Wannacry Ransomware Attack Suspected North Korean Link

Wannacry Ransomware Attack Suspected North Korean Link

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From Wired.com:

As the WannaCry ransomware epidemic wreaked havoc across the globe over the past three days, cybersecurity researchers and victims alike have asked themselves what cybercriminal group would paralyze so many critical systems for such relatively small profit? Some researchers are now starting to point to the first, still-tenuous hint of a familiar suspect: North Korea.

On Monday, Google researcher Neel Mehta issued a cryptic tweet containing only a set of characters. They referred to two portions of code in a pair of malware samples, along with the hashtag #WannaCryptAttribution. Researchers immediately followed Mehta’s signposts to an important clue: An early version of WannaCry—one that first surfaced in February—shared some code with a backdoor program known as Contopee. The latter has been used by a group known as Lazarus, a hacker cabal increasingly believed to operate under the North Korean government’s control.

“There’s no doubt this function is shared across these two programs,” says Matt Suiche, a Dubai-based security researcher and the founder of the security firm Comae Technologies. “WannaCry and this [program] attributed to Lazarus are sharing code that’s unique. This group might be behind WannaCry also.”

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Guess we should bomb them back to the stone-age then.  Wait, we did that in 1953. Shouldn't they still be trying to invent the wheel rather than launching satellites and hacking the worlds computer systems.  Bloody North Korean cavemen.

Didn't they invent Bitcoin too?  makes sense now...

Smash them down and they pop right back up like mushrooms.

I wonder what the Pre Neolithic Syrians will invent?

North Korea? Really??  They don't have the means to create this kind of virus. This is more of a 'stuxnet' scenario where the US/Israel created the virus to attack Iran's nuclear facilities.

Don't buy the North Korea notion for a second.

So they reference the Sony hack alleged to be from North Korea, they did not fucking fact check their shit, because it turned out to be a disgruntled employee (of a few of them )who released the information to the public.  Sony was NOT hacked whatsoever in that case. 

My post is over here >  http://thecontrail.com/forum/topics/very-large-scale-ransomeware-cr...

Just like Obama did with Iran, Bill Clinton provided North Korea with the ammunition needed for the pretext of an excuse for the one world agenda. America provided the two nuclear reactors and South Korea paid for them to be built!

Wouldn't place much faith in that story.The neocons are really trying to stack the deck against NK as well as Syria and Iran.

If you read between the lines guys, they are actually saying that the claimed link to North Korea is extremely tenuous and lacking in evidence. The title is perhaps a bit misleading, but I published this particular article for it's relatively balanced and honest take on the whole thing...as opposed to the majority of MSN items which really pushed the NK link as if it were proven fact.

The Image of Kim at the keys was added by myself to show just how seriously I take the NK hacking link claim.

I think they'll pull anything and everything out of the hat to make Kim Jong into the next in a long line of "cartoon" villains. I'm sure you can name the predecessors!

That's my biggest issue, MAJOR CLAIM, then all the words after betray that notion of the claim.  MSM is nothing more than hyper-sensationalized click bait. 

Now you understand why I published it! It's the old "never judge an article by it's headline" thing. Sadly, the mainstream loves to do this and the public fall for it every time.

Harks all the way back to the infamous Condon Report "Trick", where they published the conclusion at the start of the report: "Ufos don't exist", yet the text of the study actually demonstrated otherwise.

Yes, MSM is trashy click bait, but if I feel it's important to know what is being spoon fed to the masses if one wishes to discern the agendas behind the lies and distortions and sensationalism (and it's not just the mainstream that's guilty of it either).



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