Alpha waves in the human brain are between 6 and 8 hertz. The wave frequency of the human cavity resonates between 6 and 8 hertz. All biological systems operate in the same frequency range. The human brain's alpha waves function in this range and the electrical resonance of the earth is between 6 and 8 hertz. Thus, our entire biological system the brain and the earth itself - work on the same frequencies. If we can control that same frequencies. If we can control that resonate system electronically, we can directly control the entire mental system of humankind. -Nikola Tesla
Zakaos XF. 5 Tone + V2k SD. Meter Block/Positive Cell Body Sound Healer (((HoAoP00O0o0o00AoHOoOP))))

Schumann Resonance is the very pulse of the Earth at 7.83 Hz, the frequency of Earth's natural harmonics. It is the natural resonant frequency of the planet and
matches that of human consciousness at the optimal alpha brain wave state.

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Excellent, I used this while doing bouncing this morning, and thought, Yes, I am going to play this every morning when I do the exerciser..Thank you for this Christmas gift Renate.

Is that why they are erecting all the new Cell phone Towers in higher frequencies, To take over our brain waves? Best we all wake up if this is true, and make a super effort to take them down...If they put them up, we must be able to take them down. 

Yep you are onto it Jen, and the alpha state is what we go into while watching TV by the way which is how they have deliberately programmed people (as in the alpha state we are completely open to suggestion).

In deep meditation one can access the much slower Theta and Delta states of consciousness which is how many use Transcendental Meditation to access true healing and spiritual alignment. I know many Christians find this challenging from what they have been taught but as the voice of experience its possible to have healings in Christ this way.

This was something I was told (as a former mind controlled asset)..that they definitely DO NOT want people getting into on mass. It could change the world.

Wonderful, thank you for this....


something somewhat related 

as I head out for last Day of 2017. Happy New Years all.


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