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Its good advice, and should be a guide for many people, I have for many years tried to buy and eat Organic food when ever I can, you pay more for it, but its a cheap option to Cancer, Everything is sprayed with toxic chemicals, so that is a place to start... but having done a lot of research, and looking at many subjects where depopulation has been going on many years,starting in Africa, were sterilisation was carried out on thousands with out their knowledge, and with vaccines that CAUSE, serous illnesses, Like Cancer in the Polio vaccines, ( that we are all now effected by) I then listened to a CD called " The best of early Horowitz and friends, and was deeply shocked, it really was about the The American Bio-warfare system in place since the 1950's  to  the sterilisation of millions of Blacks, then President George H W Bush, went for depopulation big time, Vaccines were another avenue, and putting the Monkey Virus into Polo vaccines was the start of the Cancer industry....Please look up Horowitz books Emerging Viruses aids and Ebola, and his other book Death in the Air, Globalism,Terrorism and Toxic warfare. This man is a hero, he was way ahead of his time...we need to be aware depopulation of all of us is going on big time, now they use more subtle ways as well, energy frequencies, via our I phones, TV screen etc...


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