2 Minute Video – Honest Lithuanian Judge Fled To U.S. After Exposing A Pedophile Ring In Lithuania. Now She’s About To Be Deported Back To Lithuania Where She Faces Being Killed For What She Did!

Lithuaniean Judge Neringa Venckiene

Pedophiles Rule!   We don’t deport illegal immigrants this fast.  We sure don’t want the wealthy elite pedophiles exposed, and they may not be if Bill and Hillary and her perverted friends have anything to say about it.   It’s interesting to note that NBC Chicago News plays down the pedophilia part of this story – if it were the Roman Catholic Church, maybe it would be a bigger issue?

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US Judge Refuses to Halt Extradition of Lithuanian Ex-Judge

Neringa Venckiene in Lithuania. (Courtesy Juozas Valiušaitis via AP, File)


CHICAGO (AP) — A former Lithuanian lawmaker appeared close to fainting in a Chicago federal courtroom Thursday as a judge refused to halt her extradition to her homeland, where she faces charges stemming from her claims about the existence of a ring of influential pedophiles.

Lawyers for Neringa Venckiene, 47, said they would immediately appeal the decision to the 7th U.S. District Court of Appeals. That likely means Venckiene won’t be forced on a plane back to Lithuania for at least several weeks.

Venckiene was a central figure in a scandal that gripped and divided Lithuanians before she fled to Chicago in 2013 as prosecutors prepared charges. Also a former judge, Venckiene is viewed by some Lithuanians as a heroine for exposing a seedy criminal network, but others see her as a manipulator who fabricated the pedophilia claims.

As it became clear the ruling wasn’t going her way Thursday in U.S. District Court, Venckiene — standing in orange jail garb — appeared near to collapsing and had to be helped to a seat. When the judge asked if she wanted a break, Venckiene said: “No, no.” But the judge recessed for five minutes anyway, as Venckiene drank water and dabbed her face with a tissue.

Venckiene told The Associated Press in an interview from her high-rise jail in Chicago earlier this year that she feared shadowy figures she upset with her accusations about a pedophilia ring and corruption in Lithuania could kill her if she is extradited.

“The judge pretty much signed my mom’s death sentence,” her 19-year-old son, Karolis, told The Chicago Tribune on Thursday. He said he was convinced she couldn’t get a fair trial in Lithuania and that judges would impose a tough sentence if she is found guilty.

The charges she faces in Lithuania include reporting a false crime; disobeying an order to relinquish custody of her 4-year-old niece, whom she alleges was one of the pedophile ring’s victims; and hitting an officer as dozens of police pried the girl from her arms in a raid.

Judge Virginia Kendall spent nearly an hour reading her written 35-page ruling aloud in a case she portrayed as novel and complex. She said her power to halt or even delay an extradition after the U.S. State Department has already signed off on it — as it has in Venckiene’s case — is limited.

Kendall accepted arguments by government attorneys that the U.S. is obliged to send Venckiene back to Lithuania in line with a bilateral extradition treaty, including to help ensure other countries extradite suspects wanted in the United States.

“It is … vital to the very concept behind mutual legal assistance treaties … to facilitate cooperation between nations in order to protect the sovereignty of each,” Kendall said. She added that the “hardship” of extradition “is lessened by the fact that she still may defend herself before Lithuanian courts.”

Venckiene said the charges are politically motivated and she has repeatedly warned she could be killed if sent back to Lithuania. But assessing whether either claim was plausible, Kendall said, was also entirely up to the State Department under U.S. law and it hadn’t deemed the claims credible.

Venckiene had lived in the Chicago suburb of Crystal Lake with her son, and worked as a florist. She had documents allowing her to live and work legally in the U.S. but turned herself in in February after learning American authorities were seeking her arrest.

Asylum denied  ???....white might be the problem too but the pedophile thing just can't be abided....maybe someone should start a Whitehouse petition.


Despite a complete media blackout outside of Lithuania, the case of Neringa Venckiene is making news as the former Lithuanian judge and Parliament member may be deported back to Lithuania to be extradited. Just days ago, Federal Marshalls ordered her back. Neringa was the guardian of 4-year-old Deimante Kedyte who was sexually assaulted by high-level Lithuanian officials, politicians and a well-connected businessman. Deimante's testimony was verified as true by 4 separate commissions, but the case was never heard in court. Her father was murdered in 2010 while seeking justice for his daughter and purportedly the birth mother of the child was pimping her out to the officials. Neringa had custody of the girl for some years, but after forming the Way of Courage Party and making exposing corruption in the government, including institutional pedophilia and harsher penalties for child rapists she and her family began to be persecuted.

In 2012, Deimante was taken against her will back to her mother's "care." Hundreds of Lithuanians stood outside in vigil at the time and the young girl screamed and cried on what is available of the video of the proceedings. The police warn that any attempt to stop them from taking the child will result in potential arrest. All the while, the girl is clinging to Neringa as she screams in fright. It took 240 government agents to conduct the "recovery" of the young girl. At this point, Neringa fled Lithuania with her son and applied for political asylum as she was brought up on charges.

Her son recently released a video with some of that heartbreaking footage (what is available of it anyway).

My mom, Neringa Venckienė, a former Lithuanian judge and Parliament member, fled Lithuania with me from political persecution, and we arrived in the U.S.A. in 2013 when I was just 13-years-old. As my mom filed for and has been waiting here for a political asylum hearing to take place, I became more hopeful and at ease because I was not afraid for her safety or mine anymore as was a daily reality back in Lithuania where my uncle (my mom’s brother) was murdered because he was trying to expose pedophiles among high-ranking Lithuanian officials who molested his daughter Deimantė.

My mom became a target after she publicly started speaking about the bribery and corruption in the Lithuanian courts, the government and its media did not succeed in intimidating her. My 8-year- old cousin Deimantė, whose father was murdered, was abducted by government forces from my mother’s care. My mother was her legally appointed guardian at that time. The government called it “a child’s return to her mother operation,” but that was actually an elimination of an inconvenient witness operation with the help of 240 special forces and the intimidation of everyone in Lithuania who sought the truth in the pedophilia and murder case (more people were murdered in this case than just my uncle). My cousin was returned to the person she was testifying against. I was really scared and could not even imagine what is going to happen to Deimantė.

To stop the anti-corruption and truth movement, government forces had to eliminate my mom because she was not intimidated. The Lithuanian people elected her to Parliament to fight against corruption and to seek the truth. She proposed many laws among which there was stricter punishment for pedophiles, but all of them were blocked by the dominant parties in Parliament. When the prosecutors brought charges against my mom, all of her opponents announced that they'll support the removal of her legal immunity, before the investigation took place. We moved to U.S.A. to find safety and to have a fair hearing, where she would defend herself and expose the terrible crime in Lithuania that the government was seeking to cover up. Two weeks ago my mom was was arrested, and the Lithuanian government is seeking her extradition, before the political asylum case is over.

Apart from a thread at 8chan, there is basically no coverage of this outside of sources in Lithuanian.

Anon at /pol/ feels the US is working hand in hand with the institutional pedophiles in Lithuania to hand over Neringa:

There are a lot of paid Lithuanian shills trying to disprove this story. Don't fall for them. Their view of the story makes no sense. They are trying to falsify the facts. There was no reason for Drasius Kedys to kill people other than to protect his daughter from government pedos and take revenge into his own hands. The police men are in the same bed with pedos. Why would Drasius sister fight the state and everyone if she had a well paying job and risk her life if her brother was in the wrong, even after his death? Why would the screaming daughter, wanting to be with her grandmother fake her emotions? Don't fall for pedophile shills. They will probably come to this thread. They are already in full force on reddit. If all dots are connected this will lead to USA pedophile ring in high office.



I think that petition would fall on deaf ears.MSM will ignore this story for sure.

The only hope this person has is to get to President Trump.  Maybe her son can help accomplish this for his mother.  We have so many issues here and one is the Pedophile within our government also.  I know President Trump has been working on this issue here.  I know he wants everyone in our country to be safe.  Hope this information helps you.

It's not me I'm worried about.If I am aware of this I.m pretty sure that Trump is as well.lol.I know he's aware of Epstein's proclivities as well as the Clintoon's.Maybe there's some sealed indictments?

I think they have Trump blackmailed too....he hung around with them.


They can not blackmail President Trump.  Trump is in this to save the country.  He is much smarter  than his enemies and a good judge of people.  One thing I am sure of about Trump as he is a real New Yorker and still maintains what New Yorkers were, brave and honor. You know he does not take his salary as President but gives to charities.  Plus his wealth went down from being in office.  Not like all the crooks in the swamp where they become wealthy by selling out the country.    

What I hear is there are 57,000 seal indictments and Military Tribunals. I hope that is all true and it happens soon, as the emeny from within are up to their evil at an increased speed.

I hope so as well Sally.Forgive my cynicism.


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