Issue #38 2017

Email Update
November 12 2017


George Soros and his NWO efforts continue to be exposed, as does the globalist agenda in general, the forgotten criminal history of the FBI, the UN admits that the Paris climate deal was a fraud, how consumerism is ruining our lives and the world, the Paradise Papers expose more 'elite' financial dodginess, how trees communicate, the Labour government and fascism, George Bush has a cry, Kim Dotcom gets a settlement, some points on real wealth, mass surveillance spies taken to court - and another dollop of Soros getting burned.

November 12 - 2017 - George Soros Could Not Subvert Europe Without Washington’s Approval...

November 12 - 2017 - MI6, MI5, GCHQ In Court Over Mass Surveillance Practices + Distrust...

November 11 - 2017 - Rich And Famous In The Paradise Papers

November 11 - 2017 - What Is Real Wealth?

November 10 - 2017 - Dotcom Wins Confidential Settlement For Dawn Raid In 2012

November 10 - 2017 - George W. Bush Bashes Cheney, Rumsfeld: ‘They Didn’t Make One F****...

November 9 - 2017 - Labour May Target 'Extremist' Views On Vaccination & Brave Aust...

November 9 - 2017 - A Biologist Believes That Trees Speak A Language We Can Learn

November 8 - 2017 - Paradise Papers: The Shadowy World Of Big Money

November 8 - 2017 - How Consumerism Is Ruining Our Lives And The World

November 7 - 2017 - The UN Admits That The Paris Climate Deal Was A Fraud + UNESCO Boot...

November 7 - 2017 - The FBI’s Forgotten Criminal Record

November 6 - 2017 -  Brave New World And Individual Power & How The Elite Dominate T...

November 6 - 2017 - Google And Soros-Backed ‘Fact-Checkers’ Join Forces To Control News...

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Great compilation of issues that are effecting our world and the individual's psyche.

Ignorance doesn't help in fixing the problem as it is a fact that Global Consciousness can be measured.


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