Weather chaos 20-22nd October 2018, Rome Italy, Southern Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Freak hailstorms in Rome, further flooding in Southern Spain, (they experienced severe flash floods earlier in October). Trinidad and Tobago hammered by floods. No doubt theres more around the world but thought Id do a quick link share.

The "hailstorm" in Rome will be an interesting watch for those that understand weather modification. Seriously unnatural.


Mega hailstorm hits Rome causing transport chaos

Hailstorm in Rome (Italy october 21, 2018)


flooding in Spain, Ronda, Malaga...

Flood in Trinidad and Tobago Compilation 20 th & 21st October 2018...

Things are getting wild, full moon on the rise and never ending quakes. Stay safe out there.

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Global weather chaos, health crises, extinction acceleration = geoengineering

We've had weather chaos here in the Texas hill country for the past month.Rained over 23 inches and the Llano river(which runs through my ranch) has flooded.Crested at over 43 feet and flooded an RV park killing 3 people.Very unnatural as our yearly average rainfall is about 28 inches.We've been watered in much of that time as we are surrounded by low water crossings.

Thanks cp. This is interesting and people are becoming aware of weather modification. See the comments.

It has happened to EVERY US Territory Island in 12 months - CAT5 #YUTU landfall Guam

Wow, that's really something George hope its all Ok at yours...almost a year of rainfall in a month. Seems to be the latest weather modification M.O. 

Living in hot,dry Junction,I never thought I would be glad to the rains go,but---

It's finally sunny again.After the first flood and the river waters receded some I drove down towards the river and promptly got stuck.My big 4WD Dodge was immobile fpr 3 days before being extricated from the river silt mud.First time I've been stuck in that machine.

Really sad that those folks at the RV park died.Can't imagine anyone building that close to the river as it has flooded several times before.Pretty sure that the lawyers will swoop down on their corpses.

Its all a bit grim really, people get permission to build places here that I just know aren't gonna last under serious bouts of geoengineering and/or quakes (natural or HAARPed). A lot of psychopaths in charge, absolutely soulless.

At around 60 inches of rain a year getting vehicles out of the mud is a necessary life skill for rural people. Back in the day it used to make national, how many vehicles people would get stuck in a row trying to winch one another out. Those were the days eh. LOL.

Flash flood in Jordan sweeps away school bus, killing at least 18

At least 18 people, most of them children, have been killed after raging floodwaters swept away a school bus near the Dead Sea.

Jordan launched a major operation on Thursday to search for survivors involving army divers, and neighbouring Israel said it was assisting with search-and-rescue helicopters.

Search teams had rescued 34 people, some of whom were in a serious condition, Jordanian civil defence sources said. The bus had been carrying about 40 children and their teachers.

Many of those killed were children under 14. A number of families picnicking in the popular destination were also among the dead and injured, rescuers said, without giving a breakdown of numbers.

Thanks for your comments and updates folks, yeah its getting intense out there. Control the weather, control the world.

And the plan to take control of the worlds water supply, Im sure that was floating round the net a few years back too. Not fun to watch it all unfold before our eyes but people are noticing..many still fall for the old party lines but theres an awful lot that don't. I see that in the comments on You Tube too Sarah.

I guess all we can do is point to all the bits of the jigsaw that they are missing without freaking people out too much. Fear being the control systems number one weapon of choice....I have to remind myself of that a lot.

Shared by Sarah in chatroom "Venice Underwater as Deadly Storms Hit Italy"

After the mini icebergs in Rome saga thought it worth following up. Wonder if I should re-label this for click bait? The mini-icebergs in Rome was really something...a "must see" as they say. LOL

Thanks George it was insane, was at someones house and it was on newshub livestreaming. Followed by an article with our deputy Prime Minister on another topic and he literally said "we have Order from Chaos, its the New World Order". It got cut out after the effect... but it was weird to hear that.

Back to the tornado, we have NEVER had tornados like that in NZ in fact I never even heard of us having tornados till the early 90s when the weather modification started ramping up. They were small ones too, destructive but nothing like this.

Militarised weather. Funny how so many Americans fled here after the new POTUS took office thinking they could escape the insanity.

Things are far from sane here.


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