These pictures are from a NZ friend who bravely took on her skin cancer with black slave.  She put a little salve on a tiny 'mole' that she had had for many years and it came up like this!

She could feel the cancer leaving her body through this site on her forearm for months. It wasn't a two week process.  She braved it and stood her ground with the doctors who admonished her for her natural healing choices.  She continued under naturopathic care and used the gentler option of broccoli to continue draw the cancers.

Her naturopath helped her heal this monster with NO SCAR.

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Wonderful story thank you and your friend for sharing this personal experience with us. It's courage like this that will only prevail over the cancer quaks pushing chemo slash burn "medicine". Peace

Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment: Ingrid Naiman ...

Dr Ingrid Naiman s book, Cancer Salves, is the best work I've ever been .... about the amazing salves, like blood root and the black and yellow salves, but could ...

Mashed broccoli sprouts Rose?

So, what's the story with the broccoli ?

Hi Nicola a lot here to go on with

Thanks. For a moment I thought you had to put that on top of your cancer too!

Yes I think that is the idea but I am sure its mashed broccoli sprouts. they are far more potent. Our mothers told us to eat our greens ,now we are the old wives.

What are broccoli sprouts ? I know broccoli and I know sprouts, but I don't know broccoli sprouts!

Got rid of tiny skin cancers using one drop of essential oil of Frankincense three times a day.  Only took a few weeks for them to disappear.

That sounds less frightening!

Not frightening at all. Kings seeds do sprouting broccoli seeds. Sprout, mash, apply. They smell cabbagey.

Aha! Now I understand !

Yes, both options are a lot less frightening (and far more effective) than surgery.


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