Free Screening of 'That Vitamin Movie' , DMSO for pain, Keeping Pets Cancer free and much more

Do you Suffer Pain?
You suffer chronic pain?  I picked up a DMSO product a few weeks back and it really helped my arthritis pain (I've two hips replaced and been struggling this last few weeks). If pain is (unfortunately) your thing -this may help you. [Check it out]

You can order pure DMSO in NZ here at Garden Enterprises

DMSO 99.9% pure Dimethylsulfoxide 200ml | DMSO

Are you tired of being Poisoned by Glysophate every month?

Wally Richards from Garden Enterprises is selling negative Ion pantiliners and pads. Get them here

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Keeping your pets safe from cancer
Cancer rates in pets have increased from 1 in 100 to more than one in two. There's a new series coming about the whole subject, and to entice you to watch they have produced a really good downloadable report on avoiding cancer in your pets. 
Whether you decide to watch or not, grab the book today.[Download your free ebook HERE]

Beautiful Ketogenic Cookbook
This is one of the hottest tips we've ever given. Thousands of you took up the offer. Get a $22 Amazon book (with 300+ amazing reviews) for just the cost of shipping.[All the details are here.]

That Vitamin Movie
We're delighted to make That Vitamin Movie free to view for the next seven days. You can catch the whole movie in wonderful HD until next Saturday. If you think vitamins can't help you no matter what your level oof health, you need to watch.
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Have you added fermented foods to your diet?
If not, there's a lot of evidence that you really should - (The info is here)

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Hi Rose
Just wondering if you have tried DMSO?  I have bad knee pain.  I read up about DMSO and it seems too good to be true.  

HI Kate, yes I use DMSO. It was a Doctor and a gardener here on the site that got me interested.  It is everything they say it is and more.  

You will not find a better price for 100% nor 70% DMSO than Wally Richards, Garden Enterprises.

Hi Rose
Many thanks for this.  Can I ask, do you just wipe it onto your skin, as per the doctor in the 60 minutes video?  Would you dilute the 100% DMSO?  Many thanks

Check yourself for DMSO sensitivity before starting, if it is going to be used regularly, 99.9% DMSO may be to strong and cause skin irritation.  70% is more appropriate topically.  you can use distilled water to dilute or purchase it at that strength.

Because of the solvent nature of DMSO, the are you apply (and the implement you apply it with) should be clean, no perfumes nor creams, no detergents.  It will take what ever is on the skin into the body. This is quiet useful when applying it with inflammatory items like cumin, ginger, turmeric of course.

DMSO doesn't even need to be applied directly to the pain point, as it is transdermal.  Transdermal medicine is absorbed through the skin and taken into the blood stream. 

If you’re interested in using DMSO for its transdermal properties, you’re going to get a rapid effect and because you’re bypassing the liver’s protective effects, if you don’t adjust your dose downward you could end with side effects or toxicity so make sure you do your homework.

In saying that DMSO is the most powerful, effective and safe pain reliever you've never heard of.  Pain is not the only thing it does by any means. 

I have friends that drink half a teaspoon a day and they are feeling incredible.  I know DMSO is used in Jim Humbles MMS protocols also.

Don't dry the area with a towel, let it dry itself. Wait at least 30 mins (longer when possible) to dry the area and don't use any chemicals during that time.

Hope this helps.

Disclaimer: Understand that this isn't medical advice and the places that sell it sell it for 'animal use'.

Hi Rose

Many thanks for this information. Yes I'll do my own homework, and take responsibility for myself, and not blame anyone else for how things turn out    



Thanks for the excellent tips Rose, yep...transdermal works just fine.


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