Weather chaos 20-22nd October 2018, Rome Italy, Southern Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Freak hailstorms in Rome, further flooding in Southern Spain, (they experienced severe flash floods earlier in October). Trinidad and Tobago hammered by floods. No doubt theres more around the world but thought Id do a quick link share.

The "hailstorm" in Rome will be an interesting watch for those that understand weather modification. Seriously unnatural.


Mega hailstorm hits Rome causing transport chaos

Hailstorm in Rome (Italy october 21, 2018)


flooding in Spain, Ronda, Malaga...

Flood in Trinidad and Tobago Compilation 20 th & 21st October 2018...

Things are getting wild, full moon on the rise and never ending quakes. Stay safe out there.

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Ordo ab chao courtesy of the Masons and the NWO.And the world has never been more chaotic.Sanity is hard to find anywhere.Psychosis is being normalized.

Saudi Arabia has been suffering from heavy rainfall since 10 November, seriously damaging houses and leaving 30 people dead, according to the Saudi Gazette.

Residents and holidaymakers were left mouth agape as not one but four waterspouts descended on the resort island of Koh Lipe in an extremely rare occurrence.

The once-in-a-lifetime weather event took place just before noon Sunday November 25 on the Andaman Sea islands, in Southwestern Thailand.

A trio of twisters can be seen threatening menacingly offshore, almost laying siege to the beaches, when suddenly a fourth sea spout stretches down from the heavens near Sun Rise Beach.

Apparently the lightening was so bad it shook stuff off peoples shelves .."it was like an earthquake" is what I heard. Up here weve had a few hours reprieve, yesterday and today. But thunderstorms and hail forecast tomorrow.

I don't have a rain gauge but suspect we have cracked the rainforest barrier.

Maybe I should rename this discussion.."the never ending geoengineering story"?



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