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Sad loss of life. Lone one in camo?


Wow they really want their guns bad?

 Just can't get my head around this George. 

Already this from Jack - via Email


Having spent much of my life reading thousands of books, and writing a few myself, about global intelligence, propaganda and mind-control, and after interviewing many people in secret societies around the world, while I’ll admit I may not be perfect or correct all of the time, the fact is I do have a level of discernment light years above most in discerning whether news reports are genuine or government inspired propaganda. Usually there are “tell-tale” signs in the mainstream media that throw up red flags when the media are lying about an event which usually not one in ten thousand will suspect. This is the case right now with this massacre at the First Baptist Church at Sutherland Springs in Texas.

Unfortunately, for criminals, and that includes government and corporate media criminals, a good investigator, lawyer or judge can quite easily usually pick up when a witness or defendant is lying simply by listening carefully to his testimony. Nine times out of ten the more a person says when they are lying the more they end up contradicting and incriminating themselves. This is the case right now with the news reports in the link article above.

In the above article they claim the shooter was 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley from Braunfels, a suburb just outside of San Antonio. They then carry on explaining that he served at HOLLOMAN AIR FORCE BASE in New Mexico from 2010 until his discharge in 2014. Apparently, he was court-marshalled in 2012 for assaulting his wife and his child, and then received a bad conduct discharge from the Air Force in addition to confinement for 12 months and was reduced in rank. After this, apparently, Kelley worked as a security guard for a Texas waterpark.

Well isn’t all this great? Because it just so happens that the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) CLANDESTINE SERVICE which operates the mind-control operations of the Agency, has a major branch at the Hollman Air Force Base in which the media above tell us Devin Patrick Kelley was working! CIA Special Agents and MIND-CONTROLLED PATSYS used for assassinations etc. are trained in these Clandestine Services branches, and most definitely they are located at Holloman Air Force Base. Here is proof that the CIA Clandestine Service has a big operation functioning at Holloman Air Force Base right now: CIA operations utilizing remote controlled killer drones are also directed from this base:

The CIA works with the Holloman Air Force Base 49th Medical Group Mental Health department which specializes in Psychologist and Psychiatry with four specialist physicians. It is highly likely that if Devin Patrick Kelley was court-marshalled in 2012 for assaulting his wife and his child as the media claims, he would have been sent to this department at the base for a psychological assessment, and hence recruitment into the CIA’s mind-control assassination program.

The Australian Government secret intelligence service linked with the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London (the epicentre of global mind-control) (that right from the beginning of the foundation of the OSS and CIA set up by Sir Bill Stephenson and Bill Donovan controlled their mind-control programs) had a similar mind-controlled “Patsy” called Martin Bryant supposedly go mad and massacre people in Tasmania with an automatic weapon like this in Australia, to implement the first raft of Australian gun confiscation. Now the same thing is happening to Americans. That is what these government orchestrated terror attacks are all about. Setting up a global fascist police state.

It is therefore simply impossible that Devin Patrick Kelley acted alone. In my view, there is not even one chance in a thousand that he was not a CIA mind-controlled “Patsy” assassination slave and agent.

The Freemasonic logo of the CIA is the Star of Lucifer literally taken directly from the ceiling of the Great Hall of the United Grand Lodge of England, located in Great Queen Street,
London. So Americans shouldn’t be too surprised to see the CIA is a foreign-controlled organization focussed on working to destroy them.

So when you see millions of people joining in the outpouring of sympathies of the moment in the next few days, including the circus clown Trump shaking his forefinger finger at the evil-doer who has supposedly attacked this innocent little Christian church congregation, do remember that the victims in the First Baptist Church were probably not murdered by a “lone nutter” acting by his own volition, but by a very wicked and carefully orchestrated plot by the CIA and US military – America’s own government! Hitler was a schoolboy compared to these scum. Unfortunately, Americans can look forward to much worse to come!

Will be interesting to see what more information arises, especially from concerned Americans, as time progresses.


Thanks for that.The  last 2 paragraphs were so "right on".

God help us all.

that adds up to a different conclusion---I wish we could rid our country of the CIA spooks.  Trump won't do it though....chicken.  He saw what they did to JFK.

Notice how they conveniently had all the facts about this guy, unlike the Las Vegas massacre fumbled story?  They really bungled that one.

Can people be programmed to kill?  Probably so.  Sirhan Sirhan sure appeared to be.

I wonder why they picked Sutherland Springs?  No street cameras or law enforcement probably.  I doubt if there's one business there with a camera.

Jack's email confirms my first reaction on hearing the church shooting news breaking on my radio... that it had to be a mind-controlled individual, controlled by others, as Jack points out.

The message from the President being broadcast over the news sounds so rehearsed and hollow...

Absolutely tragic for the church-going families caught in the crossfire.

The hero in this story looks like a cartoon caricature ? Maybe I just live in the wrong place, our cowboys don't dress like that.

Truly tragic. 

Oh Rose,he just looks like a small town Texas cowboy.He is a well spoken kid

Helena posted this link somewhere else this morning - I though it appropriate to remind people here - the Kingsman, church slaughter (after a mobile phone frequency turned the whole congregation into killers).


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