What is the true history of Christchurch? I'm interested in people's opinion.

Youtube served me this video, as I have been  looking  into the mudflood research and why history just doesn't seem too fit in the timelines academia give. 

The youtuber is UAP, and include a link to the vid I watched. 

A quote from the vid  bio " It seems New Zealand was built already with buildings and trains etc BEFORE the first settlers arrived from England in 1850."


Would like to know what others opinions are.



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And their timing is impeccable "Earth Catastrophe Cycle | SOLAR MICRONOVA II"


posted 3rd Jan 2019

Suspicious Observers just posted this. Ties in with the secret societies, true meanings hidden bible, torah, kabbalah. etc. Even Saturn death cult

Looks about right to me Au Tiko, the destruction of CHCH was very sad and wiped out a lot of evidence. I wouldn't believe anything weve been taught about the European history of this country. Im really interested in is what has survived through Maori oral traditions though, after the attempt to wipe that one out too. (See my bit below about the descendant of the Far North Tohunga).

And Ive gone on a bit of a tangent thought Id mention that up in the North weve had megaliths and allsortsa of shiz covered up that people have been hotly questioning the past few decades.

Some on the megalithic alignments..


Its been an open debate for decades who built the stone city in Waipoua Forest that DOC destroyed. Theres been generations of hunters that fed their families out of that forest and the stories were flying I can tell you, especially after DOC came in with buildozers and wiped it all out.

Funny that the Maori called the original Europeans Patupaiarehe (which I know a lot of you guys know but its worth dropping a crappy wiki link anyway). Sounds an awful lot like a bunch of Celts to me.


I had a friend who descended from a long line of respected Tohunga in the Hokianga and she said it was common knowledge in her family that there was a pre-Maori European race living in the North. Her family bred with them because of their gift of healing knowledge and second sight which is common amongst Celtic tribes. She also told me she was descended from the ancient Vikings that used to come drop by the far north from time to time. We figured that despite coming from different parts of the earth we could just about pass for cousins. 

Unfortunately this whole issue has triggered off a bit of a racist backlash amongst some of the celtic kiwi people...which is just ridiculous. Some of us are far more interested in who has been covering up the truth than who got here first.

(Related). Bit of muddying the waters and censorship here from radionz. "Seven foot tall pre Maori disappear from TVNZ"


And as for the bit at the end of the clip on the whole Stony Batter battlement saga on Waiheke Island. Well this was John Spencer, responsible for shutting people out of the historic site.


The Spencer Family, how the other half lives. NZ Herald 14 Aug 2010


John Spencer, once New Zealands richest person March 02, 2016 stuff.co.nz

Its a bit of an obituary as he passed away aged 81..which is kinda young for one of those reptile types ;-) But the point is the guy was seriously connected, trying to keep a lid on it for his buddies I guess.

I agree with everything you posted... and could the Celts be a part of the Tartaria Empire, that was supposed to have been a diverse culture.

Re Waiheke Island and the Stony Batter gun emplacements we visited them when we went to Waikeke for school camp thing. I've crawled all over it... seemed to me at the time it was what our teachers told us.

Yeah you are probably right about the Stony Batter gun battlements, it seemed a bit of a stretch but it was funny how they hit on ole Spencer (one of NZs more famous "elite").

Saying that, Auckland is riddled with holes and tunnels like many of the worlds main centers. Interesting to speculate on how humans managed to do all that earthwork when according to official world history it appears we never had the population or the technology to do it all in those time periods.


The Giant races part of all this leaves me a little unsure too, according to worldwide indigenous oral histories (and old newspaper cuttings and Biblical accounts) the Nephilim were extremely violent so its hard to imagine controlling them enough to do the work. Unless everyone was taller back then which is possible, or the golden era of peace was literal and included Giants too.

Sometimes I write this stuff and think I sound like a total crackpot. LOL. But the truth is so much stranger than what we have been taught its hard to not sound like you have lost the plot.  

Haha I was 10 or 11yrs wtf did I know. I know there are llllong tunnels there... why.

If just a gun placement?

More mystery.


This is all such fascinating information. Sure beats the daily news. I watched both parts of this doco a few days ago. A really lovely presentation.

Sorry, twice I've attempted to view the video you speak of Au Tiko, but can't get past the queasy feeling I get from the music right at the very beginning!

Not too convincing. A distinct lack of solid research and a lot of opinion was evident.

Christchurch was planned prior to occupation, but somehow this fellow magically turned "planned" into "built" within the space of a sentence. He underplays the damage to the Anglican Cathedral: It was SCREWED, I can vouch for that! One  needs to see it firsthand to understand just how badly the whole thing was damaged. Few understand that the foundations of the Cathedral were damaged long before the Feb 22 quake and the Anglicans knew it would be prohibitively expensive to repair (hence the reticence to share their files). 

What in God's name was all that waffle about "giants" and "flat Earth dome"?

Thanks for posting AT, but I personally didn't find this presentation very convincing.

As far as I can tell a lot of the presentations about "Mudflood/Tartaria/Atlantis" (Mudlantia as Ive come to think of it) are definitely a bit crap, and there are lots of flat earthers on the case which is not my cuppa tea but kudos to them for questioning.

But the bare bones of this whole "recently lost worldwide Atlantis" story is true, its just that as usual people have so little real information that Im not surprised its jumbled and unconvincing. And some of the clips out there are probably way off the mark. Who knows whats really gone in NZ or anywhere else for that matter.

One things for sure, the time frames that we think we know of in history are totally out of whack, world history is not what we think at all. We are living in a post apocalyptic civilisation.. we just didn't know it.

"One things for sure, the time frames that we think we know of in history are totally out of whack, world history is not what we think at all. We are living in a post apocalyptic civilisation.. we just didn't know it."

Well said, Cats PJs....the whole "mud flood" thing seems very weak and has holes so big you can drive a truck thru 'em.  That being said, it raises some very interesting questions. All I know for sure is that humanity as I know it, and left to it's own devices, would NEVER have built this so-called civilization.

Now, I haven't had much time to digest all of this in detail, so maybe I've missed  something here:

Are we suggesting that Christchurch was actually built before settlers arrived, and that the those big cathedrals etc  were built by, or for, giants?

Can someone clarify for me?


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