Friends, here is an important article from Dr. Gabriel Cousens about the plan to fill the atmosphere around the planet with 5G satellites. With suggestions about we might try to stop this from happening. I know I take a rather dark stance on this subject, I cannot help it. Consider that the 7.83 Schumann Resonance of the Earth is basically the heartbeat of our living planet. It is the matrix of pulsing life we live within that regulates an entire spectrum of our natural bodily functions. We live and thrive within this natural Earth 'resonance.'

Also consider the solar radiance of the Sun is the life giving heart emanation of Source through the Solar Logos. The Bestower of Light and Life on this planet. Why then would the beings responsible for all of this wireless technology as well as geoengineering be ignorant of the fact they are dimming the light of the sun and destroying the basic heartbeat resonance of the planet we live on by way of toxic, non-native electromagnetic frequencies?

The answer is rather simple, they are not ignorant about what they are doing! Something very strange and very dark is going on in a very large way. It appears to be quite possible, that rather than just blind corporate ignorance or global warming scams, there is some sort of plan to manipulate human beings and the planet into a different spectrum of synthetic frequencies, possibly moving toward an artificial intelligence or transhuman agenda in the near future.

All of us need to be aware of what is going on rather than pretending this is not happening. If you feel there is any exaggeration or fantasy in this email, please go online and look up the work of Elana Freelander. There are many others who are calling out loud and clear as well. They see what is going on much better than I do. Although it should be quite obvious to all of us by now.

Here is the article for your consideration.

5G – A Toxic Assault on the Planetary Web of Life

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