Young blood an elixir that prevents age-related diseases, study reveals:Sky News


Blood factors obtained from young beings can improve late-life health in animals and put an end to age-related diseases.

22:35, UK,Saturday 08 September 2018

Drinking young blood could prevent age-related diseases, a new study suggests
Image: Drinking young blood could prevent age-related diseases, a new study suggestsBy Lucia Binding, news reporter

Blood taken from a young person could be the key to maintaining long-lasting health in old age, scientists claim.

Blood factors obtained from young beings can improve late-life health in animals, the study published in Nature journal revealed.

It could also help reduce the chances of developing age-related diseases, the scientists at University College London (UCL) said.

Dame Linda Partridge, a geneticist at UCL, said research shows that young blood could allow humans to live a life free of diseases such as cancer and heart disease right up until their deaths.

"I would say ageing is the emperor of all diseases," she told The Times.

"A lot of people regard ageing as 'natural' and that therefore you shouldn't interfere with nature. But we've always considered it an ethical imperative to cure illness where we find it."

Professor Partridge's analysis of data forms are part of a wave of studies and trials backed by PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel at a San Francisco start-up called Ambrosia.

Blood factors obtained from young beings can improve late-life health in animals, the study reveals
Image: Blood factors obtained from young beings can improve late-life health in animals, the study reveals

The trials saw older adults injected with young blood - something that would cost around $8,000 (£6,200) if rolled out to the public.

Professor Partridge's study showed that older mice did not develop age-related diseases after being given young blood.

The mice also maintained sharp cognitive function, while younger ones given older blood saw the opposite effect and became ill.

"The practical accessibility of both the human microbiome and blood system makes therapeutic manipulation a particularly attractive approach, but research in animals is needed to establish the long-term consequences and possible side effects," the study said.

"Blood is the most practically accessible and therefore the most commonly investigated tissue, but it is much less commonly used in animal studies."

The trials by US startup Ambrosia involved 70 participants - with all involved aged at least 35.

After being given plasma - the main component of blood - from volunteers aged 16 and 25, researchers noted improvements in biomarkers for various diseases.

Ambrosia currently offers teenage blood plasma to older customers at a cost of $8,000 (£6,200) for two and a half litres.

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ETHICS? Wow! Storing ones own while young and growing when needed may be option? Linda joy Adams

That would be OK if it would work.....doesn't say they investigated that which should be the logical conclusion.'s like knowing your due for a surgery and drawing your blood in case you need an infusion.  My blood is mine.  I can do what I want with it.

That's what is happening to all the missing children.

It sure hasn't helped Hillary much.

We can only hope they will get a disease from it.

I have a blog on this which will never see the light of day. The big picture is horrific and goes way beyond blood. 

I can only imagine.The real monsters wear three piece suits and Hermes ties.And the masses idolize them.

Never say never Martin, your blog could see the light of day sometime. I know well enough just how deep this goes, truly sick making.

Maybe you could PM what you have so far to a couple of us and see if anyone has ideas on how to present it? Id put my hand up for that. Could be just a scaled down version asking a few questions... starting a conversation.

We have the ability to send blogs to specific recipients on this site. So maybe some of the regulars here might get something down the line. 

Dribs and drabs have been, and will continue to be, disseminated amongst other material I've published, but never enough to connect directly.

A three part UFO blog at uncensored has a few hints (two parts done so far, part three coming).

cannibalism too

Cannibalistic vampires on the physical level that you can actually See But what of all the etheric Cannibalistic Vampirism going on in the shadows you Don't see. I see a smoke n mirrors type distraction going on...Look over here at this macabre revelation while we really fark u good n proper from the other way, you'll never even see it/Us coming!'

Kinda like the DNA collection and sales from these ancestry places....that really should be illegal not to make that clear that they have the right to sell your DNA.  I sometimes wonder if our doctors don't collect it too and keep samples.  They say it can be used in research but what if it's something you find repugnant or immoral?

Yeah that Ancestry DNA con worries me too. More data collection for adding to the "holographic replica of everyone" agenda. 

Imagine how they could frame someone with CGI and DNA samples?


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