Will New Zealand Fall Into China’s Debt Trap? “One Road To Rule Them All….”

We signed up for the One Belt One Road Initiative; Here’s our One Road (and no doubt the first of many);

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NZ’s first Chinese-owned road could be in the pipeline
A Chinese construction company has offered to build a long-planned four-lane toll road north of Auckland.
Auckland Business Chamber’s chief executive Michael Barnett said the company was willing to foot most of the $400 million needed to build the seven kilometre Penlink Toll Road, linking the Whangaparaoa Peninsula with State Highway One.
“This road is probably the only project ready to go in Auckland right now, all that’s been holding it up is lack of finance,” he said.
If the company’s unsolicited bid gets accepted by the Government, Penlink Toll Road would be New Zealand’s first Chinese-funded and built road, said Barnett. (More at source)

However, these plans have a habit of coming to an unfortunate end…for the “victim” nation, that is:


Christchurch mayor Lianne Dalziel with Guoxin International executives in 2015.

Christchurch mayor Lianne Dalziel with Guoxin International executives in 2015.

I believe NZ should take heed of what has happened to other casualties of Chinese investment, and tread carefully!


Revealed: China’s network of influence in New Zealand
New research paper lays bare China’s influence campaign in New Zealand

Concerns raised over political donations and directorships offered to former ministers and relatives

Chinese-owned New Zealand dairy farms said to possibly being used to test advanced missile technology…(More at source)


(With apologies to Tolkein!)

Martin H

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The people of NZ should take action now, before you lose everything you have of value, your  Life, freedoms, land and culture.  I am from the USA and it is much harder to take back what was taken than to stop it from the start.  They embed themselves into your society and grow like a cancer.  Please look around at the other countries and what have happen to them you must realize how bad the world has gotten.

Unfortunately Sally, apathy and head-in-the-sand attitudes rule the day in NZ.

This article should have caused major alarm and a flurry of comments from angry Kiwis.

It hardly raised an eyebrow either here or at Uncensored.

And this is how the NWO takes over our lives.

China doesn't conquer other nations with bombs and bullets, but with economic and financial sabotage and manipulation. And we signed up for it.

China has learned well from the Rothschild central banks and what they have done in the EU/Ukraine/US.

I remember few yrs back old Ian saying the North Island at least would be handed over to China.

My mate works as a maintenance guy for a housing rental company in Auckland. 80% of the tenants are Chinese Kiwis renting from Chinese landlords that don't even live here. Most of them barely speak English.

Nice people apparently, but as for New Zealand importing the culture. Well most have no idea whats going on.

Martins right. Kiwis are so apathetic. I find it hard to take, they really need to get out more, seriously. I remember coming back from overseas and someone asking me what I came back to this "shithole" for. OMG.

And The Adoration of Jacinda..makes me wanna vomit and go buy a MAGA hat... and I don't even like Trump. LOL.


Relevant link from the stuff article ...

"Mainland Chinese purchase $1.5 Billion of residential real estate in New Zealand last year, according to a real estate website for Chinese investors...."


'Another political mystery as a man who has spent little of his adult life in his supposed native country, suddenly surfaces and wins a national election. John Key of New Zealand appears to be the counter part to Obama’s sudden appearance in the US. I don’t believe in coincidences and the idea that yet another charismatic political figure rises up out of nowhere about the same time Obama did and suddenly is the darling of the political set in New Zealand, just as Obama was here in the US, doesn’t seem quite so coincidental to me.

This video on YouTube was released before Key won the last election. New Zealand would have done well to have paid attention to it. What is laid out in this video is your future under Key, obviously a man well connected in places other than New Zealand.'

Ah yes, the two Golf buddies. 

And who can forget this heartwarming scene:

Image result for John Key kisses hillary


Creating Tomorrow: The Silk Road, Past And Present – Part I

Many thanks to comrades Joaquin Flores, Editor-in-Chief of Fort-Russ and Saikat Bhattacharya, analyst for Regional Rapport,  for their observations and commitment to analysing the BRI.

The onus on the rising global Marxist intelligentsia is to showcase the BRI’s advantages, shape its theory via dialectical materialism, and champion the project as a radically new multipolar order. Эй, ухнем!

The Silk Road: Past to Present

In its antiquity, the The Silk Road was a massive transcontinental trade route spanning from Beijing and Shanghai all the way to Rome, connecting empires through a complex system of roads and shipping routes, which gave rise to an unprecedented era of trade, wealth, diversity and prosperity.

A University of Vermont scholar notes German explorer and geologist Ferdinand von Richthofen first coined the two terms “Silk Road” (Seidenstrasse) and “Silk Roads” (Seidenstrassen) in 1877. Richthofen used “Silk Road” to describe Marinus of Tyre’s 1st century, single-path “Land of Silk”, and “Silk Roads” to describe the 100-150 CE trade routes between Han China and Imperial Rome.

One important feature of the Silk Road was its power-agnostic characteristics, meaning that a plethora of Chinese dynasties and neighbouring empires continuously used it in times of peace and war, allowing trade to ebb and flow whilst enduring ephemeral political circumstances.

A UNESCO article explains further that,

[…] during the reign of the Emperor Wu-di (140-86 bce) [and] over the next l600 years it was to be the main rival to the Spice Routes as a channel for international trade. […] Han power dwindled during the Second Century CE [but when] the Empire reunited under the Sui Dynasty (580-618 ce), [it was] exploited on an even greater scale and [grew] further under the Tang (618-970 ce). By the Eighth Century, huge ships called at Canton laden with cargoes of [precious goods], making the port one of the greatest in the world.

The Silk Road also begat new modes of transport and construction in response to the challenges of traversing its vast and difficult expanses, both at land and sea. As Chinese trade expanded transcontinentally and intercontinentally, new means of production from prominent civilisations meant shipbuilding and freighting became inextricable from the project’s success.

An UNESCO article explains that,

Developments in ship design and construction methods came about in response to challenges encountered in trading ever further afield. Observations made and information exchanged on these journeys also brought practical knowledge. So the expansion of trade by sea was closely bound up with the evolution of shipping and navigation.

It also illustrated the various species of animals employed by merchants, who would often use handoff points to exchange goods with other traders along the road’s 6,400+ mile journey.

Bactrian (Central Asian) and Arabian camels became instrumental in Silk Road transport as they could endure days on less food and water across the formidable Taklamakan desert. China’s innovative stirrups and saddles eventually spread to Central Asia, and became instrumental in taming and riding new, stronger breeds of horses circa 6th century BCE.

Chinese, Indian, Roman, Persian and Arabic empires built massive fleets to conquer the high seas, with Arabs often borrowing Greek and Syrian engineering for their Western flanks. This produced a race for faster, more powerful ships, as well as new cartography tactics for navigation purposes.

The Great Wall of China (长城, chángchéng) was also initially constructed in the Spring and Autumn period circa 7th century BCE up to the late Qing dynasty, around 1878. The world’s longest engineering feat, it also was used to protect the Chinese from nomadic invaders in the Eurasian Steppes who raided and attacked Silk Road merchants travelling to and from China.

The Silk Roads inspired human exchanges as much as material ones, birthing a renaissance of intercultural associations. Goods such as silk, spices, and artefacts were traded throughout the Asian continent along with diverse religions, which pervade Chinese society to date.

The Asia Society notes that,

Religious beliefs of the peoples of the Silk Road changed radically over time and was largely due to the effects of travel and trade on the Silk Road itself. For over two thousand years [it] was a network of roads for the travel and dissemination of religious beliefs across Eurasia.

This activity pollinated Chinese culture with Nestorian (Assyrian) Christianity, Indian Buddhism, Persian Zoroastrianism and Manichaeism, Judaism, Islam, and even Greco-Roman polytheism.

Chinese officials also kept innumerable records on merchants entering and leaving the country, documenting the complexity, traffic, origins, and goods ebbing and flowing from China’s domains.

Read more

Leueren Moret sent this comment regarding the Silk Road:

The Jesuits went to China in the 1600's or earlier - maybe with Magellan.  They have taken over China long ago.  Japan is also riddled with Jesuits - they arrived in Nagasaki in the 1600's too.  Benjamin Fulford (alternative media propaganda) is Canadian, but he graduated from Sophia Univ. in Tokyo - a Jesuit Institute.  His grandfather started G.E. with the Rockefellers - they are intermarried.  He was the station chief for FORBES magazine in Asia when he was in his 20's, but he quit just before Fuku blew up, and became an alternative media (spy) activist but was really spying on the whole movement globally.  He DESPISED ME, I met him many times in Tokyo and he was the creepiest person I ever met so I started doing research on him and found out who he really is.  UUUUGGGGGHHHHHH 

I also found out India has the most Jesuit institutions in the world.  That is from the opium trafficking for centuries that made the English and American sea captains and their countries VERY RICH.  China cannot be a very nice "place to play" - too full of drug gangsters for way too long.  So China's new Silk Road will benefit China more than any other country it goes through - they even want to make all electricity for the earth in the Arctic and sell it to all countries - see monopoly is already in the air.  Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt's family and Senator John Kerry's family made their fortunes on opium trafficking.  That's one easy way to get into the White House and run drug rackets like VietNam, Afghanistan etc. 


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