What is the true history of Christchurch? I'm interested in people's opinion.

Youtube served me this video, as I have been  looking  into the mudflood research and why history just doesn't seem too fit in the timelines academia give. 

The youtuber is UAP, and include a link to the vid I watched. 

A quote from the vid  bio " It seems New Zealand was built already with buildings and trains etc BEFORE the first settlers arrived from England in 1850."


Would like to know what others opinions are.



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The #mudflood theory suggests that there have been Global mud flood events.

And from the 1800's major cities werent built...  but dug out of the dirt. Part of the theory is the Global Greco Roman architecture, which is prevalent around the earth. Which proves a global community... so not Chch but all major cities with Greco Roman buildings are considered part of the Tar Tar empire.

I would encourage folks to examine what is omitted from such theory.  Namely: How can folks survive a flood or a cataclysmic geologic event?

It aint easy to do but the principle is simple. There are no guarantees but the masonic secret is hidden in plane site. 

Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock. And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it.”    -- some guy

Fucken eh... same conclusion I've made.

Humanity have been so distracted because of what not... and NOW  MORE of the truth comes out???

Now I'm getting suspicious. Whos leaking the info and why?l


To distract attention and to keep folks occupied with stuff they can not change. 

Forgive me if I come across as condescending but most of the details do not matter.  [Although, I confess that I love it.  I find this history to be fascinating.] The purpose of 99% of YooToob is to keep us staring at a screen.  It is a sorcery trick.  As long as we are looking at the past, we are not looking at our future.  History repeats itself.  There is nothing in NewZealandCHCH of old that is not happening today. 

I believe the Tartarian fad is slightly more intense.  We are being pre-programmed to associate the years of "Russia is bad!!!" propaganda to an evolution of "See!  We told you so!!  They want to revive their big bad empire again!!!  They must be stopped or else!!!!" 

I predict that the next leak of info will imply that the Tartars were evil baby-eating slave-driving demons.  Thus, our current fascination will be flipped to more hate and fear. Bait and switch. 

I see many of your points, CA, had thought of them myself until listening my father's union days at BHP. He said they were constantly walking out back in the 1970s ... lunch breaks, tea room issues, medical, pay etc - all wins for the workers. Then there was a big political issue involving huge rallies that filled the showground and kept all us children home from school. The politicians went ahead despite the massive protest ( I can't recall the issue, need to start recording these accounts). The only thing that will change anything is if ppl stop buying stuff... and it seems that ppl are given the current price of clothes, it's beyond understanding. I wish I had those prices when I was raising my children!

I believe you have the right idea about avoiding buying stuff but I trust that the controllers have most of the bases covered.  We will be beaten until our morale improves.  As you said, the politicians went ahead despite massive protest -- that is what I expect. 

In The Anarcky, the rich folks infiltrate unions and provoke strikes as a method to weed out the labor force.  I can not imagine rich people leaving the fate of their empires in the hands of a union boss.  

NewZealanders may have more options to survive a "glowbull" reset because they are closer to Antarctica then most other folks.  The controllers know that there are cyclical world-wide cataclysms --- they just can not predict them precisely yet. 

To backtrack for the likes of Martin and other mudflood newbies, theres actually a logical story behind all these peculiar suppositions. No doubt weve got some of it wrong...but theres an awful lot that people are getting right so I thought Id just add some bits of the puzzle if anyone wants to go into this.

Ive known about Anatoly Fomenkos New Chronology for a few decades now, Fomenko is a Russian statistician who went through world history and discovered that none of the stories match the times and places we have been taught. His research points to the time of Christ being around 1078 AD and that all of history is much sooner than we think. I suspect this is one of the main platforms for so many questioning the timelines.

NEW CHRONOLOGY A.Fomenko, G.Nosovsky


Really it wasn't till Max Igan went right down that rabbit hole that I really started paying more attention, even though Ive always had my suspicions about European history he spells it out quite well in a few clips.

First one I heard on the subject was Everything Is a Lie July 13 2018 The Crowhouse:


Max also talks a lot about this Australian researcher Atilla Joseph Flink who studied linguistics and apparently found that the Magyar language is a root language and (according to Maxs clip) even Australian Aboriginals use Magyar words.

Havent found much online about Attila Flink but Max gives it some airtime in this:

Piecing together the Past. July 20 2018, The Crowhouse. (Follows on from Everything Is a Lie)


Apart from that theres the New Earth Channell and the series. When the Survivors of Atlantis and Hyperborea Wake Up. Playlist here.


Yes I know it all looks sketchy but when you see the pattern form its hard to unsee. I don't blame anyone for the skeptism..it takes a massive shift of perception to understand that not only have we been lied to about ancient history and megaliths but recent history is not what it seems at all.

And I get that people see this as a distraction but WTF you guys it changes everything. As for the possibility of the mud flood in NZ..well I really don't know but what if huh?!

Large Earthquakes and the abandonment of Prehistoric Coastal Settlements in 15th Century New Zealand.


Thanks, Cats's PJs.....the entire line of thought seemed very disorganized and videos aren't clear about the specific premise......as in "What SPECIFICALLY are we talking about and why?"  I'll start with Max.

Martin Liedtke is doing some great stuff on his channel.


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