Ann Louise’s wake-up call came 13 years ago.
She was experiencing bizarre symptoms and decided to go for a check-up.
The doctors discovered a tumor on one of her parotid glands.
Situated in the cheeks on either side of the mouth, the parotid glands produce saliva to lubricate your mouth, protect your teeth against bacteria, help with swallowing, and aid digestion.
Fortunately for Ann Louise, the tumor was benign and she was able to have it removed.
When she asked the physician about her tumor he replied, “I’ve never seen anything like that.”
Her curiosity was piqued.
She started researching.
What she learned shocked her.
She learned that parotid gland tumors are very common in people that are intensive cell phone users.
It shocked her all the more because she thought she knew a lot about health.
She says, ‘as a traveling nutritionist, doing T.V. shows back and forth, speaking with journalists and producers, I was tethered to the phone morning, noon and night.
Ann Louise’s tumor had grown in the very area she was holding the cell phone next to her head.
She say’s, “that became my awareness.”
At about the same time, in her work as a nutritionist she began to notice clients with strange symptoms that she just couldn’t resolve:
  • A 23 year old newlywed that within 6 months of moving in with her husband, to what ought to have been one of the healthiest environments in the world (a farm in America’s heartland), was suffering daily headaches, circulatory problems and became so weak she could barely walk up stairs
  • An emergency room physician that began suffering blinding headaches, dizziness, muscle weakness to the extent that she found it impossible to in-tubate her patients or even smile for a photo
  • A high powered editor who’d been commuting for years to her New York office by train who suddenly began to suffer nausea on her train journeys that was so debilitating she thought she was going to have to quit her job
Ann Louise started to connect the dots.
What if these people and I were suffering from an environmental condition caused by something we are exposed to every day but consider harmless.’
Her subsequent research confirmed her hunch.
Her new found knowledge and awareness was the motivation to write ‘Zapped’.
For my next interview I’m delighted to welcome New York Times Best Selling Author Ann Louise Gittleman.
Best known for her books on nutrition in researching ‘Zapped’ Ann Louise’s was startled to learn that:
a single 2 hours exposure to cell phone radiation can permanently destroy up to 2% of brain cells.’
She say’s, ‘My problem with all of this is it’s silent. It’s the silent killer. It’s the pink elephant that’s dancing in the middle of the room.’​​​​​​​
Lloyd Burrell
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YAY, Rose!  Seriously?  You'll be perfect.

I had a friend with whom I went houesboating .....about 10 years ago.  She was

a real estate agent and constantly on her cell phone.  She was a healthy eater and worked out regularly.  She fell suddenly ill and died about 5 years back from an aggressive brain tumor on the cell phone side of her head.

It's simply amazing they refuse to develop technology that isn't lethal.

Some years back I asked the electric company employee who came to read our meter why they didn't make the meter pulses at anything but 60 hz....which is identical and disruptive to the human mind.  Why not 50 or 70?  It kinda seems like a deliberate attack.  Oh wait!  It IS a deliberate attack.

Is there anyway we can help with your political run?


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