Will New Zealand Fall Into China’s Debt Trap? “One Road To Rule Them All….”

We signed up for the One Belt One Road Initiative; Here’s our One Road (and no doubt the first of many);

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NZ’s first Chinese-owned road could be in the pipeline
A Chinese construction company has offered to build a long-planned four-lane toll road north of Auckland.
Auckland Business Chamber’s chief executive Michael Barnett said the company was willing to foot most of the $400 million needed to build the seven kilometre Penlink Toll Road, linking the Whangaparaoa Peninsula with State Highway One.
“This road is probably the only project ready to go in Auckland right now, all that’s been holding it up is lack of finance,” he said.
If the company’s unsolicited bid gets accepted by the Government, Penlink Toll Road would be New Zealand’s first Chinese-funded and built road, said Barnett. (More at source)

However, these plans have a habit of coming to an unfortunate end…for the “victim” nation, that is:


Christchurch mayor Lianne Dalziel with Guoxin International executives in 2015.

Christchurch mayor Lianne Dalziel with Guoxin International executives in 2015.

I believe NZ should take heed of what has happened to other casualties of Chinese investment, and tread carefully!


Revealed: China’s network of influence in New Zealand
New research paper lays bare China’s influence campaign in New Zealand

Concerns raised over political donations and directorships offered to former ministers and relatives

Chinese-owned New Zealand dairy farms said to possibly being used to test advanced missile technology…(More at source)


(With apologies to Tolkein!)

Martin H

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Interesting, especially electricity from the Arctic.

I've read some of his musings.Just plain NUTZ


I remember listening to this and not being able to keep up, might make more sense now.

All roads lead to Rome as they say....well, its was Venice with the silk road but you know what I mean. The Medicis were an interesting bunch too. 


Well it was informative I did not realize china was doing this.  I don't understand with what China has done in the past and what they are doing to there own people anyone with a brain would accept this.  Makes me think China is in on the NWO gang or trying to be the NWO.  I am surprise that Russia would be on China's side this as I believe they are against the NWO, like America.  

Hi Sally, Key sold the North Island to China and the South Island to the US (very basically)

China ARE the NWO Sally. They openly told us so in Xi Jinping's 19th Annual Address. The US are the "old" World Order.

Russia is China's puppet, nothing more.


Thanks for the information


Chinese multi-millionaire Yikun Zhang was put forward for a Queen's Birthday honour by the National Party.
Botany MP Jami-Lee Ross yesterday claimed Zhang made a $100,000 donation to the National Party.
That donation is now at the centre of claims by Ross about unlawful conduct by the party's leader Simon Bridge.
There is no suggestion that Zhang acted improperly in any way in relation to the donation.

The Herald has learned Yikun Zhang of Remuera - who Ross said had done nothing wrong - was among those put forward by the National Party on its way out of office.
Inquiries have revealed the nomination carried the names of current National MP Jian Yang, former National MP Eric Roy and Auckland mayor Phil Goff.
Zhang, who owns $40 million in Auckland property, was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the Queen's Birthday Honours list.

The Office of the Prime Minister is consulted on the awarding of honours although the change in administration usually sees a delay in the new government nominees being put forward.

Normal practice general sees the incoming administration sign off those nominated by the previous government. It is understood most of those under National went through in the New Year's Honours but a number - including the nomination for Zhang - didn't go through until the Queen's Birthday Honours.
A spokesperson for the Prime Minister would not discuss the awarding of the honour.



I hope Bridges gets the jail time he deserves!

May he burn in hell.  The dogs are turning on each other.

Watch out for Crusher Collins waiting in the wings, ready to pounce!


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