If link appears in German, use translator. ((and I might add radiofrequencies/microwave very low) 


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It is in german so will look at it later. Thanks Renate.

There is a translator on that site Susan - it's actually very interesting article... when people claim no chemtrials, I usually laugh, however this might be fact this time?  Thanks renate.

 So the Spanish government has already on 31 October 1988 a law called: "Sky Law" ( Law on the Protection of the sky )

This took place in 1988. Unbelievable. Doesn't this just blow your socks off ! Maybe we need to use their legal docs.

Well folks guess what? or better yet what happen..?


Dam them, so much for holidays, creeps got the whole planet...I'm going to do some target practice.

Yippee, I am going there for a holiday in ten days time, so I can truly enjoy the sun, with no worries.

Perhaps you can confirm or deny this for us Jen ♥  You deserve a good break!

Yes l will Rose, going on the 8th of September for a week, will let you know and take photos of the sky.
Looking forward to going away, the 1st time on a plane for a decade.


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