Earlier this year, Labour’s Andrew Little voiced his support for coercing New Zealand parents into vaccinating their children, to follow Australia’s example.

Now, yet another threat is looming. No doubt you all have seen over the last few days the mainstream media pushing the “positivity” of Jacinda Ardern’s recent election to head the New Zealand Labour Party on August 1, 2017. This blatant propaganda has continued today on TV One’s Q&A program at 9 am, and TV3’s The Nation at 10 am this morning Sunday, 6 August 2017.

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From blogger J:

Message to all New Zealanders: Please do read and watch all of this material.
This General Election is the most important in New Zealand’s history because if Jacinda Ardern (yes, she is a dedicated Communist) becomes PM with her and the Labour Party’s Marxist policies, it is going to turn this beautiful little country into a Communist/Fascist state almost  OVERNIGHT! I will predict two or three years. Look at what has happened to socialist countries like Greece, Brazil and Venezuela  that have been wrecked by the same socialist policies being proposed by the NZ Labour Party – a tyrannical, corrupt government, huge increases in debt and government spending, capital gains, land and wealth taxes on the middle class producers, causing hyperinflation and depreciation of the currency, and in general the destruction of the entire economy leading to a massive rise in poverty.  Usually at the beginning in the first two or three years of implementing these socialist policies the economy gets a big lift due to the increased spending and borrowing, but once the debt gets out of control and the taxes begin to rapidly suppress production,, the tax revenue rapidly shrinks compared to increases in government spending and then the whole economic system begins to go belly up.
Please, please, I implore you. URGENTLY pass this email on to everybody you know.

Thank myself (god) I don't watch any of that bollocks, being already decidedly antisocial(ism).

Like with a lot of things there has been astronomical amounts printed to prove what is said above is true.

However obviously nobody has been understanding what they read, the ad's, Sensationalism and "Entertainment" distracts them or they too would be antisocial.

So I predict it is too late to understand now, but it won't make any difference to the overall trend already in progress anyway, or to the remedy for that trend which is also...too hard for most people; certain, as they are, of their own importance in the "System".

But I'm not going to bore anyone with elaborating on any advice as this has also been printed to the Moon and back, "and if you don't know by now....then your children will be next".

I will say what I am going to do tho, being already well aware of my own Unimportance and being a Political Atheist: NOTHING.

I don't even know what day the "thing" is held and hopefully won't know till after the "fact".


(I dont agree with the standard definition of antisocial by the way and consider it to be contrived to increase devisions and confuse in "Society", whilst also by deception (and ignorance) demonising anyone who is against Socialism.)

The opposite of Socialism is taking 100% RESPONSIBILITY for yourself and your offspring-inconceivable to "Modern" Humans. 

And yet thats what we all did only a little more than 100 years ago, and it must have worked, because we are here, but Socialism won't get us there, thats for sure.

Margaret Thatcher, hated by many but admired by me (I left England just in time) for her many great sayings, said it best:

"The only trouble with Socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people's Money"

Thats the main reason we have to print it and be in eternal debt (that and all the cretinous "advancements" money for nothing can fund).

So which is it?

Morons will always vote to continue to CON themselves. 

Say what you want, but I am not voting.


It looks like a classic Hobson's Choice to me Saru G ...seriously!

Saru G. Would you vote for a No confidence in government party? 

If the idea is correct that 2/3 of voters eligible do not, because they realise the system is a corrupt divide & conquer the slaves con job. Imagine getting 2/3 of the vote with moi as benign dictator.

NZ could become an Iceland copy by forgiving our debt, writing a constitution, putting the mps & unelected bureaucrats in prison.

Same as it ever was. Time for the Progressive Alliance (The Red Team) to have a go.

Either way the Illuminati win.

This particular blogger is busy knocking labour hard and seems to leave National (Democratic Independant Union "the Blue Team") alone, yet until a few weeks ago he was knocking them with a vengeance!

Labour will almost certainly take government this time around (but will Russian or Chinese hackers will be blamed?).

In the words of Billy Connolly: "Fer F#cks sake, don't vote, it just encourages the b'stards!"

Shared on facebook by my other half Mischele adding her footnote:-

"Mischele's Footnote: Politicians & bureaucrats who are running our council's are DEBT ENSLAVING US via rates and borrowing from Local Govt. Funding Agency (LGFA) charging less interest BUT requiring exorbitant fees from councils. (Why bother?). They are STILL borrowing from overseas banksters. "Member"(of LGFA) council's such as Auckland Council have $7.1+billion in debt paying $1million interest DAILY. Each LGFA member council is jointly and severally liable for each other's debt should a council become bankrupt. Is your council a member as you could be paying heavily for Auckland Council and others downfall? This is about LOSS OF YOUR PROPERTY RIGHTS IN NEW ZEALAND! 
Those in the Ruapehu District Council area are about to be hooked into the lie. See Pg 14 and the detail. Also LGFA data for member councils.
SOLUTION: Govt. & local council's can borrow money for infrastructure via Public Finance Act through our own Reserve Bank of NZ with 0% interest and small administration fee.
What party apart from Democrats for Social Credit will implement this simple effective policy and stop NZ's demise? I'm guessing none."

Vote Red or Blue ....same team, may as well call it the NWO Purple Team. Coz red and blue make purple...capice?

Personally I might take election day (whenever the f that actually is...) and do some serious meditating on a world where everyone is forced to stop and take high doses of DMT. Bound to be better use of my time.

However, if anyone is actually serious about this I did find this out that Social Credit have vaguely better ideas than most..anti GE, anti 1080...anti NWO banking system etc. Another red herring perhaps?

Is it really too much to ask that someone in politics makes sense?


You're onto it Cat's. Red plus Blue equals royal Purple.

We were introduced to Democrats for Social Credit party 6+ years ago. Cats pajamas RE: red herring - actually no.  Social Credit was their name further back in NZ's history. In their heyday they had Bruce Beetham as their leader and it was their MMP policy which was adopted and used today (though it wasn't quite as they wanted apparently).  Had this policy been implemented in the '80's Social Credit third largest party (at the time) would have had I think 15 members in parliament.

They are in actual fact we learnt a party of "activists".  Their policies are common sense and their main policy is pushing for monetary reform i,e borrowing for infrastructure from our own Reserve Bank of NZ with no or very little interest and maybe a small admin fee.  This policy was used by Labour's PM Michael Joseph Savage back in the 1930's which enabled NZ to be the first country to come out of the Great Depression and Canada observed this and followed suit and became the second country out of the Depression.  This was where our State houses were built, schools, roads, hospitals etc.  There was plenty of work for all and paved way for the egalitarian society we have enjoyed.  BUT slowly the political parties in power over the years manipulated the system to suit selfish agendas and those of the PTB.  Hence where NZer's are today hopelessly entangled in the dysfunction. With little press coverage of the party brave enough to carry on with the "right" policies. They also say GST can be eliminated and a FTT (Financial Transactions Tax) implemented to replace - reaping say 10cents in every $100.  This will capture all the Banks and the financial markets transactions where they are not paying any tax and relieve the ordinary people of exorbitant taxes presently and add in for every NZer a Guaranteed basic income.   Would this not make for a happier society?  Bearing in mind we need to extract the country out of the "corporate" model/Law we find ourselves in.....and revert to Common Law etc...

Thanks for that breaking that down Alan.

Yes I did get the feeling the Democrats For Social Credit were bucking the system a bit but the smoke and mirrors politics is very hard for some of us to understand. Can't have the ordinary folk actually figuring stuff out eh?

Will check out their policies in more depth.

Probably already decided.I like the old saw:If voting made any difference,it would be illegal.

Threat of socialism is a tool of the globalists.

In the US,socialism is for the elite/banksters.


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