Friends, yes, I have provided "emf protection" devices in the past, products that I felt might have at least some beneficial affect considering the huge amount of exposure we are all dealing with. And yet, I would NEVER tell any friend or customer these products would "protect" them. 

I would carefully articulate to each friend or potential client that possibly there would be some neutralization of incoherent radiation from the Aires Tech stickers that went on the back of the cell phone, or the Blushield Active EMF Protection products might "help reduce some of the biological stress created from wireless exposure." And the only way I could live with myself providing the Blushield products in the past was that a huge percentage of the people who used them did say they felt better. 

However, I always refused to tell anyone they would be 'protected.' The inventor of the Blushield products would always say to me: "Neil, you don't believe in our products." He did not understand my position, that I will never claim or sell "protection" unless it is a scientifically validated and professional EMF remediation product, such as a fabric, paint or metal, whose shielding capacity can be measured on a meter. 

Sure, I know there are subtle energy devices that may offer some benefit to the body/mind system. I am sure they exist. I wear a Q-link. I don't know if it works or not. I have a BioMedici Magnetic Pulser in my pocket this very minute. I can measure the magnetic fields it pulses. Is it overcoming my stress from being between two cell towers a mile or so away? I doubt it. 

I would love to find some valid and intelligent products. However, I am really seeing some downright ignorant and manipulative advertising online these days in relation to those selling emf protection products!

I spend hours searching online for "emf protection" products that I hope will show some signs of intelligence or potential in keeping the body more healthy in these time of wireless proliferation. I prefer products that do give off a physical frequency such as a 7.83 Schumann Resonance, or the spectrum of frequencies the Blushield products would transmit. 

But sadly, perusing the internet, I feel almost embarrassed and even irritated seeing the manipulative, blatantly false, and even childish advertising. I feel like standing on my soapbox and screaming so as to protect the innocent from wasting their money. So I think I will!

Take a quick ride with me and see through my eyes for just a few minutes. Please allow me to ruin any last magical hopes or innocence you might have held thinking a little sticker was going to make your cell phone "safe!"

I am going to let it rip here, so hopefully have some fun with me while I let go of any last remaining manners.....

1) Check out this load of crap! A plastic container, filled with a bunch of sand and dead bugs! This is going to "protect you within a 1500 square foot area from the wireless radiation from your modem." So now you can use wireless all you want and be perfectly protected! Can you see through this absolutely ludicrous advertising like I do? It takes advantage of innocent people looking for relief and that really ruffles my feathers, being a protector of the innocent:

2) Here is a .20 cent piece of milky colored glass from China, a pendant that is going to "increase your energy and stamina, neutralize EMF, enhance mental performance and improve your mood." With absolutely no explanation of how it can do this or what it is made out of!!!! My Gawwwwwwddddd, do think we are stupid? Yes!!!!!!!!!!!

3) I love this one! Here are gramps and granny (gotta trust them right?) wanting to sell you a little blue clay bead that is going to "provide overall personal EMF protection from all type of frequencies" because it can "transform harmful radiations into beneficial frequencies." I am almost laying on the floor in office in tears! Who believes this stuff? This is kind of the stuff my friends and I used to believe 25 years ago when living in Los Angeles at the height of the "new age" movement!

4) Catch this one, this is best of all of them, talk about letting it rip! These people just take the cake. This "QuWave Defender" of going to protect "targeted individuals from electronic harassment, EMF, voice to skull, psychis and Haarp attacks." Holy shit, I may need one if any of the owners of these websites get this email! Protect me from HAARP attacks, mind control and the government sending voices into my skull from remote locations, man I gotta get me one of these yesterday!!!

Alright, I will stop. Maybe you are having fun with me, maybe not. Point being, I will keep saying it, Proximity is Protection, get as far away from exposure sources as possible. And we each need to take responsibility for reducing our use of toxic wireless devices rather than looking for magical new products (although I still hope they are out there!).


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A lot of "snake oil" out there folks. This article is right on the money (ie your money, as "being conned out of").

Either use WiFi or don't, but never kid yourself that these gadgets will protect you.

As for the claims about protection from "HAARP" etc: These claims rely on gullibility and lack of knowledge. Arm yourself with knowledge first and foremost, then use your discernment!

I agree, so many con's are out their, but after I started to have sleepless nights, and could hear a strange sound in the background, I did the research that came up with electro magnetic radiation, so I bought the gadget that measures the frequencies, and in my bedroom, found that a type of electrical plug (you did not plug anything into it)  that allows me from my bed to turn on the main lights, was in fact registering a very, very high Frequency, I looked for some to buy to protect me and was horrified at what they wee charging for say special nets t go over the bed etc. I could not afford them, they were in the hundreds, so I ended up buying  a piece of material

Quite expensive as its a small size, so I covered the Plug, and the others near it, that night I slept like a top, and the next night and best of all I can no longer hear the strange noise that was keeping me awake, plus my meter reading was nil, so somethings do work...not many, but some...

been trying deperately to shield with no money for so long now...found this "insulfoam" board with a foil face tossed in the trash one day .put it over me and it somehow reduced the wifi/dect phone transmissions coming from upstairs neighbor .thought it was the foil face/coating on one side ,but i found  it is actually the polystyrene ...found this while researching what would block 9ghz frequency  

This paper deals with measuring of shielding effectiveness of electromagnetic
field. The measured object was polystyrene with a thickness 50 mm and frequency
range was from 1 GHz to 9 GHz in the step 0,1 GHz. Measurement was performed
according IEEE 299-206 Standard. From results we can see the shielding
effectiveness is from 1,5 dB to 3,5 dB for polystyrene with thickness 50 mm. "
these boards can be found at home improvement /hardware outlets .theyre about 11-16$ a piece ,more if they are thicker . they are used as insulation ,many people here face the foiled side outwards to block the high heat sun from enering through the glass patio doors . to block they need to be about 55mm-2 1/2 inches thick ,so buying them one at a time ,considering they are about 6-8ft panels ,you can double them up ,buy them one at a time on a budget ,and eventually make a small enclosure that costs way less than the 1000$++ they want for bed canopy fabrics that may or may not work.i have tried foil ,mylar,aluminum screen "orgonite" pendants,stickers ,and yes even the q wave defender someone with great intentions sent me (and bless their heart ,they sell for like 200$) glad i didnt go without eating for 6 months to buy it ,it doesnt shield ,it couldnt shield all the various crap they have deployed from all angles here .but the styrofoam board on the ceiling? it works ...the boards are brand named as "insulfoam"..

it doesnt completely blokc but SIGNIFICANTLY reduces the emmissions .i need more to cover more of my ceiling  ,my neighbor has more than one device now .it reduced my symptoms coming from above very much


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