Note from Rose:  the first thing I read on this page was something I didn't know about. Golden info. share it, keep it handy, use it.

Friends, I just sent you an email from Orem Miller, a professional EMF consultant. I went to this webpage on this website and cannot believe I have not seen this page or information previously!

The information on this page is totally boring, yet a most incredible resource for reducing EMF exposure, with links to all the products necessary. I cannot believe the amount of work and hours he must have put into compiling all this information on a single page.

Please, bookmark this page, keep it for reference, and consider investing the small amounts of time and money required for having grounded computer cords and shielded ethernet cables, among other suggestions he offers. 

Amazing resource page!  

SourcePoint Global Outreach
Neil Steven Cohen - Executive Director
Tel: (808) 445-9744 / (808) 464-0177 
SourcePoint Global Outreach
The SourcePoint Experience
EMF Assessment and Remediation
EMF Safety Zone Product Website
EMF Safety Zone YouTube Channel

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