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From the Too Good To Be True Department:
by Martin Harris 11/10/18

After the strong opposition to the chlorination of Christchurch’s water supply (Fluoride free and formerly among the world’s purest aquifer supplies), the Christchurch City Council seems to have regrown it’s balls. In the aftermath of the earthquakes, the Council took a strong stance against the dangerous practice of Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing), and now the CCC has quit it’s alignment with the Government’s Water NZ.
Bearing in mind Christchurch has become a model 2030 Agenda “Resilient City”, This is extraordinary.
Both current and former Mayors approve of the move. Regarding Water NZ’s agenda to take control of the water supply from local council, ex mayor Garry Moore comments:
“The message that this sends to the Government is that the second largest city does not think that this is acceptable…I think it’s probably a rediscovery of the people’s republic of Christchurch. We don’t want Water NZ’s way of thinking.”
Garry Moore quote from The Star



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A tiny bit of light shining in the darkness?

Nice reporting Martin. I guess time will tell whether it's a " too good to be true " situation in the long run.

I'd like to think this is what it seems to be Marian, though time and experience have made me a skeptical and suspicious observer

Even if it turns out to be nothing more than a symbolic gesture, it gives us some hope that's still some fight and courage left in this world.

"There's still some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for!"

Some good news here! When engaging in the fight against fracking, we engage in Their fight. They fund both sides and as They write the rules....as They have all the money.....as They have all the weapons and military might.....we cannot win.  From where I sit, Fracking has more to do with the push to make clean water scarce....than the need for hydrocarbon fuel.  

The best antidote may be for humanity to learn about and develop their own access to pure water.

Primary Water.org

Everything we were taught (and are being taught) about water, is wrong.

Learn the truth and spread the word.

Just an idea,


Thank you VL.

Garry Moore deserves a medal and our moral support. I never really rated him much when he was mayor, but he is showing true courage now.

Prime Water - should be compulsory knowledge for all human beings. As should Prime Oil.

Both show the lies and rubbish we have been fed from our scientific community.


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