plans in 2002 to install high speed Skyway elevators in the new 880 foot tall Eureka Tower in Melbourne, Australia, that rise at 1,800 feet per minute.

Otis also planned to install its innovative Gen2 flat belted elevator hoist system on the same project, that utilizes a permanent magnet machine, which is quieter and takes up less space than the traditional elevator machine room.8

Another article I encountered referred to a “mile-high, multidirectional elevator being developed for Otis Elevator Co. for use in extremely tall buildings of the future.”9 Obviously, if a company can develop a mile-high elevator, it can also develop a mile-deep elevator. Toshiba /G.F.C. Elevator installed two high-speed elevator cars in the Taipei 101 tower that zoom up to the 89th floor observation deck at an ear-popping 3314 feet per minute.10

That will give you a little idea from the open literature of how fast and how high modern elevators can go – very high and very fast!

As I dug into the elevator literature a little more I happened to read a book by Jason Goodwin about the Otis Elevator Company. The book is entitled, Otis: Giving Rise to the Modern City.

I did not know who Mr. Goodwin was until I read his book, but I quickly came to understand that he is an extremely knowledgeable man in the field, having worked for Otis in a variety of important positions for 37 years, and then having formed his own elevator consulting company after his retirement form Otis.

I read the book carefully and I found out a few interesting things for my research:11

1.         Elevators can be located in, and I quote verbatim: “…the legs of a deep-sea oil production or oil production platforms, and in many other extraordinary locations.”

2.         There are very large platform “lifts for extremely special applications” that may use a variety of lifting technologies, including “screw jacks.”

3.         And in a very brief summary at the conclusion of his most informative book, Mr. Goodwin briefly mentions the elevators “that are never mentioned but are needed to service the extensive infrastructures that make the cities run – the power plants, refineries, factories, and underground facilities (my emphasis).

Amen brother, underground facilities and the elevators that service them. That is what this book is about. Mr. Goodwin doesn’t really elaborate about that topic to any appreciable extent. But to his credit he does indeed mention elevators that service underground facilities beneath the nation’s cities.

His mention of the “extremely special applications” that require large platform lifts instantly caused me to reflect on David Adair’s description (elsewhere in this book) of a mammoth, football-field-sized platform elevator supported by huge screws the size of giant sequoia tree trunks that took him underground at Area-51 in Nevada.

As for the mention of elevators in the legs of giant oil production platforms, and in “many other extraordinary locations,” the implications for access to manned undersea bases is clear. The Gulf of Mexico and North Sea are dotted with myriad oil production platforms, with their legs sunk into the seabed.

Any of those platforms could potentially serve as an entry point to the sub-seafloor environment via elevators in their legs, which would permit personnel to travel to the platform and then travel down below the seafloor. I strongly suspect this is the case in some instances.

In his book, Alien Contact, Timothy Good mentions a NORAD offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico that superficially resembles an oil production platform, but is not in reality an oil platform. The mission of the strange platform seems to be to serve as a sort of monitoring station to watch the air space of the USA for UFO activity.12

Of course, this begs the question as to how many ostensible offshore petroleum production platforms are not really oil rigs at all, but only resemble oil platforms as they perform other functions entirely? How many such cases are there? Only the oil companies and major governments would know the answer to that.

The average person absolutely lacks the means to ascertain those facts. But thanks to Jason Goodwin’s book, we know that oil platforms have elevators in their legs. Please note that Mr. Goodwin is not alleging that elevators in oil platform legs can go below the seafloor and access undersea, manned installations.

That is a conclusion that I am drawing from the available evidence. I am not saying that every offshore oil production platform has elevators in its legs that access the sub-seafloor environment. However, it is clear that some platforms certainly could serve in this way as entry points to manned, undersea installations.

8. “From Zero To 300 In 60 Seconds Otis High-Speed Elevator Systems Selected For Landmark 88-story Melbourne Tower,” http://www.otis.com/ news/newsdetail/0,1368,CLI23_NID11699_RES1,00.html, 2002.

9. “Micro Craft Does Major Business,” http://www.microcraft.com/Inside Outlook/WN_tenn.htm, 2002.

10. “World’s Fastest Elevator,” http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/ extreme_machines/2004/3/elevator/print.phtml, 2004.

11. Jason Goodwin, Otis: Giving Rise to the Modern City (Chicago: Ivan R. Dee, 2001).

12. Timothy Good, Alien Contact: Top-Secret UFO Files Revealed (New York: Quill, William Morrow, 1993).


Any thots on WHY so many....so huge....under ground complexes?


Probably a dehydrated food party that we are not invited to…but we paid the bill!  I have been flying into DIA since it opened and there is no doubt in my mind that there is a massive underground structure there…just based on my own observations.  I have seen the specials on it but just from my own experience I know there is something under there.  So much about that airport makes absolutely no sense for…an airport.  Creepy murals aside…I know it is there and it makes total sense to be an elite hideaway since they have the tech to do it and the open checkbooks of the Amerikan taxpayers.  If you look at the history of underground bases…why wouldn’t the elite build massive bunkers for themselves?  We pay for it, we don’t question it…we CAN’T question it.  I also don’t doubt that there is a base out at China Lake but highly doubt that is the only one in Cali.  You really can’t get much more creepy than China Lake and the Naval Warfare Center although from an urban training perspective…Twenty Nine Palms is right up there on the creepy martial law enforcement hit list.  You know our deserts…I bet there is all kinds of stuff out there we will never know about.  All the nuclear tests, silo’s…nothing but empty space for their MIC playground.  I also believe they have the high speed transit tunnels…why wouldn’t they?  Having a bunker is nice but when the people come to eat the rich after the collapse…they will need a way to move to the backup…to the backup bunker.  Also have no doubt that they have everything they need down there to survive and thrive beyond our lifetimes while the rest of the population dies in the streets.  As a rapper murdered by the globalists and recently projected to life in true Bluebeam fashion at Coachella once said…Aint nothing but a gangster party.

A gangster party!  That's EXACTLY what it is.

My thoughts are that nothing so evil can exist forever....as this reality is based on a balance

of always....two things.....good/evil; up/down; black/white;happy/sad....."duality"....our reality.

Finding the good news seems harder and harder.

One night I decided to try to understand what "they" know that we do not know...

to inspire them to build underground structures to such a degree.  There are disturbing

underground systems from antiquity such as Derinkuyu.



What has happened in the past that required whole cities underground?

The military has a saying "A cave is a grave" meaning it's a poor choice against

invaders, yet the archeologists continue with this explanation.

I don't buy it.

Underground cities would be useful in the event the surface became....uh... unfriendly.

Unfriendly could mean a number of things.

Based on the work of this guy:


suggests a meterorite swarm so large as to defy human imagination.

That would also explain the billion dollar kevlar roof on the Denver New World Airport.

Millions of small meterorites....incoming at incredible speed....for a long time.

Underground isn't such a good idea to avoid storms of tiny, deadly particles from the sun.

They cut thru the earth (and our DNA) without hardly noticing.

EMF's dont make sense either.

A scorched earth idea from a sun problem could make sense.


Check out the security door on the Derinkuyu structure. 


To form a valid hypothesis....we have to include all data.  That's been a tough one!




Letters From the Underground Mail Bag – Underground Base Series Part 4
By Dr. Richard Sauder With Commentary By Shepard Ambellas theintelhub.com April 30, 2012

Part 4: Exclusive Underground Base Series for theintelhub.com (The following was excerpted from Dr. Richard Sauders book entitled Hidden in Plain Sight with permission from the author and published).

Early on in my research on underground bases and tunnels, I began to receive occasional postal letters, e-mail and first-hand personal anecdotes from my readers and public lecture audience members. As the years have gone by, the letters, e-mails and personal anecdotes continue to trickle in. As you might surmise, some of the mail and stories have been most interesting. They have been so interesting, in fact, that I want to present some of that mail and information for you in this chapter. I am sure that it will interest you just as much as it has me.

I want to say that I believe there is a substantial kernel of truth in the accounts you are about to read. I also want to say that, although I absolutely lack the time and money to travel around the country and world checking out the particulars of every last sensational story that crosses my path, I have, nevertheless, strongly relied on my research experience and knowledge of the subject matter to sift out obvious tall tales and wild stories. What remains for you to read is the credible remnant that I judge to have the ring and feel of true fact.

I have often been struck by the carefully staged and maintained illusions that we accept as the consensual reality of everyday life. The propagandistic news on television and radio, and in the newspapers and news magazines, the many false pronouncements by government, deeply entrenched journalistic and scientific censorship, and other sources of falsehood and deceit flowing from educational and religious institutions serve to foster the mass delusion that everything is, in reality, as it appears to be.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Especially in the nether realms of underground and underwater bases and tunnels, where the operative rule is: Out of sight, out of mind!

            So without further ado, on to the underground mail bag!

Commentary (Shepard Ambellas): I myself have had the privilege to interview Dr. Richard Sauder on .... During a live radio interview I opened up the call line to callers and requested any intel from callers regarding this matter of underground bases. Surprisingly a caller mentioned he lives by an underground base near Lake Erie, to my amazement Dr. Sauder was very interested and confirmed this location as a potential underground base. It was an interesting day.

Subterranean Labyrinth Beneath the NSA at Ft. Meade, Maryland

Deep beneath the National Security Agency headquarters at Ft. Meade, Maryland, midway between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland lies a Top Secret subterranean complex. In his masterful exposé of the NSA, The Puzzle Palace, James Bamford alludes to the mammoth computing center that lies beneath the NSA:

…the NSA’s enormous basement, which stretches for city blocks beneath the Headquarters-Operations Building, undoubtedly holds the largest and most advanced computer operation in the world.1

This is the electronic machinery the NSA uses to eavesdrop on electronic communications the world over, including in the United States. James Bamford says that this “basement” full of super-computers extends for “city blocks.” I am sure you will agree that that is impressively huge.

One of my sources who had been briefly stationed at Ft. Meade during the 1970s accidentally stumbled into this mammoth “basement” and fully corroborates Bamford’s account. Here is his account:

I…was transferred to the NSA on a special assignment for a few weeks. One day, while working in the “building,” I noticed a door next to the stairs by the east entrance where I came in at. There were no markings on it so I felt I could enter and not get in trouble.

I opened the door and it was a stairwell leading down. I went over to the edge and looked down between the railings. I didn’t count the number of floors down, but I had the feeling it was about 15-20 floors. It was a long way to the bottom.

I walked down one flight and there was a door on the opposite side which would be under the ground level on the east side of the building. I opened the door and stuck my head thru (sic) and looked left and right and saw a tunnel which ran clear out of sight in both directions. It was definitely much further than the area covered by the building and parking lot at ground level. There were doors along the opposite walls spaced about 30-40 feet apart. The tunnel had concrete walls and floor with colored markings.

I looked around to see if there were any cameras and saw none, but I was not entirely comfortable being there. But I decided to check out a couple of more floors so I walked down another level and there was another door. I opened it and looked in and saw the same layout – doors and the tunnel going as far as I could see in both directions. I went down one more floor and looked in and saw the same as the first 2 floors. In this one I saw a golf cart with 2 people on it in the distance heading my way so I left.

Even these 3 tunnels were extensive. If the other levels below had tunnels also there is a massive tunnel complex under Ft. Meade.

Now remember that this account is from the late 1970s. It would not surprise me if the complex beneath the NSA has grown even larger, deeper and more elaborate in the intervening years. Indeed, I surmise that many important government agencies and military bases are likely to have comparable, huge, underground facilities beneath them.

The Underground Base at China Lake, California

For years the United States Navy has had a huge base at China Lake, California. In my first book, Underground Bases and Tunnels,2 I presented military documentation from 1964 indicating that the United States Army Corps of Engineers was considering constructing a huge underground cavity 4,000 feet deep beneath the sprawling China Lake facility.

As it happens, after giving a public talk a couple of years ago, I was approached by a man who told me he had been a uniformed member of the United States Navy. We chatted for a while and when he mentioned that he had spent some time at China Lake my ears perked up. I asked him if there was an underground facility at China Lake. He said that indeed there is, and that it is impressively large and deep. I asked him if he had ever been in it, and he said that he had, though not to the deepest levels. I asked him how deep the deepest part extended.

He looked at me soberly and said very quietly, “It goes one mile deep.”

I then asked him what the underground base contains. He replied, “Weapons.”

I responded, “What sort of weaponry?”

And he answered without pausing, “Weapons more powerful than nuclear weapons.”

Upon hearing his answer I was greatly taken aback. The implications of a new generation of secret, highly secure weaponry that exceeds the destructive power of atomic and hydrogen bombs is sobering stuff, to be sure. The conversation ended soon after, as he seemed to be averse to elaborating on what he had told me.

I do not doubt the truth of what this ex-Navy man told me. China Lake has long been a major weapons research and development center for the United States Navy. His account is perfectly consonant with the other information that my research has uncovered.

Commentary (Shepard Ambellas): I was traveling through the Nevada desert on a highway when I noticed a Naval Undersea Warfare Center, thinking to myself… wow, there must be underground tunnels connecting to this desert training facility that submarines can even enter. It only seemed logical to me at the time.

Deep Beneath White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico

The United States Army’s enormous missile test-firing range sprawls for many miles across the desolate deserts, hills and craggy mountain ranges of southern New Mexico. Over the years I have heard bits and pieces of fragmentary information concerning underground facilities and work beneath White Sands. The following account that I received in an e-mail from a distinctly different ex-Navy man is a fine example of the sort of thing I have in mind. He related to me a second-hand account he had received from a water well contractor in southern New Mexico, who had been hired to do some work on the missile range.

…he was talking about work he had done at WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE.

He was hired to drill 10 or 12 inch dam (sic) holes I think down to 800 to 1000 feet.

He thought nothing of it, well while drilling his bit broke thru (sic) many times. Cold air was rushing up the hole. If I recall correctly he was told not to worry about it.

He later thought to himself maybe he was drilling air shafts?

I think it is entirely possible that the well driller was brought on the base to drill air shafts for deep underground tunnels and structures. My research suggests that New Mexico is prime real estate for clandestine underground facilities – and White Sands Missile Range is right at the top of the list of candidate sites.

Underground Mag-Lev Shuttles?

This is the story that just will not go away. The rumors about super-secret, high speed, deeply buried mag-lev trains3 hurtling back and forth, deep beneath the North American continent, turn up again and again. Fellow researcher, Bill Hamilton, relayed the following second-hand account to me of an exchange between a friend and his friend.

Friend: So tell me, what’s it like to ride in one of those underground shuttles …???

Friend’s friend: VERY DAMN FAST!!! Less than one hour from Cheyanne (sic) Mountain entrance to the pentagon (sic). My calculator would tell me that was over 2000 miles an hour. Odd though, you don’t feel the speed, being totally enclosed with no windows. Anyway, there’s stuff that’s much faster, but not underground.

Friend: Wow 2000mph?? Sheesh what a ride. Do you go through some gravitational pull when you take off? Have to wear seatbelts??

Friend’s friend: There is no more gravitational pull then (sic) when you take off in a bus or train. It doesn’t suddenly go 2000 miles an hour. But it does build up faster than you’d think. You don’t have to wear seatbelts, but there are warning lights to let you know that you will be leaving, and at the other end, when you are arriving at a slowdown period. They also have overhead speakers that are used for info. You really don’t feel much. If you are in a plane, going 600 miles an hour, you get up and walk up and down aisles as if nothing was happening, right? Same on these mag-lev trains.

Can these sorts of stories be true? More to the point, is this specific story true? My research indicates that it may be. In my previous book, Underwater and Underground Bases,4 I devoted an entire chapter to documentation from the United States government concerning planned development of a mag-lev train system. After examining the evidence, I determined that, indeed, it is possible and feasible to build a mag-lev train system underground. Can I prove that it has been done? No, I cannot. But what I can do – and have done – is demonstrate United States government interest in designing and building a mag-lev train system. I have also documented extensive underground tunneling activity by a wide variety of government and non-government agencies in recent decades and years. In my previous books, I have also provided firm documentation for a covert operations budget that runs well into the tens of billions of dollars on an annual basis.

So, considering the entire body of available evidence, which includes demonstrable government proclivities for designing and  building a mag-lev train system using the government’s own documentation, as well as massive sums of untraceable black budget funding, and the underground excavation and tunneling capabilities and technology of American industry – coupled with the persistent stories of ultra-secret, high-speed shuttle trains deep underground – I have reached the point where I believe there might be high speed, deep underground shuttle trains operating beneath North America in great secrecy, something that the American people know very little or nothing about.

Commentary (Shepard Ambellas): Mag-Lev Shuttles, WOW! These are most fascinating to me. The very idea has been stuck in my mind from the time I was a kid. The following is excerpted from a theintelhub.com article.

The Vary High Speed Transit System (VHST)was a Rand Corporation concept that was presented to the military industrial complex in the 1970′s.

The concept was way ahead of it’s time, exactly what the secret sinister government needed to connect their vast expansions of underground bases throughout the United States and in various regions worldwide.

This could offer an explanation for some of the recent strange sounds and booms across the country.

The late (and presumably murdered) Phil Schneider spoke about what he called anElectro Magneto Leviton Train System that traveled at speeds in excess of Mach 2.

The VHST and its proposed routes, (vast advanced tunnel systems) at the time of it’s conception in the early 1970′s, fit and follow other underground base researchers findings as well as some of my own.

An interesting aspect within the Rand Corp. document is the fact that the tunnels are way to expansive to pump all of the air out at once to create the frictionless environment needed travel at speeds in excess of 10,000+ MPH.

Nuclear Genie Beneath Burlington, Massachusetts

Some years ago I happened to speak with a man who had a most unusual experience to recount from his youth. Many years ago, upon graduating from college, he took a job with a United States Federal agency which he declined to name.

His work routine was most peculiar: he would enter a perfectly ordinary looking building in the Burlington, Massachusetts area (not far north of Boston) and take a long elevator ride straight down, deep down to a secret, underground laboratory. As he described it to me, the laboratory’s work entailed testing radioactive materials and their effects on other materials.

His story has many interesting features: a secret, underground elevator shaft in a normal looking building; the long ride to an underground work area; and the existence of a secret laboratory deep below a major metropolitan area. But perhaps most interesting of all was his description of some of the more senior engineers, technicians and scientists who worked underground. Bizarrely, some of them were missing minor body parts – one man was missing a nose, another a part of a hand, and so forth. So dedicated were they to the nuclear genie that they served that they had sacrificed parts of their bodies, due to radiation burns, in order to advance the nuclear research of the Cold War’s military-industrial complex.

This story is as impossible to conclusively prove or disprove as all the other stories that my sources have recounted to me. I simply do not have the means to go crawling around, hundreds or thousands of feet underground, to verify the salient details of everything I have been told, whether in Massachusetts, New Mexico or California. It’s just not possible, whether for me or for anyone else.

Nevertheless, the details of the story are close enough to other little bits and pieces I have gleaned here and there, from a hundred different conversations and untold myriad pieces of documentation that I have seen fit to include it here.

 Hollowed Out Norwegian Mountains

The bulk of my research on underground and underwater bases and tunnels has concentrated on American plans, capabilities projects and facilities. The reasons for this focus are two-fold: 1) I am, in the first place, a native-born-and-reared American; and 2) by dint of my long residence in the mainland United States it is more convenient for me to research American plans and activities.

That said, it has, nevertheless, come to my attention during the course of my research that the Scandinavians are some of the very best underground excavators and engineers in the world. The quality and sophistication of their work is very high.

So, it was no great surprise to me to receive a letter from a man who has been inside a mammoth, secret underground base built inside a hollow mountain in Norway. Though the letter is written on United States military stationery, I have elected not to reproduce it as an illustration out of respect for the writer’s anonymity. I have, however, seen fit to include a cropped copy of a diagram of the interior of the base, as drawn by the writer, and included in his letter. (See Illustration 2-1.) I have very slightly edited the portion of the letter quoted below to obscure this soldier’s identity, rank and military branch.

My reserve unit was activated just prior to Operation Desert Storm. We are a Cold Weather Unit and as such we were sent to Norway to take part in a NATO War Game “Operation Battle Griffin”. It was on this operation that I was sent to do some work inside one of several “Hollowed Out” mountains. At the time, I was a [here he names his rank- author’s note] and was picked for a work detail along with [here he identifies the other men- author’s note] to go to the Mountain. I was rather excited to go on this work detail … [excised sentence fragment – author’s note].

Before leaving to go to the mountain we were briefed and inspected which is unusual for a working detail. We were told not to try to see where we were going or which roads we would take. Absolutely no cameras could be taken and nothing considered confidential could leave the mountain. We then left with Norwegian Escorts as they are the only ones who know which roads to take. (According to the briefing the roads crisscrossed in a maze pattern to confuse enemy tank drivers, the Norwegians knew which roads would get us there. We were put in the back of a truck in complete darkness. It was day time but the truck was covered completely.) After driving for a while we came to a stop then heard the sound of Doors opening. We drove into the Mountain and after about a minute or so we stopped. (We were driving at a slow speed at this time.) We got out and looked around. The place was absolutely huge! The smallest area was the entrance which a main battle Tank could easily drive through. The area we were working in was about 300 yards long and maybe 30 yards or so wide the height was about 40 feet or more. It was so big that no one felt cramped or claustaphobic (sic). We were in only one section. I have drawn a diagram of what I saw for you on the back of this letter.

The whole cavity was lined in white plastic type material. This material had various sized zippered doorways, Being curious we opened several of the zippered sections, but all we found was the solid rock of the mountain. [sentence deleted here - author’s note]. We were inside for several hours stacking gear my unit had used in the operation then left with the same formality we had come.

And here is where my source ends his letter. Brief though his account may be, it nevertheless suffices to convey something of the monstrous size of the facility that he entered. It is noteworthy that the enormous facility that he saw quite possibly was just one portion of a much larger underground base. He additionally alludes to the existence of multiple hollowed out mountains – the underground base he worked in is evidently only one of several.

Somewhere Deep Beneath The East Coast of the United States

The following was recounted to me by a man who had worked for the Army Corps of Engineers during the Vietnam War era. As part of his training on American soil, prior to his departure to Southeast Asia, he was briefly sent to tour a couple of underground bases somewhere on the East Coast of the United States.

I asked him where the bases were located and he said, “I don’t remember.” Of course, this evasive answer is likely to be a lie, presumably due to his security clearances. As you will see, his description of the facilities is sufficiently interesting that it is highly unlikely that anyone, least of all a military man, would forget their locations.

I asked him to tell me a little about the bases and he said that when they sealed up from the outside world, they could do so quite rapidly, within tenths of seconds. Massive, multi-ton reinforced doors like those on bank vaults would slam shut virtually instantaneously. Anyone who had the misfortune to be standing there would be instantly squashed like a tomato. It would all happen much too fast for anyone to react in time to escape instant death.

I asked him about the food supply, and he said that he saw hydroponic gardens in the underground bases, for growing food in the event of prolonged periods of isolation from the topside world.

And that was where our conversation ended. He clammed up and would say little more about the subterranean facilities he had visited.

But what little he did divulge was very revealing. By implication, there are contingency plans for surviving underground for the long term, sealed off from the outside world. And these plans evidently go back at least to the late 1960s to early 1970s.

Secret Bases in the National Forests in California?

I heard something along a similar line in 1995, just after I published my first book, Underground Bases and Tunnels. I was discussing my research with a middle-aged woman who had known a young Native American man in Denver, Colorado. She told me that this young man had been quietly approached during the 1980s by officials from the Reagan administration. The officials were inquiring about obtaining non-hybrid, fertile, heirloom seeds from Native American varieties of food crops indigenous to the western states. They wanted these seeds to be taken into and stored in an underground facility then under construction in one of the National Forests in California.

Their reasoning appeared to be that the original Native American food crop varieties had more vigor, and produced better crops under adverse climate conditions, than did the less vigorous, more inbred varieties of seed available on the commercial agricultural market. In the event of a catastrophe that disrupted growing conditions (such as nuclear war? geological upheaval? solar storms? comet and/or asteroid impacts?), they evidently wanted seed varieties that would dependably produce at least some food, so that agriculture could be reestablished, after people left the underground base.

 Underwater Base in Gulf of Mexico?

About a half year after the publication of Underwater and Underground Bases, I was contacted by a man who said he had knowledge of an unusual underwater project in the Atlantic Ocean. In response to my questioning, he elaborated a little on what he meant by Atlantic Ocean. It turned out that when he said the project was in the Atlantic Ocean he meant that it was located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean basin. This obviously potentially includes all the bays, gulfs, straits, channels and seas that comprise the greater Atlantic basin, as well as the Atlantic Ocean proper.

Upon further questioning he specified that the project was under the seabed of the Gulf of Mexico, and that Parsons was the contractor. He went on to say that Parsons had purchased some specialty equipment intended for operation 2,800 feet beneath the sea floor. This was in about 1997 or so. He thought that the work was somewhere in the eastern part of the Gulf, though he could not be certain.

My source worked for a company that manufactured equipment routinely used in the underground mining and excavation industries. He handled an order from Parsons for an underground project that aroused his curiosity enough to ask a few questions. In response to his questions he was told that the equipment was intended for a deep project beneath the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. He did not know the project’s ultimate purpose. He mentioned too that other companies had also purchased the same equipment from his company for use underwater. The equipment is distinctive enough that it clearly presupposes the presence of live human beings in the places where it is installed.

Now I cannot definitively prove or disprove the presence of a deep facility built by Parsons under the seafloor of the Gulf of Mexico in the closing years of the 20th Century. However, a story like this surely does raise a host of interesting questions. My research has clearly demonstrated that Parsons is one of the premier underground construction firms in the United States, and that it does underground construction and tunneling for a broad range of major corporations and government agencies, including military agencies. Moreover, my research unambiguously shows that the Gulf of Mexico has been the focus of a considerable amount of deep sea drilling by the petroleum industry, as well as by academic and government oceanographers and geologists. Furthermore, there has even been discussion in the open literature of excavating huge caverns beneath the floor of the Gulf of Mexico to store petroleum. It is also the case that the seabed of the Gulf of Mexico is covered with scores of salt domes that would be perfectly suitable for sub-sea excavation and construction of deeply buried, manned, sub-sea-floor bases. So I do not find it hard to believe that Parsons may have simply gone ahead and quietly done what others merely talked about. Such a project would be well within the capabilities of a wealthy, powerful, technologically advanced company such as Parsons.

Indeed, my findings suggest it would not be overly problematic to excavate caverns beneath the Gulf of Mexico and put something else in them besides petroleum. That something else could conceivably be almost anything – a secret genetic engineering laboratory, a clandestine prison, a human clone production facility, a highly-secure CIA cocaine warehouse for illegal narcotics in transit between Latin America and the multi-billion dollar North American market, a clandestine nuclear weapons store house, a joint alien-U.S. military base, a super-secure Presidential command center, a super-secure bunker for Parsons corporate executives and board directors, an ark populated with a select human population destined to survive possible apocalypse – and let your imagination run with your own possibilities. I have heard two other second-hand anecdotal accounts of secret bases beneath the Gulf of Mexico, one purportedly in the eastern Gulf near Florida, the other in the western Gulf, near Texas. And there is also anecdotal evidence from Puerto Rican coastal waters, in the nearby Caribbean Sea, of U.S. Navy activities that are consistent with the possible construction of one or more sub-sea-floor bases there using the Rock-Site methods that I outlined in Underwater and Underground Bases.

I am inclined toward the belief that the story my corporate source told me contains a solid core of fact; that there is a clandestine undersea base beneath the Gulf of Mexico, and that Parsons was involved in its construction. Indeed, I am beginning to suspect that there are multiple clandestine, manned, high-tech facilities buried deep beneath the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. If I had to guess, I would say that clandestine U.S. military units are involved there, one or more of the major petroleum companies and other agencies as well.

Such facilities could even house elements from the shadowy world of organized crime and neo-Nazi groups, which have been at the core of the American military-industrial-espionage apparatus beginning with Operation Paperclip in the 1940s, and continuing right down to the present day. Thousands of “ex”-Nazis were brought to the United States after WW-II and inserted into positions of influence at the Pentagon, at NASA and in so-called “private” industry. They burrowed away and went to work, networking with each other as they infiltrated the innards of the American military-industrial-espionage complex from the inside out. Over the years, as I have pursued my research, I have run across their trail time and again, in conversation, on the rare occasion in person, in documents in dusty archives. The Nazi imprint on the world did not die with the cessation of open armed conflict between the Axis and Allied powers in 1945. Oh no. The Nazi movement just morphed a little bit and slithered off into another lair across the ocean, there to insinuate itself into the darkest recesses of compartmentalized secrecy, there to lick its wounds and lie in wait for another, better day— its dreams of world conquest held in abeyance for yet a little longer.

1. James Bamford, The Puzzle Palace: A Report on America’s Most Secret Agency (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1982).

2. Richard Sauder, Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide? (Kempton, Illinois: Adventures Unlimited Press, 1995).

3. Mag-lev trains, i.e., magnetic levitation trains that hover and ride on a very rapidly moving magnetic field, rather than on rails.

4. Richard Sauder, Underwater and Underground Bases (Kempton, Illinois: Adventures Unlimited Press, 2001).


Approaching Cataclysm? A Conclusion of the Underground Bases
By Dr. Richard Sauder theintelhub.com May 15, 2012

So why all the secrecy and clandestine underground and underwater activity? Is Armageddon coming? Is the Apocalypse right around the corner?

Do the clandestine movers and shakers inside the military-industrial-espionage complex know something that the rest of us don’t? Are we like lemmings unwittingly flocking toward a sheer precipice whose existence we do not evenly dimly suspect?

At times I wonder. Maybe this is one of the reasons for massive underground bases and secret tunnels. Maybe something BIG is coming up fast?

I actually posed this question to one of my sources and got a wonderfully evasive, sphinx-like answer that frankly raised more questions in my mind than it answered.

As best as I could parse the response, it seems that at least some, and perhaps many, underground and underwater bases and tunnels are preparations for the following possibilities in the relatively near term (say within the time-frame of the next several years to next few decades):

▪    potential nuclear war

▪    change in physics of rotation of the Earth, i.e., a pole shift, or axis relocation

▪    reversal of Earth’s magnetic field

▪    entering a galactic dust cloud

▪    asteroid and/or comet strikes

▪    massive, sudden climate change

▪    social, political and economic chaos resulting from any of the preceding

▪    a combination of any one or more of the above.

In other words, very dramatic events may be just around the corner. It seems as if those in the know are making massive, extremely expensive preparations for something.

 Conclusion: Import of the Anecdotal Stories

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the preceding accounts is that most of them were recounted directly to me by people who worked for the military-industrial complex, in some cases in the uniformed military services themselves.

This is a recurring theme in my research. Time and again I have been approached by ex-military personnel, and, I believe, even active-duty military personnel in some cases.

Why should this be the case? I believe it is because some people who are involved in the activities of the United States military see things that bother them, or perhaps are asked to carry out duties that trouble them.

Some of these people then leak information to a researcher such as myself, in hopes that some of what they have seen, or have been asked to do, will trickle out into the public domain, for the greater edification of the general population.

I can only speculate as to their personal motivations, but I think their concerns must be personal ethical misgivings, in some cases, deep political unease at the machinations of secret, unconstitutional government, and even profound strategic military misgivings in others.

For example, it may be technologically possible to design, build and deploy continent-busting weaponry that far exceeds the destructive power of nuclear weaponry, but is it morally advisable to do so? Is it militarily advisable to do so?

Under what conceivable set of circumstances would a military command structure literally unleash hell on Earth, such that entire continents, or regions of continents were laid waste? What sane person would set in motion such a series of events?

What sane person would care to inhabit a planet that had been reduced to a smoldering, radioactive cinder? Under what fiendish mind-set could such an outcome be considered a “victory”?

Or again, if the underground and underwater infrastructure of secret bases and tunnels has possibly grown so extensive, so sophisticated and so out-of-the-oversight of the constitutionally mandated political checks and balances prescribed by open, civil government, then it may be that the well-being of the American people, and perhaps many others as well, is profoundly threatened by a stealthy, massively funded, high-tech, underground and/or undersea power about which they remain blissfully unaware, the nefarious intentions and plans of which run directly counter to their best interests.

Indeed, if I had to guess, I would surmise that more than a few of my sphinx-like sources have concerns that run very much along these lines. They see things they do not approve of, but they are severely hemmed in and constrained by rigorous security clearances that carry severe penalties for violations.

What would you do, in their place, if you saw something with which you profoundly disagreed, but could not speak out openly, for fear of being sentenced to many years in prison, and/or very heavily fined? Or perhaps even targeted for personal liquidation, i.e., assassination, for speaking publicly?

You just might very quietly and anonymously leak a bit of information to an investigative author in hopes that it would find its way into his next book, or magazine article, or radio interview, and thereby find its way out into the world and the light of day where thousands, eventually millions, of other people could read it, hear it, and ponder its significance.


Denver Airport and the Rand’s VHST Transit
By Jonny Phoenix AlienDigest.com August 5, 2012

The Denver International Airport (DIA) was built in 1995 on a 53 square mile plot, even though Denver had an existing and fully functional airport. Despite the modern design of the DIA it offered no technological advantage as it had less runways for air traffic to negotiate.

What DIA does have, is an amazing amount of space. What is all of the space for?

A strange plaque at DIA shows the “New World Airport Commission”. What is this? There is no such commission openly documented or recorded. Is this some clue to who controls the facility, is there some secret governing body connected to the New World Order and their sinister agendas?

Why does ominous Mayan artwork line the hallways?

Some say that the DIA serves as a spaceport a well also catering to Et’s and other humanoid types.

I have even heard reports that vent shafts, and strange mine tailings can be found all around the area and has been rumored that the Queen of the Netherlands has nearby land adjacent to the complex.

It has been the topic of great speculation that the DIA facility contains a secret deep underground military base complex including an expansive network of tunnels linked to the Very High Speed Transit (VHST) system built by the black bag sector of the US Government and the Rand Corp.

VIP’s and shady figureheads can be whisked throughout the country at speeds up to 10,000 mph in an underground network of airless tunnels spanning the entire CONUS (Continental United States) with Magneto-LEVITION train technology.

In fact, the LA Times and theintelhub.com have reported on this technology.

An excerpt from a well researched article entitled L.A. to N.Y. in Half an Hour: 10,000 Plus M.P.H. Tunnel Train Used ... reads;

The Vary High Speed Transit System (VHST) was a Rand Corporation concept that was presented to the military industrial complex in the 1970′s.

The concept was way ahead of it’s time, exactly what the secret sinister government needed to connect their vast expansions of underground bases throughout the United States and in various regions worldwide.

This could offer an explanation for some of the recent strange sounds and booms across the country.

The late (and presumably murdered) Phil Schneider spoke about what he called an Electro Magneto Leviton Train System that traveled at speeds in excess of Mach 2.

The VHST and its proposed routes, (vast advanced tunnel systems) at the time of it’s conception in the early 1970′s, fit and follow other underground base researchers findings as well as some of my own.

An interesting aspect within the Rand Corp. document is the fact that the tunnels are way to expansive to pump all of the air out at once to create the frictionless environment needed travel at speeds in excess of 10,000+ MPH.

The air has to be evacuated from the tunnel system in segments with large crucially timed mechanized door systems as the train passes through each vapor locked section.

Electrical and mechanical noises would ensue from such operation of massive airlock doors throughout the tunnel system once the underground bases or VHST were fully operational.

During this process strange air like sounds, hums, and mechanized sounds would persist especially if the tunnels were at a depth of 400 – 800 feet (semi shallow in underground base terms). Energy is also returned into the system as the trains decelerate.

The recent Clintonville booms might also be explained as underground sonic booms.

As the trains reach the speed of sound, a sonic boom could be heard and felt. Multiple booms could persist in one area as the train reaches the speed of sound at the same point in the tunnel system every trip.

But what is most startling to me is a conversation I overheard one time. A man was explaining what happened to him during a layover at the DIA to someone he knew, it peaked my interest.

The man sounded frightened and nervous, spouting aloud something to this nature;

“I went into a freight elevator by accident the doors closed and it took me down for a long while, it felt very fast. When the doors opened I was in an elaborate looking hallway with rather high ceilings, the markings and languages looked foreign to me. I then tried to use what looked like the restroom. As I walked in I noticed indeed it was a restroom, but the urinals and toilets were about 3 times normal size, they appeared to be built for giants.”

This has stood out in the back of my mind for awhile now as I have speculated that yes the DIA could house an underground facility.


Secret Undersea Base Located


By Joseph P. Skipper skweezer.com September 17, 2012

In the above 1st image the red “X” and its highlighted coordinates mark the evidence location as well as the type of Philippine Sea underwater terrain it is located in. Note that this location is basically in the middle of no where well out east of the Philippine islands and Taiwan and northwest of Guam. All are familiar names to those versed in WWII information.

Note also that it is located on an elevated ridge system that forms the eastern boundary of a deep water basin that goes down west into what appears to be an abyssal plain extending west toward the Philippines. You should know that this whole area is associated with the northern part of the Mariana Trench system. The deepest part of the Mariana Trench known as Challenger Deep is in the dark narrow area immediately south of the island of Guam in the image lower right corner.

Understanding ocean bottom terrain characteristics is important to understanding the evidence site here and its potential. In the open ocean deep there can be sea mounts that are known to fishermen even from ancient times. Sea mountsare nothing more than mountains or mountain ranges on the ocean bottom the tops of which may come close to the ocean surface but not breach it. If the top does break the surface creating exposed land, from a mariner’s point of view it is of course known as an “island.”

Because of their elevated mass, sea mounts can dramatically effect water currents swirling around them and that can attract concentrations of living creatures such as fish, whales, etc. and thereby of course fishermen who sometimes try to keep their locations secret from their fishing competitors. They may even spread rumors about the dangers of fishing around them to help keep others away. As you can see in the above image, this evidence site is right on and part of a elevated mountain ridge system oriented north and south extending south from Japan.

It would not be unreasonable to anticipate that any sea mount in these Mariana Trench system depths might be accompanied by others nearby along the same ridge system.

The above 2nd image provides a closer view of the evidence location site. However, as you can see, there is nothing here in this view to really see. The site itself is hidden by concentration of smudge treatments within the yellow circle. Further, The rough textured background you see extending around and further out from this spot where I have put “not real” labels is just that, not real. It is some form of very advanced image tampering covering and hiding what otherwise might have been seen in this area.

What is incredible from my research point of view is that we are suppose to be looking at fixed satellite imaging. Yet this textured background moves and sways back and forth and from side to side as though attempting to mimic a major field of kelp or some other vegetation fixed to the bottom moving in response to constantly shifting water currents. It immediately comes to mind that a constantly shifting and moving false background like this would be very hard to nearly impossible to defeat graphically and is a really powerful obfuscation tool.

Worse, Google Earth has massive amounts of this type of obfuscation all around its Earth globe and especially in suspect places where someone like me would want to look. In fact, for a researcher like me, its presence suggests that something may be hidden in the areas it appears in and draws research attention for a closer even if often futile look.

In the above 3rd image just a tiny ever so slight amount of increased zoom and presto what you see above in image #2 literally pops suddenly into view like a hole in a closed door. At first the evidence site appears to be a typical shallow atoll sticking out of the water but closer inspection reveals this is actually all submerged underwater and remember that this site is a part of the Mariana Trench system which also makes it part of one of the deepest areas of the world’s oceans.

Before we go in for a closer look at the evidence in the next image, please note the textured background out and around this hole in the tampering. Note that the objects (false vegetation) would be impossibly gigantic relative to the evidence site true size. This demonstrates that one cannot trust the scale data supplied by Google Earth when this kind of manipulation is going on in an image.

In the above 4th image we’re still looking at the evidence site through the hole in the tampering but now closer. The white surf on the north (upper) side of the site demonstrates waves moving from the darker really deep water onto the lighter color shallower water above this submerged mountain sea mount. Note that the very narrow band of light color terrain just outside the wave line into the darker water indicates a quick sharp drop into much deeper water. So we are looking at a submerged sea mount here coming fairly close to the surface but not breaching it as an island sticking out of the water.

Note the clouds pointed out by my labeling. Note the dark shadow on the left cast by one of the clouds. This demonstrates just how distant this scene really is and again why Google Earth stated scales often can’t be trusted.

The above 5th–8th images positions us as close as possible to the evidence before distortion completely takes over. The structures here all appear to be underwater and I’m thinking the rectangular four joined constructs may be related to the resin structures seen in my 2010 Report #178 on Air Force Dugway land here in the USA and specifically images #3 and #11-14 in that report.

These rectangular structures together may be presented as experimental marine habitats of some kind? Maybe but I suspect that they are considerably more than that located as they are between two round stations that I suspect are for docking of round UFO/USO type craft as well as perhaps submarines. The fact that these facilities are located underwater and thereby hidden but in a shallow location suggests that they may represent Earth technological constructs rather than something like alien technology.

If you will refer back to the context 1st image at the beginning of this report, again note that the evidence here is located on an undersea ridge line. In Google Earth my search does not reveal any other nearby islands or seamount’s along this particular north/south oriented ridge line. However, note that there is another north/south ridge line parallel to this one located relatively nearby to the east. That ridge line has some small islands sticking out of the water all along its length where the ridge mountain tops breach the water’s surface.

It is likely that this particular sea mount evidence site was chosen for this facility because of its remoteness. It is after all well hidden underwater here as a ship would have to almost literally run directly across it to detect it. I would be interested to see what nautical charts of this area say about it and if there are any warnings posted for ships to steer clear of the site or if there is a reference to this being a military site and to steer clear of it for that reason?

As for Google Earth not showing any other sea mounts or islands along the evidence ridge line, that is not something that can be trusted to be truth in my opinion. Google is way too “cooperative” with the US military and other countries as to what they desire to be kept secret for you and I to trust them in this regard. Even so, someone obviously wants this particular site to be seen by someone in Google Earth and that’s the reason for the tight little “hole” in the obfuscation image tampering treatments in Google Earth revealing this evidence’s presence.

I suspect they just hoped that it wouldn’t be you and I. It is after all very difficult to find unless one has the specific coordinates and then have sufficient zoom on the site to reveal it. Any thing less than that will not pop open the revealing hole (window) and then there just isn’t anything there to see but featureless smudge as shown in the 2nd image here. It seems that confirming this site’s presence at this location in a public program like Google Earth met someone’s requirements.

It is the same with how it was brought to my attention. The site’s coordinates with sufficient zoom factor were brought to my attention in an apparent casual way by a party who wishes to remain anonymous in Southeast Asia.

The point is though that someone here on Earth appears to have both the technology and financial commitment (expensive to build underwater) to construct such a fairly extensive and modern hidden undersea facility out in the vastness of international waters whether using borrowed alien technology or not. In this case the evidence has a fair amount of image tampering on it and that combined with the water depth and waves helps make it very difficult to inspect and assess its purpose. The round evidence in the distorted closer views is heavily obfuscated but appears to show some evidence of palisade vertical uprights at the perimeter edge and that is curious.

I note that the ground on the sea mount top surface around the evidence, although visually distorted due to water depth, wave action, and tampering, does not show any marks of construction equipment activity. We can’t read too much into that though because storms passing over this site may have erased evidence of that via water turbulence if the site has very much age on it.

One thing that doesn’t make much sense though is that lower flying aircraft passing over this site through the years would likely be able to see any round craft or submarine activity at the site if someone was looking. At the very least, the basic structures would be quite visible in good weather. Yet, there it is. It doesn’t seem to make much sense to locate such an undersea site where it can be that easily seen. unless its location is strategic to something critical going on nearby that we can’t see?

That is unless its location is strategic to something important going on nearby that we can’t see and no one wants us to know about? Could this be the case and it is hidden from us in Google Earth?

ADDENDUM 9/11/2012

Alert viewers have brought new informative information to my attention on this report which I'll share with you here and via this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okinotorishima. It appears this site on the Pslau-Kyushu Ridge system was first visited by Spanish mariners in the mid 1500s and named by them "Parece Vela" which translates into "looks like a sail." Geological references apparently still primarily use this designation. It appears the Japanese may have found it in the late 1800s eventually naming it "Okinotorishima" or the "Okinotori Islands" translating to "remote bird islands" and trying to claim it exclusively as the southern most islands of Japan in the early 1900s. The site is referred to as an atoll because it is suppose to have had just five rocks sticking less than 3 inches out of the water with the bulk of the site submerged even at low tide. The Japanese supposedly started to establish a presence on the atoll likely more to support acquisition claims to it that were interrupted by WWII. The story goes that from 1987 to 1993 the Japanese built round steel and concrete structures as breakwaters to retard wave erosion at the site. In 1988 they built rectangular structures on stilts as a marine investigation facility complete with a helo landing pad. The above Wikipedia article link contains a distant but fairly clear aerial angled picture of the site showing it mostly submerged except for threeelevated round structures and the tight group of rectangular structures. You'll note in the Google Earth imaging posted here that only two round structures are visible in that material. This may be because of the too close encroachment of image tampering on the perimeter of the site in Google Earth on the west end of the shallows. This information would explain a lot of things associated with this site but not all. For example, after reading the Wikipedia article, why would someone be so persistent and spend so many millions of dollars from limited resources on this place unless it has some sort of strategic value to someone that we can't properly see or appreciate here? Further, why would the satellite images be so hard to come upon in Google Earth without the specific coordinates and then once found be so visually degraded that is often typical of covert facilities making ascertaining details of the evidence so difficult? Surely there should be nothing worth obscuring on old worn constructions likely abandoned for long years. Someone places a high value on this mostly submerged site in a relationship that isn't readily apparent in any of the sanitized Google Earth visual material available to us. You must decide for yourself but this old dog is still suspicious and asking questions. Joseph P. Skipper, Investigator



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