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Cell Phone-Induced Bodily Harm: How The Bees Can Help

Did you know that your cell phone technically microwaves your brain?  And did you know that natural substances have proven radioprotective properties that can reduce your risk of adverse exposures? 

Cell phones and the communications infrastructure that makes them possible are ubiquitous today, making complete avoidance of their significant radiotoxicy next to impossible.  Plenty of evidence already exists showing that cell phones emit a type of electromagnetic radiation -- in the microwave range -- capable of adversely affecting a wide range of organs, with the nervous system of those exposed perhaps most sensitive to its adverse effects. Below is a sampling of some of their adverse health effects as demonstrated in the biomedical literature:

Provocative research indicates that the problems associated with cell phone radiation exposure are far more profound that previously believed.  In fact, pregnant women may need to exercise additional caution in order to protect their unborn from adverse neurological effects associated with cell phone radiation exposure.

In a study entitled, "The influence of microwave radiation from cellular phone on fetal rat brain," and published in the journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine in 2012, researchers discovered that pregnant rats exposed to microwave radiation from cellular phones had fetuses whose brains showed signs of harm, as measured by enhanced oxidative stress and altered levels of neurotransmitters.

We also reported more recently on clinical research indicating that as little as 15 minutes of "talk time" can profoundly alter and disrupt brain wave activity intimately connectd to cognition, mood, and behavior:  Brain Wave Warping Effect of Mobile Phones.

For a concise explanation of the mechanisms behind cell-phone induced damage, watch Dr. Chris Busby's video on the topic below: 

Natural, Evidence-Based Ways to Protect Against Cell Phone Radiation

Given the wide range of potential risks associated with cell phones, we have plumbed the depths of MEDLINE in search of research on natural substances capable of ameliorating cell-phone associated toxicities.

Surprisingly, the little known bee product known as propolis exhibits powerful protective action against cell-phone induced damage to a variety of organs, including the kidney, heart and brain.

Once believed to function merely as mortar for plugging up small holes in the bee hive, propolis is now understood to have powerfully protective properties, such as its antimicrobial activity. The bees even use it to mummify animals that make their way into the hive, e.g. lizards, that they can not physically remove before they undergo putrefaction. Propolis' infection-fighting properties, however, are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to its potential beneficial effects.

While there are over 100 potential therapeutic applications of propolis documented in the biomedical literature, propolis' radioprotective properties are perhaps the most intensely investigated and well established. We have, in fact, indexed 15 such studies on its ability to reduce radiation-induced damage, including gamma radiation commonly associated with medical diagnostic and radiotherapy procedures which you can view here

Other substances capable of protecting against the radiation specific to the mobile phone range include melatonin, EGCG (green tea polyphenol), ginkgo biloba and the glutathione precursor NAC. To view the studies click the image below.

For additional research on radioprotective substances, visit our page dedicated to the topic.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of GreenMedInfo or its staff.

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Great Info, thanks Rose!

Our food depends on these guys too:

Paper Wasp.

The most common ones here are more black and orange/Red and are building their little nests everywhere here now.

I let them overwinter in under veranda roof eaves and in any cracks or wood piles where they clump together for protection, then in the spring they start building like crazy, I even have a nest on my farm gate; The Swingin'Wasps!

They do sting (but nowhere near as bad as Bee's) but only if you disturb or attack a nest, which means you have to look out for them in the bush!

In view of the declining Bee's I think its important to realise all flying insects pollinate and these guys are very good at it.

Because of the Chemical onslaught and general WAR humans wage on anything natural-even whats on their own dinner plates-and the one sidedness of general info for the masses, I would like to even up the score by pointing out that its not just commercial "Big Boys" or "Authorities" that are responsible for the general decline that will inevitably result in Human Starvation when the saturation of chemicals reaches a certain hidden level--its also what the general population are doing in their gardens and land.

We need to STOP spraying and Killing Insects like these (as EVERYBODY seems to do) willy nilly without any thought to that they are also an important part of the system that keeps us fed.

Responsibility starts at HOME! Leave them ALONE!

I'm a King Bee Baby; Gonna Buzz all night long! 

Yeah lets make Honey Baby, before we is all gone!


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