When will Hurricane Irma reach Florida? Latest path forecast and damage summary

When will Hurricane Irma reach Florida? Latest path forecast and damage summary

Track the most powerful storm ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean as it heads towards Florida.

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Hurricane Irma, the most powerful storm ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, has been advancing across the northern Caribbean, leaving a trail of devastation in its path, and at least 18 dead. It is now expected to make landfall in Miami on Sunday.

After hitting smaller islands such as Antigua and Barbuda on Tuesday and ..., the storm hit the Dominican Republic and Haiti on Thursday, and the Bahamas on Friday.

Because the centre of the storm has skirted the landmass of Cuba, meteorologists say the hurricane has retained intensity that might have been sapped by the island’s hills. But the 2.7m residents of Miami can take some - limited - comfort that its severity when it makes landfall there is expected to be category four, rather than five as it has been for most of its progress.

The strength of a hurricane is marked by its category on what is known as the Saffir-Simpson scale, which reflects the wind speeds – and hence the level of damage expected once the cyclone strikes land.

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Cool exercise thanks for that VL...I watch a lot of Matt Kahn YT clips and he talks at that level of what goes on in your own energy field directly effecting the whole.

I never prayed and meditated so much in my life, I'm sure what I'm feeling is a global field of deep caring. Feels very real to me...and well theres nothing quite like knowing its the last thing they want.

Its victorious in some way:)))

It hit cuba. Where is all the damage? Nothing mentioned on cuban news site. http://www.cubanews.acn.cu/cuba

I checked out that cubanews link, they do have a few articles about Irma related to flight closures etc but no imagery of devastation.

Two things possible;

...they didn't get hit as badly as the media reports so our western MSM is lying (no surprises)

...they did get hit badly but their communist state media is not reporting it and they are in info lockdown which wouldn't be the first time (so no surprises there either)

In time the truth will out itself.

Here is another source. A sea wall got destroyed. That is it?  Find a reliable msm with deaths or major damage. I couldnt find that either. Lol. http://en.granma.cu/cuba/2017-09-08/first-reports-of-damage-by-irma...

There are agendas behind this and the biggest one is trying to get rid of debt ceiling since countries are dumping our dollar so they have to do this.

Well I wouldn't put my money on any media coming out of Cuba, but it does look like the storm may have weakened a bit after passing through there. One can only hope.

Theres plenty of "not fake" looking clips and interviews detailing destruction in the Caribbean, I know MSM fake a lot of stuff but best not fall into the trap of "its half fake so it cant be real at all". That's a circle of debate thats been problematic in the "truth community".

Please be aware we have lost contact with a member of this site from the Caribbean, people are very concerned for her.

Best way to see  it is see webcams. I think it may be a level 2 or 3 storm, but not level 5. There havent been any homes in cuba covered with 12 feet of water.

WATCH: Police Turn Away Homeless People at Hurricane Shelters—Becau...

2017-09-12 13:14:39 Matt Agorist

A disheartening video shows homeless people attempting to check into a hurricane shelter only to be turned away by police for being homeless.


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