Water filter glyphosate removal lab test results released by Natural News – see the full video here

Image: Water filter glyphosate removal lab test results released by Natural News – see the full video here

(Natural News) As promised, Natural News is now releasing the full video showing the surprising results of the water filters vs. glyphosate lab tests. Our lab, CWC Labs, is the only laboratory in the world carrying out these tests and releasing the results directly to the public, for free.

To carry out the tests, we diluted glyphosate concentrate into water to create a 2ppm solution (two parts per million, or 2 ug / ml). This solution was then poured through all the water filters and the resulting water was collected and labeled. Before this, every water filter was thoroughly rinsed with clean, laboratory-grade purified water to flush their filters.

The resulting “filtered” glyphosate water was then analyzed using a high-end Waters triple quad mass spec instrument (LC-MS-MS), against a multi-point curve to quantitate the concentration of glyphosate remaining in the post-filtered water. (The video below shows the actual screen shots of the chromatography and mass spectrometry.)

Brands of water filters tested

We tested water filters from all the following brands. Note that we are receptive to testing more brands in a follow-up round of testing. No brands were deliberately excluded from these tests; we simply had to limit the testing to a certain number of water filters because, for the most part, we had to purchase these water filters ourselves (see full explanation and disclaimer below, as a few brands gave us water filters at no cost).

– Culligan
– Mavea
– Seychelle
– Brita
– Pur
– Zero Water
– Doulton
– Crystal Drop
– Zen
– Big Berkey
– Aqua Pail

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Water filters were significantly more effective than we had predicted

Three different categories of water filters were tested: Sports bottles, countertop pitchers, and countertop gravity filters. (We have not yet testing portable pump filters used by hikers.) On average, the sports bottles performed poorly, the countertop pitchers performed better, and the big gravity filters performed the best.

The good news is that these tests found water filters to be far more effective than we had predicted. In fact, these tests found one countertop filter that removed 100% of the glyphosate. Similarly, two of the large, countertop gravity filters were also confirmed to remove 100% of glyphosate. (See the video below for the actual brands that achieved 100% removal.)

Removing glyphosate from water is extremely difficult from a chemistry point of view because of the unique properties of the glyphosate molecule. It is very small (roughly 169 daltons) and highly polar, making it soluble in water and very difficult to separate from water. In fact, detecting glyphosate on lab instruments requires unique, complex chemistry far beyond the typical chromatography chemistry used to detect pesticides or common contaminants. (Read Glyphosate.news for more news updates on this cancer-causing herbicide.)

Very few labs in America are able to accurately test for glyphosate. CWC Labs, which I founded, worked for two years to refine a glyphosate method that worked reliably. CWC Labs is ISO accredited and is a recognized pioneer in forensic food analysis and food safety testing. With the help of many experienced chemists, scientists and mass spec experts, we finalized a mass spec analysis method for glyphosate that requires no post-column derivatization and has virtually no tailing on the chromatography, allowing for accurate, consistent quantitation. Our most recent quant curve fit coefficient, for example, was .999991, describing a near-perfect linear response to varying levels of analyte concentration.

Watch the full video here and see which filters did the best

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The video is available exclusively on Brighteon.com:


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