What is the true history of Christchurch? I'm interested in people's opinion.

Youtube served me this video, as I have been  looking  into the mudflood research and why history just doesn't seem too fit in the timelines academia give. 

The youtuber is UAP, and include a link to the vid I watched. 

A quote from the vid  bio " It seems New Zealand was built already with buildings and trains etc BEFORE the first settlers arrived from England in 1850."


Would like to know what others opinions are.



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I watched the video this morning AT and struggled with it, more for the presentation than actual content. He went on about lack of men in Christchurch to do the cathedral and other building, labouring back in 1850s but a heap would have come into the country travelling steerage. Anything is possible but I didn't feel convinced.

Hey Rainbow Cat I thought his tone was a bit contra sending. I think his point was that the quality and scale of building would need more people AND infrastructure to start actually start projects that large.

Another problem I have is what did local moari have too say re these buildings being here before the invasion, of the British empire. Something for me when I get time.... lol (so many rabbit holes so little time)

Re: the local Maori stance I can't be of much help altho my ex mother in law who passed away 1982, who was full blooded Ngai Tahu, born and raised near Little River on Banks Peninsula then later moved to Lyttleton the only history she spoke to me of was to do with Te Rauparaha invading and biting off her great grandfather's ear among other things. She hardly mentioned Christchurch, it was all Kaiapoi, Banks Pen. or Temuka where her people moved about in the old days. Maybe Christchurch did not exist.

It is astute to point out the UAP presentation style.  The video is a clutter and gets suspiciously disorganized when the guy starts telling us about the cannon installations. The silence and rapidly scrolling text towards the end are telling. He wants to share information without triggering video scanning algorithms.  This YouTuber has shown his cards too cheaply.  Pay attention to what he omits. 

Now, I will comment on the subject matter exposed in the video. 

The truth is probably simpler than folks realize.  Those churches were knocked down deliberately.  This video hints at it but obfuscates how easily it was done --- I believe that is why the presenter goes cluster when talking about the cannons. 

Follow the timeline of the events described.  UAP nudges his audience along this form of analysis when he concludes his exposure of the orphanage child deaths. Those women were probably patsies who took the fall for the pedophile class of merchant demons. 

SHORT VERSION:  The orphan-slaves built everything and kept the perverts content.  Mercenaries wiped out or and enslaved the native population.  There is nothing particularly original about this business model -- it goes on today everywhere in the world. 


For what it may be worth, I do not think it is wise to associate large doors and windows with proof of giants.  Large entries are necessary to bring in large appliances or and furniture or and musical instruments --- like, a pipe organ for instance. 

I've been watching similar videos....and there is something interesting about all the classical architecture...the big stuff.....the amazing stuff.....on every continent that got there.....how?

It's beginning to seem pretty clear that the human beings I know of.....would not....could not...

have constructed a huge amount of the structures in place today.  Where is the paper trail describing exactly how these projects were done?  The idea of a "mud flood" does have much intriguing evidence.....clearly something occurred.  Human children are so accepting of the reality with which they are presented.....that it would be very easy to direct humanity's idea of history.

The more I understand the less I know.  It's maddening.  The carpet of reality beneath our feet has been ripped away so many times....it's as if we are floating in some kind of strange sea of illusion.  It's kinda beautiful....and kinda terrifying.

G'day Vinyl Lady... the more I seem too learn the more NEW info is coming out.

My impressions are the secret societies are releasing SOME of thier secrets.

I have been looking at Randall Carlsons extensive work re the earths population being periodically devastated by comets.

And of course we have the Elites who also have this knowledge and have been spending trillions of dollars too prepare and survive the next apocalyptic event.

I agree its maddenning... but this is what we do. My hope is that all this research WE have been doing has not been a waste of time.


Greetings, Au Tiko.  Randall Carlson is an interesting researcher.   I took his "sacred geometry" course and found it to be nothing more than a repeat of the Geometry I took in high school.....but it was nice to be reminded of the elegance and beauty contained therein.  It has always been my opinion that the explanations given by modern geology to explain the landscape of the American West were incorrect.  Here's one example and there are thousands.  How could geology be SO WRONG?  If geology is so wrong, what else might be?  History? Well, YEAH.  As it turns out, everything I have researched ends with me scratching my head and thinking "This can't be right!"  Regardless, I carry on always with the same result....whether it's vaccines, GMO's, fluoride, EMF's, history, geology, medicine....everything is infected in the same way.  After all this looking and thinking, all I know now is that I can never know....really.  Perhaps in the next dimension.  My quest for knowledge has taught me that we are here to experience the drama....the good and bad....the raw, rugged quality as well as the incomprehensible beauty of the struggle for life.....so my opinion is that it's not a waste.

Interesting too the common perception among folk in general and I got the impression from the guy in the video, that people back then were not clever enough to create very ornate and complicated designs of engineering. I have in an old suit case here at home an array of old text books my mother and grandmother used as 12 yr olds, long before they even got to university on design drawing, arithmetic, English grammar, chemistry, electro magnetism to name a few and even tho I finished high school in the days before calculators were permitted in exam rooms, let alone computers so had to learn how to do math in my head or scribbled down on paper I looked at the problems in those books and questioned my mother, 'did you really have to know all that stuff?' Her reply was a definite 'yes!' Even when growing up I watched my mother draught numerous building plans for Dad's building clients and thought, 'I can do that' but of course I never could, for one I lacked discipline. I also believe people were a whole lot fitter physically, mentally sharper with a different mindset too back in those days because it's not like you could push a few buttons and voila out pops finished product as if by magic. Now with magic, Anything Is possible.

Hold on to those books, the info in them is priceless. I have an interest in Electro magnetism.

They had electric scooters in late 1800's the electric vehicle industry was that advanced. But we know which road we drove down...

Part of this mud flood theory is that they could collect free electricity from the houses using spires and lightning rods, placed on their rooftops. Would be very interested if the textbooks hint at such things. Can you please read them then write a brief summary...? lol I bet it's heavy boring reading. 

I too think that people were a lot better educated back then. And if this so called global mudflood was too have happened how did all the people who settled here survive the flood?

I'll see what I can do, might take a while to read tho. Did I mention before I lack discipline? Will be my new bedtime reading for next few weeks.

No was only having a laugh about you reading the textbooks.

But you may have untainted text books, that within itself is a rare find. I am envious... you couldn't update if you find something interesting, please.

Ok. I started a book published 1914 and it makes me wonder how in heck I passed UE level physics over 40 yrs ago. I'm finding this magnetism revision interesting tho but will plod away and then I'll revisit Elana's ionized sky book again too with hopefully 'refreshed eyes' far as the science goes.


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