The attached PDF (linked below) was sent in by Rocket Scientist, William Mook.

Military and intelligence services use different types of energy weapons. Application of these energy
weapons falls in wide range including, synthetic telepathy, modifying military personnel mode and
behavior in their or enemy troops. The behavior changes could be inducing fear and anxiety in enemy
troops by weapon mounted in helicopter, air planes, installed on ground or on satellites rotating earth.
Inducing modes such has increasing brevity or self-confidence for their own troops during wars can be
their goals too. All of them are done by sending ULF signals to skull and body to manipulate neural
system according to their objective. Brain enclosed in skull which contains calcite minerals especially
with crystals by high resonance potential in ears section. They can use voice to skull technology from
far distance to communicate between military personnel by synthetic telepathy. Brain itself can
produce lots of electrical signals which can be seen in EEG test of brain. By resonating skull, ear bones
and agitating body neural system and changing brain natural electrical frequency they can even induce
synthetic dreams or nightmare in targeted personals for mind control purpose by programming the
individual for upcoming day. Apart from these energy weapons they developed other types which I call
them Super weapons and can be used for triggering earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, triggering
landslide, and sinkhole or snow avalanches. Also they can resonate structures mainly built with
concrete which contains resonant sand and gravel crystals inside the concrete and finally collapse
concrete building by fracturing it. Most important task here is obtaining building collapse resonance
frequency considering applied steel bars in them to collapse individual building. Main focus of this
paper is about application of super weapons for Earth disasters induced by superweapons.

Read more at attached PDF below.

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Saved the pdf for future reference thanks Rose. 'Good Bad and Ugly' uses for this tech but WHY oh Why is it people degenerate to the lowest of low in making choices for the use of.

hear hear


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